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22yrs old with severe keloid scarring and more weird acne breakouts that doesn't go away in chest, cancerous?


Posted : 10/03/2023 12:07 pm

Hi, I'm 22 years old. Had pretty bad acne breakouts on both sides of my neck and chest, about 2 years ago that were painful and would bleed. Used benzoyl back then and had taken antibiotics. It then healed and became what i known as keloid scars. Fast forward now, I'm on my six months of Accutane. and now I believe they look like and are called keloid scars on my left, and right neck, and my chest. I have taken a number of cortisone injections on both sides of my neck and chest. I found that my scars do move and change the size and color a few weeks after I have taken cortisone injections on it, is it normal?

Can anyone check for me if these scars are cancerous or look like a type of cancer or is it just scars? Because I noticed brown and little black spots on the scars on my chest. I'm just a little worried.


Just to note the white little spot on my scars on both my left and right neck is just benzoyl, just to let you know before you point out if that is a type of skin cancer.



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Posted : 10/10/2023 5:47 pm

You're very young, so cancer would probably be rare, but if you're worried, for sure get it checked out. They can tell you pretty quickly and set your mind at ease.

As far as the scarring goes, raised scars are so tough to treat.

Go here and then click on "Raised Scars" at the top to learn about treatment options. Corticosteroid injections help in studies, but in real life people often notice different things from studies.