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hey guys i read that using glutamine for weight training causes you to produce more growth hormones? i dont know much but wen i hear anything that has to do wif hormones, i always link it to acne. so was wondering does it cuase for acne? i been weight training for 2 yrs now and been on protein and creatine and so far hav had no problems.

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I heard that glutamine actually helps "gut related" acne because it strengthens the tissues of the intestines and heals leaky gut (which causes acne)

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I take free-form glutamine for sugar cravings and healing my leaky gut. I did extensive research on it before starting to make sure it wouldn't negatively affect my skin.

As far as I can find, most of the negative posts on the internet seem to be on bodybuilding forums since it's so often taken for muscle recovery. The one common pattern I noticed though among all the people who were breaking out from glutamine was that they were taking theirs in the form of a protein shake of some sort that contained whey--which yes, will absolutely break most people out. It's just a very common precursor to inflammation.

So I would recommend that if you do take it, be sure to take it in its free-form state and not in conjunction with whey protein.

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