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Creatine helping clearing my back acne


Posted : 09/08/2022 2:31 am

38 yo male, back acne in the last 15 years: over time affected every inch of skin, now almost gone 0-1 new pimple every week but take a lot to heal (also because I always squeeze...) so many red marks hard to disappear; also my face skin is not so good but if I do not stress it I can define "oily" only.

Among all products tried (no prescription ones) I am pretty sure creatine,accidentally discovered for diet purposes, (creatine monohydrate 3-5 grams daily in a glass of water away from meals to increase absorption) is the one helping most clearing my back skin! (of course not preventing pimples formation).

I am posting this because "creatine":

  1. only and always was a matter about if could trigger/be a cause of acne

  2. trying to figure out what's with "skin clearing". Have read "stimulates dermal collagen synthesis" so now wondering if using topic creams and/or other supplements (collagen?hyaluronic acid?) could boost the effect. (Just purchased "Nivea Q10 power cream with creatine" will see next days)

What do you think?

Edit: sorry for big and bold font but really do not understand how this shit editor works!

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Posted : 09/15/2022 3:12 pm

I super highly doubt it's the creatine doing it. I would look for other things that are helping. Acne is so hard that way. There are SO many variables in life. But yeah, I would put money on it that it's not creatine clearing things.