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"Fat Loss" on Face Worse Than Pitted Scarring...


Posted : 06/14/2016 4:27 pm

Can't believe I'm saying that.

One side of my face where I had more acne has suffered so much that I now have asymmetric face of which I think I am bothered most by.

I would say that I have worse pitted scars on the side that didn't break out than on the side that did break out more.

So, what happened here? Where does the fat go and why? Is it the fat that is missing? Or is it simply loss of collagen?

Would any any type of injections help this?

I'mnot looking for anything invasive such as fat transfer or anything.

Would saline injections help temporarily? Fillers?

For or those who needle, do you swell enough from a weekly or biweekly needle for your scars to "disappear" from the swelling?

I'm trying to figure out if I can needle to take advantage of swelling without having to hide at home for any downtime


Posted : 06/15/2016 1:44 am

i have a similar issue however i have "natural fat" which gave me a lump near my mouth that looks like a raised hypertrophic scar from a cyst but its from volume loss. i do not have fat loss but instead fat gain i guess you can say