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What is more likely causing my acne, high carb or Gluten?


Posted : 12/15/2017 11:50 am

So after over 20years I've finally got control over my skin.

I have been following a low carb and gluten free diet and doing a lot better in general. I avoid all processed food as much as possible.

My skin now stays clear for weeks which is a massive deal for me and if I do breakout its not the big cysts anymore

My question is whether its more likely the gluten elimination or the low carb that is the major factor here or could it be both?

I have been tested for coeliac/celiac disease as I have a lot of symptoms but the blood test came back negative, though I hear a lot about peoples blood tests being negative when they do in fact have the condition.
I also have reactive hypoglycaemia as the insulin lingers in my blood stream too long and drives my blood sugar down, which could be connected to the acne. Though interestingly I've also read about a possible connection that gluten sensitivity could cause reactive hypoglycaemia

I went out for a meal last week and ate both high carb and most likely gluten. My blood sugar is now feeling unsteady and I've also had a couple of the symptoms associated with Gluten sensitivity,, and I've had a few small breakouts!

Unfortunately with these things one usually goes with the other so its quite hard to pinpoint which one is actually causing the symptoms. e.g if you eat a food containing gluten its usually high carb aswell.

I have had a chocolate bar without gluten with no ill affects, and sometimes have days a little with higher carb occasionally but no gluten with no ill affects.

This way of life is what I will stick with but on the special occasions or meals out I would like to narrow down the thing most likely to be having the negative affect to make sure I avoid, and whether I should say strict gluten free for the rest of my life even though I have no diagnoses.

This lifestyle is ok when at home and sticking to a routine, but very difficult when out when both gluten free and low carb as all gluten free products are high carb!! So frustrating. I have had times when Ive been out later than expected and needed to grab lunch or dinner on the go and not been able to eat anything at all!!

Any thoughts appreciated


Posted : 12/17/2017 6:45 pm

I feel you, well if you think it could be high carb give it a test by adding alot of fruit like bananas into your diet. If you get no considerate brakeouts, its the gluten.
I was clear with a very strict no sugar, bad fat, gluten and casein diet. But guess what, im a soldier and work away from home alot. Now im back on minocycline cause ive got an important date. So frustrating this condition.