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As a Late 15 year old do i start accutane?


Posted : 05/15/2024 11:11 am

I have struggled with acne since i was 12 started of as pimples on my forehead this went away when i was 13 almost 14 and has left me with scars.At 14 i begun to develop acne on my chin and around the mouth this went on for a good year slowly getting worse so i decided to go to a doctor and got prescribed lymecycline i then purged hugely from when i took it (August-November was the purging stage) people made so many comments of it making me really down and it was so painful with huge spots under my skin and at least 100 spots going from my cheeks to my jaw to my chin.It then cleared up in december where i only had a bit of acne and i was so confident and everyone was saying how much my skin had improved then around late february i started to develop some spots on my chin which frustrated me and then all of a sudden around march i developed these dark marks where my acne was and even worse i started getting moderate stubborn nodules and acne.I now have large painful and inflamed spots under my skin and wake up with like 5 new pimples a day destroying my mental health.Some days i dont even go out with my friends from how bad i feel.I am so embarrassed that my skin cleared up and now its bad again so i went through it all for nothing.So i went to a dermatologist took a blood test and they said i can go on accutane.However i am worried about the side effects for example im 15 turning 16 in august and im not finished puberty.Ive heard that accutane stunts growth and penile growth also destroying testosterone please can i have some answers as i have my appointment next week.


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Posted : 05/21/2024 11:33 am

You're right to be hesitant because Accutane is so hardcore. However, scars are also lifelong. So it's one of those tough decisions.

I wonder if going on a super anti-inflammatory diet might be interesting as an alternative. The carnivore diet, for instance, is something that many people say helps clear up inflammatory diseases well. I don't know if it would completely clear you up, but I wonder if it might get your acne under control at least. This is something you might want to learn about and discuss with your parents. There's tons of info at your fingertips on Google, ChatGPT, Youtube, etc.