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Acne Scars


Posted : 06/13/2016 5:36 am

Dear friends please help me i am suffering from acne scars since from 10 years, I have taken so many treatments for this problem 1) LASER, 2) PRP, 3) Chemical Peeling still there is no results,

i am 26 years old, Height 5.6, Weight 86kgs, some of doctors are saying you haveAcanthosis Nigricansso first of all you have to putoff your weight then the treatment will be work otherwise we cant help you , And some doctors saying heavy weight is not a problem so i am totally confused whom can i believe and what should i do now ?

Next thing is Acne Cyst are really irritating me not only on my face particularly in private places i am getting so much pain and blood please help


Posted : 06/13/2016 8:24 pm

I don't know anything aboutAcanthosis Nigricansbeyond spending a few minutes googling it, but if some of the doctors are advising weight loss to address this you should give it a shot. If you have active acne or other skin conditions, it is important to address this before seeking treatment for any scars you have.