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I been around for sometime here about almost 1.5 years already... and thru these time I had been improving my scars...

I had done subcision, excision, fraxel and TCA cross and CO2 and soft touch....

I understand that alot of people are doing Fraxel and is disappointed with the results... Frankly I DO see results in my scars. And the results are moderate. I am In Singapore so I'll also tell you guys who does it for me....

If you want to see my picture... go to


tat's me.... BTW I would say the improvement wasn't really much back then... It was the photo about 1.5 years ago. THe resolution is too fine to see anything. After much I had done, the key to doing fraxel or other treatment is time... Lotsa it.

ANyway for those who does intend to does some real treatment. You seriously need a plan. And lotsa time. You'll need to divide your scars treatment into 3 phrase. Cleansing where you cure your acne first, Scars revision and finally scars resurfacing. Look at your scars thoroughly. Stretch your cheek first and see which are the scars still visible to you. How big these scars are than what kind of scars they are.

For revision scars I'll here recomend Excision and TCA cross. Excision I done it at New Changi Hospital by Dr Khoo (I would say best of experience by he managed to get 3 out of 4 scars right) and Pacific Health Care I forgot the name. A lady doc who is very meddle with her hands. But sometime healing can be another thing. Couldn't blame her...

First stop, Excision. I'll leave this to the doctor. Remove the big and large scars first. Then

We'll do TCA cross, I tried TCA and I love it.

I used TCA from 100% from the start which I seriously don't recomend any newbie does that. Start something small first. And build up. I actually develop a technique for different scars I done it at least a dozen times. And the key is really time. TCA cross is a skill demanding task too so start about at 50% then 70% before 100%. My techniques are as follows which I cut short here lazy to type more. Some of these names is what I gave to myself as there is no one else with names specific to these scars.

When dealing TCA Cross always try to aim for the cause of the problem.... Example the Ice pick that depresses the Box scars or ravine scars. Dealt specifically to the ice pick will change the healing process and contour.

- Excision Scars - These scars are best removed with TCA cross Spot Treat. Remember do TCA cross about 2 months after Excision.

- Deep Box Scars - Apply all the base of the scars. - It will swell up

- Very Shallow box scars - Apply base and edge of scars. - It will swell up and smoothen the side.

- Box scars with ice pick - The cause of Box scars is really the formation of 2 or more icepick. Specifically deal with the base of box scars and the ice pick causing it will help. Applying TCA will often reveal the ice pick causing the Box as the skins around the scars are rather loose.

- Ice pick - Apply into the scars.

- Buried Scars - Its a round scars which the top is loosely close up with skin revealing a little hole, poking the ice pick will open it up. - Apply into the scars will open up the entire loose skin and raise the scars turning into a minature round pot hole. Usually the first session, the scars will open up quite nicely. Maybe 2 more to make it very shallow.

- Pot Hole scars - small round base scars frankly if its shallow leave it to the resurfacing phrase. - Some time it can be distorted in contours inside as the pot hole scars can have a few ice pick or scarred pore inside. You can apply they entire scars to smoothen it if it is distorted in contour, if it is smooth at the base, it likely to be caused by 2 or more ice picks... Apply only the base to raise the scares.

- Scar pore - Leave it for resurfacing.

- Big Round scars - Leave it for resurfacing.

- Ravine Scars usually the results of few scars that depresses the skin and case it to look like a ravine. Apply on the base of all the scars. This ravine scars most of the time is caused by a row of ice pick aglined in a linear manner.

- Mound scars - This could be caused by the fact that the surrounding skin is depressed by scars and in turn make the mound scars look like a raise scars - Apply TCA on it and the surround edge to smoothing the scars or remove it.

Ok remember few things,

- Applying tca cross on top of a scar at the base of another scars... it will not raise the scar but it will open up the scars. For example you have a ravine scars and it is caused by a deep ice pick beneath. Likely you'll open up the bottom scars too.

- Try not to do on shallow round scars... any thing shallow is not meant for TCA cross.

- What is happening to the scars after TCA cross? It usually the skin between the left edge of your scars and right edge of your scars where the TCA cross will be damaged and removed. New skin form belows and slowly take time to pump up.

- NEVER NEVER NEVER I SAID NEVER does TCA cross after excision. Wait for 2 months. Or the scars that is just sewn up will open up.

- Some scars look nicer without TCA Cross...

What to expect when treatment?

2-3 Scrubbing... and another 1-3 dead skin dropping.

1 week - First scrubbing slowly dropped off..Nice contour as scrubbing and the swell make the scar look slightly nicer.

2 Week - Some of the first scrubbing begin to drop off now. Leaving the fresh wound to scrub 2nd time. Some of the 2nd scrubbing from first week started to flake off too. Scar turn horribly bigger.

3 week - Lotsa redness, may form some dead skin. Its normal. Still looking worse than pre treatment.

4Week - Skin started heal, skin started to pump up.

4-8 week - You scars look nicer and nicer or at least shallower.

Some people may experience more scrubbing than others because they have sensitive skin.

Some people may take longer to heal.

Almost everyone including me grows worries, paranoid and crazy the first 3 weeks of TCA (No improvement)

Usually people like it better after 3 weeks some may take about 4-5 weeks before seeing improvement.

The strength of TCA determines the amount of your scars improved.

TCA may cause new scars too if not done properly. Read on "What is happening to the scars after TCA cross? "

You seriously need lotsa time to heal. Try doing TCA about once every 1.5 - 2 months. One month I think is seriously not good enough. Skin can still improve for the next 3 months after treatment. Let it rest for some time before doing again it will look better.

Most scars need repeated treatment.

Always prepare for the worst. Bring a baking soda along when doing TCA.

Care and treatment


Maybe you may buy hydroquione or other rejuvenuation cream to lighten the skin color on the spot of treatment. The only effective solution is the laser at resurfacing process.

Be EXTREMELY careful when treating wide area scars. It is likely to cause infection or worse puss drooling out of your new scrubs. Take extreme care.

Usually cleanser like rice milk or starch base as research had found it does help with chemical damaged skins.

Try to avoid sweaty activities for the first week.

Take extreme care for TCA-ed area where the scrub flake off on the first week. They are very sensitive to bacteria.

I did tried plastering the scars at night, it helps with the healing, those from opsite transperant ones. Becareful not to apply plaster on scrubs you'll likely to pull it out with the scrubs together.

Never do Acctane or other treatment together with TCA together. It may slow down healing or worse cause more problems.

Your expectation.

TCA Cross should frankly be used for shallowing your scars. If you have a single scars to treat perhaps TCA can be used for Spot resurfacing too but resurfacing is still the best finish... But if you are treating big area of scars. Just make the scars shallow and leave the rest for resurfacing.

I'll post more of these when my new photos is ready. I'll include everything in my personal website. It will includes every details, how scars are healed with TCA, formation and cause of scars which the Doctor doesn't know and spot resurfacing with TCA.

Finally wait for 3 months for the resufracing.


I done it with Slaone Clinic. The derm is great Dr Kenneth. I'll recommend him too. He knows how to specifically does fraxel. Having great experience. The key of fraxel is really time.

I gtg sleep now I'll share more on fraxel tomorrow. If you want to know why fraxel isn't working for you.

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What is the cost of TCA Cross? I haven't been able to find much information about it, but I'm thinking of trying it. I only have three scars, one icepick and two boxcar on my nose. Is the cost per scar?

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