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Are those atrophic or hyperpigmentation scars?


Posted : 04/07/2023 2:07 am

Hello everyone , I am 20y/o suffering from acne scars . I don't know what is their type and how to treat them. I consulted two dermatologists one suggested me to use tretinoin 0.04% and other said that topicals won't work I have to do microneedling with radio frequency. Is there any need of microneedling with radio frequency?

Any help will be appreciated

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Posted : 04/09/2023 7:55 pm

I agree that topicals won't work well enough to really notice a difference. I don't know if microneedling is for sure best for you, but scars require more than topical treatment. Educate yourself and make sure you find a good doc and stay your own advocate.