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Products to use while on Accutane - Master List

Hey guys,

I'm currently on my 2nd round of Accutane. On my first round, I basically used a face wash (Cetaphil) and moisurizer (cetaphil as well).

Let's come up with a list of GOOD products to use on Accutane.

CERALIP by LA ROCHE POSAY for the lips

Carmex for the lips...

feel free to add more :)

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I second Carmex lip balm(amazing stuff). Any half decent face

Moisturiser, but one that isnt meant for acne prone skin(your skin will be going through enough). Also a spf factor, can be in the face cream as long as its 15+, is a must. Ive bee using a Oil Of Olay total something, which is fine and non greasy and pretty cheap(used to use the high end brands but never really got on with them).Outside of that its really down to the individual, ive been getting on really well with adding vit e oil to my skincare and using it as a oral supplement. I would also suggest using a undereye cream; your skin gets very dry anyway and this can make you look a bit haggard. Again Im just using an Olay one for that.

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On 2nd round, Aquaphor works wonders for the lips. Have it in my purse, car, desk at work and nightstand.

Both times I don't think I could've made it without it!

Oh, and I also put a little bit inside my nose as well!

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I found that the Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream (comes in a tub, not the moisturizer that is in a pump) is the ONLY thing that would keep my skin hydrated and prevent peeling enough to use make up. It was a serious lifesaver. I finished my last course of Accutane 6 years ago and still use it for dry skin. I think it is meant to be used as a body lotion, but since it is non-comodegnic I used it on my face as well and am so happy that I did.

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