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Hello, Im a newbie from London, England.

This is a really impressive site you have and I hope that my queries are not totally out of step with everyone else. Had not ouccured to me to reach out to others suffering from adult acne so its a big step.

Im using a topical skin treatment at night only prescribed by my doctor named DIFFERIN GEL 0.1% Active ingredient adapalene.

I currently use Cetaphil for mild cleansing and use an Oil free Neutrogena moisturiser. Just picked up on the jojoba oil suggestion by DAN but wondered if that is cool to use if you have been advised to go the Oil Free route?

I am deffo experiencing dryness and increased sensitivity especially around my eyelids...they are really tender and sting if come into contact with any kind of product. My doctor did say that Adapalene would cause dryness so I may go ahead and add jojoba oil anyway as part of my moisturising regime.

Anyway I take a high grade fish oil, evening primrose oil, a multivitamin and am about to start Vitamin E, Zinc, Vit A and B6. Plan to add B2 to it also but am really interested in Chromium Picolinate, which seems to be getting good feedback on here.

Would love to know more about MSM and Lipoic Acids too.

Let me know if anyone is or has used ADAPALENE and hav anything to add.

Could do with discussing it.

FYI my acne takes the form of jawline congestion under the skin. Painful and tend to scar if I bother it too much.


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Hey Medders, I have been on differin for nearly 11 weeks now, my skin has been a bit of a nightmare as I have been breaking out consistantly and far more regularly with almost no let up so its been pretty hard. I'll give it a few more weeks I think, well until I get another derm appointment. My skin hasn't been dry all, I have sensitive skin and differin has been fine on me. All I can say is that it definatley has made my skin much oilier on the surface, nowadays I can have puddles of oil on my skin, which I have never experienced before. I just hope its all been worth it - I wish you good luck in your use of this stuff.

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I recently read a study by Galderma that Adapalene can reduce the appearance of atrophic scars. So recently I have tried prescription grade gel (0.3%) for my entire face, 3 months in and I think all it did was made my acne scars worse. Does anybody think it is possible for Adapalene to cause that?

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I would recommend introducing differin very slowly into your routine. Starting with applying it every second night, to then using it nightly. Make sure you only apply a pea sized amount and spread it across your entire face. Follow up with a heavier moisturizer. Cerave has good ones. Your skin will peel, and be irritated at first, but the results will be so worth it. Hang in there :) also differin and retin A are great for anti-aging, and help fine lines and wrinkles, which is a bonus!

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