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How Can I Make Red Marks From Old Acne Fade?


Posted : 12/21/2014 9:12 am

Hi! I have had acne since 2 years ago, there are moments when my acne is totally under control and not so bad and there are moments when it seems really bad.

In the summer I tend to have a good skin, no pimples and my red marks from old acne are really small. However, every time the winter starts, my acne starts too. My red marks start becoming redder and redder and new pimples come out.

In my acne story I have used EVERYTHING. The main products are basically Benzoyl peroxide (in the last years 10% and 5%) , topical isotretinoin and topical tretinoin.

However, in October when my acne came back, I decided to follow The Regimen (or something similar)


Gentle Cleanser

Benzoyl Peroxide 3% (In Italy 2.5% doesn't exsist)



Gentle Cleanser

Benzoyl peroxide 3%

1/2 Moisturizer and 1/2 moisturizer with AHAs

My main problem isn't the active acne (inflamed pimples) because my skin is almost totally flat. I just have A LOT of RED MARKS that makes my face seem worse than what it really is.

How can I do to make these red marks fade?

I'm feeling hopeless!


Posted : 12/22/2014 1:18 am

It sounds like PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation). You need time, sunblock with zinc oxide (sun exposure darkens or prolongs it) and antiinflammatories. My derm has me on Cloderm in the AM and Hydrocortisone Valerate in the evening for my dark spots (burns and PIH). In 4 weeks it's almost completely faded. I'm darker skinned and I usually have to wait 6-18 months for dark spots to disappear. Good luck!