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Acne Hyperpigmentation


Posted : 12/22/2014 8:33 pm

I've been using Regimen for 7 months, twice a day. over the course of my use my skin has been so much better. I now break out rarely. Mostly I break out when it's almost that time of the month or when I eat a lot of sweets and not so good foods. What I have noticed that decided to stick around is my hyperpigmentation. I can't seem to get it to go away. It's like red around the areas I used to break out the most and that's what I want to get rid of. If anyone has their tips, it would be greatly appreciated.



Posted : 12/22/2014 11:06 pm

Try using AHA+ 2-3 times a week in place of your moisturizer. Helps hyperpigmentation/red marks fade by encouraging faster skin-cell turnover. My son has only used twice and already some of his red marks are less noticeable. Here's some info:

Just FYI, red marks are not true acne scars and will eventually fade on their own.

Good luck with whatever you decide! :)


Posted : 12/22/2014 11:08 pm

Im just gonna paste my response to the other thread,

I had a MAJOR red mark issue after clearing my acne. If it is really bad enough, and you have the money, vbeam perfecta treatments work like magic. About a month after each treatment you will see them fade gradually each day. I cant say enough about how well it works.

A cheaper option I would recommend is a combination of retin-a and a hydroquinone cream. You will need a prescription from a derm for the retin-a, but it works fairly well. It can be expensive without insurance, but I get a generic tube that costs $8 and lasts me 2 months of every day use. I will link you to the hydroquinone cream I use below. Also be sure to use sun screen, or the sun will make the marks darker and prevent them from healing.

There is also an ambi fade cream for oily skin types, but the one in the link is the one I use and would recommend. It also has zinc oxide which will protect you from the sun without the chemicals of a typical spf sunscreen.


Posted : 12/22/2014 11:20 pm

I used to have that as well after suffering really severe hormonal cystic acne. Ha, if the bumps weren't enough. I too had red marks covering my face and it really bothered me. What I found to be the most beneficial is just letting it be and giving your skin a rest (no make up or anything). Drink a lot of water so your face has the moisture to help heal itself.

And one thing you could try is microdermabrasion which slowly removes the dead skin cells off your face, thus, removing the acne scars.

I used to have absolutely terrible acne scars but now I don't have any. It's amazing how the skin is able to heal itself.


Posted : 12/23/2014 12:15 am

You're lucky the spots are red not brown. I'm darker skinned and PIH takes longer to fade. Hydroquonine is an option but if you are not careful you could get halos. What worked for my is retinoids, facial sunscreen with zinc oxide and antiinflammatories (Cloderm, etc.). You need a prescription though for some of this stuff.