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Acne/Hyper Pigmentation


Posted : 01/29/2023 9:45 pm

Hello!? My name is Byron. I am a Hispanic male that just turned 18 last November. I have been dealing with acne since freshman year of highschool. it was never too bad throughout 9-11th grade. little break outs and little scars but really not noticeable. It all got bad on august of 2021. I went to juvenile hall from July 2021 - March 2022. I broke out real bad but I managed to calm it down and got left with a lot of hyperpigmentation. My face ended up staying clear for a while but I broke out real bad again In July of 2022. Ever since then my acne plays games with me. I might be clear or almost clear and then Ill break out real bad and its really annoying. I would use Oxy 10 Face Wash, Terminator 10 Spot Treatment, and Cerave Moisturizer. This would work but I feel like my skin jus got used to it so I ordered the Acne.Org Regimen which arrived on January 26, 2023. Today is January 30, 2023 and I will upload some pics of what my face looks like at this moment. Hopefully I could clear up my face again and be able to have the same confidence I used to have. If anyone could reach out to me with any advice please do and thank you. I hope everyone out there achieves perfect skin. I dont wish acne on my worst enemy.