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SKIN GETTING WORSE!! Please help me

Hi all. I am relatively new to this forum, and website. After reading the pages I adapted my own DKR to fit my supplies and conditions. But I have gotten worse. I have mild acne, mainly zits and pimples, but it has gotten worse since changing my regimen. This is exactly what I was doing before-hand:

Morning: Neutrogena oil free acne wash

Night: Neutrogena oil free acne wash(2% S.A.) and Clean and Clear Spot treatment (5% S.A.)

Now my regimen is:

Morning: Neutrogena oil free acne wash

Aveno Ultra-calming Daily Moisturizer

mid-day: Light washing of face with spectro-jel for combo skin

Night: Spectro-jel for combo-skin wash. Spectro-jel 2.5% B.P. for sensitive skin.

I have totally cut out chocalate from my diet( not easy). I have began drinking 6 cups of water a day, and am also taking genuine health perfect skin supplements 4X daily as recommeded.

My zits are getting worse. I have more of them, and new ones are still forming. Its been nearly 3 weeks since I started all of this, and I am an 18 year old male.

Please someone give me advice.



I also just tried the aspirin mask for the first time. It made my skin very soft, and I plan to try it again in a few days.

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If I were you, I would cut out the mid-day washing and instead apply the spectro after your morning wash. I've heard many times that washing your face more than 2x a day is not good and can actually worsen acne. Your mid-day wash doesn't sound like it would be that harmful, but personally, I would just apply the spectro after the first wash of the day. Maybe just experiment with altering different things in your regimen until you find a happy medium.

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You need something that exfoliates skin (Benzoyl Peroxide)

You also need something that promotes cell turnover (Differin)


1. Essential Fatty Acids (To balance hormones)

2. Psyllium Husk powder (2 tablespoones 3 times a day 2 hours after a meal)

3. Digestive enzymes

4. Betein HCL to break food down.

5. A good balanced multivitamin, or seperately A, B, C, E.

6. Acidopholus (3billion + 4 strain bacteria Like FiveLac)

7. Anti Candida supps (Anti-Candi)

8. Taurine 1000mg after each meal

Add these supplements 1 by one and see what progress you make, if posotive then continue, if negative then negate.


Avoid all sugar that contains ose i.e. Fructose.

Avoid all vegetable oil.

Avoid wheat & Dairy.


Get plenty on sunshine (shrinks oil glands)

Plenty of exercise and rest.

Finally think posotive and you shall with the help of god overcome this disease.

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Do not just take supplements without doing research, please. They are not regulated and you never know the quality of the sups you're taking and they can say any darn thing on the bottle.

Ditch the acne wash. Use spectro 2x a day, and add a BHA 3x a week at night. (I recommend Stridex) U can in the day, but I have found that if your skin is prone to redness and easily irritated it's best to wait til night. The body is histamine sensiitive in the am, and aggressive cleansing with drying cleansers like the Neutrogena one you mentioned will cause inflammation.

At the end of the day, it's the inflammation that causes acne. Be super gentle and stick with chemical exfoliation until your skin is clear and calmed down.

HTH :)

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