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After a week of an initial breakout period this works wonders!
Reviewed on May 17, 2015

I wrote a previous review for this product on Amazon but I think the sellers hid it because I gave it one star and claimed it made me break out immeditely. It is true that this product made me break out but it was only the first inital week I took it and the only reason I am posting this is because I could find little information on initial breakouts with zinc. After a week my skin cleared up and I have not had a break out since. I have mild acne associated with hormones so in my opinion, depending on the person, this works for people who do not have cystic acne as well. I only take one a day (with a meal) because the doses are already over the daily reccomendations but try this out for at least a week or two and see what happens!

Reviewed on March 27, 2015

I am currently taking birth control and it has really helped my acne. I read about how zinc could also help acne so I gave it a try. I don't know if it was counteracting what my BC was doing, but I started getting huge cysts everyday. I keep taking it for a month but it only got worse. It was worth a try though, you never know. Everything will work different for each person.

No words to describe its perfect
Reviewed on March 1, 2015

Its the only thing that works for me, in the past im tried IPL and it help me a lot but my oily skin problem continĂșes, finally i decide to take zinc for acne and the first couple days im not saw difference but the next days im see my pimples cured much faster and my oily skin problem dissapeared the bottle says took 2 pills with meals, but i take one with meals and 1 after exercise(before bed).

Acne with IUD - zinc cleared it right up!
Reviewed on February 7, 2015

I've always had hormonally-triggered acne, and when I got my Paragard IUD over the summer it got worse. A whole slew of homeopathic and nature-based blogs said that it might have been due to copper toxicity, and although I normally take those "diagnoses" with a grain of salt, I was pretty desperate. I started taking a zinc supplement to counteract the alleged effects of the copper, and I'm not sure what happened, but I've never had better skin in my LIFE. I'm 24 and have had acne since I was 13, but taking a zinc supplement has been such a serious game changer!!

I take a b-complex (I'm vegetarian), biotin, and 50mg zinc daily. I also run around 10 miles/week, but that's been consistent even when my acne was terrible.

I'd highly recommend trying zinc if you've been struggling with hormonal acne, or if you've recently had a Paragard placed.

The Holy Grail
Reviewed on December 27, 2014

This product is astounding. Whilst I have tried every over the counter product, this by far works 10x better than any topical product I have tried. I have only been using for a week or so, and my acne has recovered IMMENSELY! I have stopped getting my painful acne and all my scars, which there were a lot of, have started vanishing.

I have struggled with acne since age 14, I am 17 now and the acne has progressively gotten worse. Only since I have changed my diet and lifestyle choices did I see some improvement, but nothing as drastic as taking Zinc. At one point I was using ten different products a day, and I must have spent at least 750$ on treatments. Now, along with Zinc, proper exsersize , tons of fresh air and minimizing chemical junk, I have gotten an AMAZING facelift. I noticed that my acne scars faded quite quickly and the two new pimples I got have almost disappeared in two days. It's an amazing feeling right now. Hope that it lasts. You should definetly try this and see if it will work for you :)

My current treatment is:

100 mg Zinc a day

1000 IU Vitamin C

Vitamin A and E

and Copper and Iron supplements, so the Zinc doesn't hurt me

For a face wash, I use Snap Clear Skin, twice a day

And use Calendula as a toner :)

That's it, aside from a diet of vegetables, fruits and healty meat

I completely cut out Pop, carbonated drinks, chocolate and Fast food

by HAGAN123 on 02/14/2015 00:05
How do you take your supplements for food absorption?
by marceldia on 06/12/2015 12:55
I like your British accent :). Thanks for the tip!
by marceldia on 06/12/2015 12:55
I like your British accent :). Thanks for the tip!
Stopped my cystic acne
Reviewed on October 27, 2014

So I've been doing the acne.org regimen religiously for about 9 weeks and my little white heads and superficial acne has completely disappeared on my forehead. My forehead is 100% clear of acne! The regimen did absolutely nothing though for my deep cystic acne on me cheeks. Which makes sense since the acne is just too deep for superficial treatment to penetrate. I decided to take a zinc supplement due to my fear of continuously taking different antibiotics and becoming antibiotic resistant (I'm a bio major). I've been taking a 100 mg zinc gluconate supplement daily as well as a vitamin d supplement and it's working! I've been taking it for 3 weeks now and no new cysts! I'm amazed!

To avoid feeling nauseous and better help absorption, I split the pill in half and eat one half with breakfast and other half with dinner.

by ira95 on 01/11/2015 05:01
hello:) what kind of vita are you taking? and do you have any suggestions on the brand(s)? thanks!
Helped, but not a cure
Reviewed on October 10, 2014

I was taking 60mg of zinc daily and it did help quite a bit but I was still getting break outs regularly, just not as bad

Did not work for me
Reviewed on October 7, 2014

Made my skin go CRAZY with acne. I had to go on antibiotics to calm it down again. Just a friendly remind that everyone's acne is caused by different things, what works for one person may not for someone else.

by rpav on 10/07/2014 15:30
How long have you tried it? It made mine initially worse between weeks 1-3, but then my skin became 90% better afterwards while continuing to take zinc.
by rpav on 10/07/2014 16:14
How long have you tried it? It made mine initially worse between weeks 1-3, but then my skin became 90% better afterwards while continuing to take zinc.
by rpav on 10/07/2014 21:13
How long have you tried it? It made mine initially worse between weeks 1-3, but then my skin became 90% better afterwards while continuing to take zinc.
by msroboto on 11/23/2014 09:22
I tried it for about a month. Maybe it would have gotten better if I kept taking it but there's no way I could have it was getting way too out of control.
Cleared black heads and pimples within 1 week
Reviewed on October 4, 2014

I started off with a 50mg daily supplement by the brand "Sundown Naturals" labeled Zinc 50 mg (As a Zinc Gluconate) Taking the entire 50mg pill for the first week daily with lunch. I'd say the whole pill daily is a bit much so on the second week I split the pill into two pieces. After the first week the black heads on my nose and cheeks are almost gone, the pimples on my chin and around my jawline have completely vanished along with any white heads on my forehead and anywhere else on my face. I've noticed something interesting since taking this supplement... I sleep very deep Zzz Also, food and drinks taste very intense too. I'm 30 years of age and have had problems with acne and oily skin my entire life, I can't believe this actually worked. Check with a doctor before taking this supplement, if you're not suffering from a Zinc deficiency than you'll want to take the lowest mg possible and possibly take this along with a low mg of copper.

So helpful
Reviewed on September 22, 2014

I have been an acne sufferer for as long as I can remember. Ive tried every topical and anti-biotic there is. Ive been on accutane twice and none of them have worked for me. After getting so fed up with my acne I finally tried the hollistic approach. I drink 3 cups of green tea a day as well 40 mg of zinc. Im only 2 weeks in, but ive got to say, my skin has never looked so good. Its funny how such simple things can make a huge difference. I have not been getting any new pimples(as of now at least), and I could not be happier. I really recommend trying this approach. Ive had mild to severe acne for the past 8 years and really hope this is a long-term help with my skin.