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Derm is useless


Posted : 09/23/2017 5:05 pm

Hey guys,
I just finished my second month on Roaccutane, I live in the Uk and have my treatment free on the NHS, but the downside of this is I dont see the same derm each time.

My skin has been absolutely terrible and worse than most other people who have taken Roaccutane. The derm I had this appointment was useless she didnt even realise I had already started the drug! Once I had explained to her I was two months in and shown her the pictures I had been taking on my phone of my progress, she told me she believed my skin had reacted badly, she decided to up my dose to 40mg but if that doesnt work she wants to take me off Roaccutane, I asked her what the next step may be after that, she just shrugged and said I dont know!

What am I meant to do!? Granted I have at least another two months for the Roaccutane to try and work but if it doesnt they are just going to leave me like this? When all along they made my skin like this by encouraging me to take Roaccutane?

Please give me some advice.



Posted : 09/27/2017 2:40 am

Some people don't really begin to clear up until 3-4 months into accutane and experience continuous breakouts throughout that period of time, especially when their dose is increased.

I would say you need at least 6 months on accutane and if it is truly as bad as you say it is, potentially an even higher dose of like 60mg.

Is there anything in your diet or lifestyle that could be contributing to your acne that you haven't removed? Things like dairy, sugar, processed foods, oily foods should be completely removed and replaced with tonnes of fruits and vegetables. Are you exercising and then not washing your face within a good amount of time afterwards?

As for the derms being useless not much can be done unless you can afford to privately pay for accutane.


Posted : 09/27/2017 3:36 am

Don't give up. We have been having same problems in UK with different registrars each time. Kick up a fuss and ask to see the consultant each time. Complain! It's the only way. We weren't even being sent the next appointment . Had to phone and pester just to get to see next derm without a gap in medication. Three months in and skin is worse than ever but this is not unusual. It takes time. Need to hang in there and be patient. The one who shouts ( in a polite way!!!) the loudest, gets treatment sadly!!!

Don't think they even read the notes b4 they see next patient. The secretary said to me that too many patients and not enough derms! NHS is on its knees. It's the same in other areas too. God help us!!!


Posted : 09/27/2017 5:39 am

I totally understand your situation. I had rosacea for 3 years and the dermatologists here (UK) just kept giving me doxycycline. We discussed roaccutane, but luckily I chose not to go down that route. They were not overly concerned because they considered it a cosmetic issue and not life threatening! I did some research and found some data around mites that live in our skin. Then I found more about how to treat infestations (in animals, as it was the only place that had any details in relation to this skin disease). So, I found an all natural solution that worked! ZZ cream and antibiotics (100 billion per day). Please try it. Low cost and you'll know it's working within a week. It will take time to go away and heal, but imagine clear skin again!