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Not Washing or Water Only


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Not Washing or Water Only

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Not Washing or Water Only

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Kinda crazy... crazy good
Reviewed on February 1, 2016

Ok this post might be a little long, but please just hear me out. I got started on birth control at a pretty young age, like 14, and ever since then I've had relatively clear skin despite a few little pimples here and there. I'm 21 now and I just recently got married so I had my birth control removed and my face got really pissed off at me. I had cysts and whiteheads and nasty angry pimples all around my mouth, chin, and cheeks. They have always stayed away from my forehead and sides of my face for some reason. Anyway, this sucked. And I freaked out and tried everything. You've heard the story. Been the dermatologist twice and nothing really seemed to help, and if it did it only left me with nasty side effects that weren't worth it.

So anyway, one day I got really upset at the way I looked and was discouraged that nothing seemed to help my face and I just quit washing it for about a week. The first couple days I was in such a depression I didn't even shower. I sat on the couch day and night and just sulked. To my surprise though, my face looked a lot calmer and the cysts were starting to disappear, and my face wasn't as oily as it normally was. In fact, it wasn't hardly oily at all. Weird..... Then it hit me. When I was in basic training for the Air force, we obviously never had time to wash our faces, and so I went an entire two months with taking very quick showers and never putting any chemicals or products on my face.... and I remembered how clear my skin was. I had never seen it so perfect. Granted, I was always exercising every day and eating extremely clean, and there was no opportunity to drink alcohol or any other thing that tempts us in daily life. But still... You get the point. Products = bad. Water = good.

Ok, so after remembering this and seeing the quick results of just my couple days no shower I looked up on the internet if not washing could actually clear your acne, and I came across this. It's been two weeks now, and my face is clear. I still get the occasional pimple, and one time I got one on my cheek where they are harder to heal, but as far as cysts go I haven't gotten one in a couple weeks. My skin tone has begun to even itself out too which is crazy.

Pretty much this is what I do.... I shower in the morning and I use a wash cloth and gently rub on my face. That's it. Warm water, washcloth, boom done. After I get out of the shower I do nothing, I do my hair and my normal routine, sometimes I put on some makeup, and I go about my day. At night, I will take my makeup off with a baby wipe and then just splash some warm water on my face. If I wore makeup, I will again take a washcloth and just rub gently to make sure all the makeup is gone. About 3 times a week, I will use a cotton ball with a couple drops of tea tree oil and water and just rub on problem areas, but lately my face has been so clear I haven't had to do this. I just did this in the beginning when I was still trying to get over my big problem pimples.

I also drink a lot of water, green tea, and I exercise. My diet isn't bad either. I still eat pizza and cupcakes on occasion too but I try to incorporate as much fruits and veggies as I can. I'm really not sure if this will work for everyone, but I think all these acne companies really just want your money. If their products really cured acne, they would go out of business. And as far as all natural products go, they still had a tendency to make my face dry which only caused more problems. And I always think about my husband too... he never uses anything on his face and he has perfectly clear skin. Soooo crazy I have never thought of this before!

I also want to point out that I thought my acne was all hormonal. I thought my hormones were just out of whack from getting off birth control after being on it for so long, and that eventually they would go back to normal. I thought that the reason my acne would never go away was because it had to do with something internal that was going on, but after using this method I know that's not entirely true. Maybe I really don't have acne, maybe I'm just allergic and sensitive to all these products!!????

Sorry if I rambled, I'm just excited. Lol.... anyone should try this if they don't have anything else to lose.

Worked partially for me, but doesn't account for stress or other lifestyle factors
Reviewed on January 16, 2016

I've had acne since my early 20s and have been on Accutane 2x. First time the Accutane worked for 5+ years, second time it worked for only 1.5 years before I started getting cystic acne on my chin and jawline (nowhere else). Very strange because my prior rounds of acne had been a variety of types and anywhere on my face. I had been trying a variety of OTC product (Neutrogena Acne Wash and toner, Clean & Clear exfoliant, Clarisonic, mybody Obliterate) with varying and temporary success. I didn't want to take Accutane again and instead wanted to take an all-natural route. I have combination skin - super dry cheeks and oily t-zone. So this is what I did:

Coconut oil to remove makeup

Damp baby terrycloth washcloth (new one everyday) to wipe my face clean

Vitamin E oil or B5 serum as moisturizer

I started this in May and IMMEDIATELY, my cystic acne stopped - it was like a friggin miracle, I couldn't believe it! I got tiny red comedones on my forehead which had never happened before (I think it's because my forehead is oily so requires a toner, washing with water wasn't enough), but I was so happy with the cysts being gone that I didn't care.

But 5 months later (in October), my cysts came back like crazy and my forehead comedones got a little worse and my cheeks got dry, red, and bumpy. I'm convinced it was because A) I traveled back and forth cross-country non-stop for 6 weeks, which caused sleep deprivation/irregularities, dehydration (from being on the plane so much), and eating out more, and B) Winter made my skin much drier.

So, for me, I do believe that stopping use of chemical OTC products is the way to go, but with some adjustments:

1). I have to tone my oily parts - otherwise, the build up is too much.

2). I need to adapt my routine to take into account the weather (in this case, extra moisturizer in the winter)

3). And no matter what my skin regimen is, protect sleep quality, hydration, and diet AT ALL COSTS. So now when I travel, I make sure to schedule it so I can get a full 7-8 hours of quality sleep, keep up with my water intake, etc.

I'm doing the above and think my cysts are slowly improving, though it's too soon to tell. (It's now January). Hope my experience helps shed light for others!

Reviewed on January 2, 2016

You need water in your life for everything.

So why not try it on your face?

Day 2 of not washing my face... lol
Reviewed on December 25, 2015

Hi I'm J and I'm a product junkie. I'd like to say that I stick to regimens and I don't try other methods, but I don't. I'll stick to a regimen for a while then my skin starts to clear and I ramp it up with some other skincare gimmick! At least twice a year, I totally freak my skin out. This time, when I received my new kit with Rodan and Fields I went for it. You get like 6 different regimens for all skin types. I started out with the sensitive regimen. By the end of the week I was dabbing into everything and my skin just freaked out. The acne regimen called unblemish started working then I started using lots of other products from the different regimens I received. My skin got super itchy and my mild acne turned into moderate little itchy whiteheads all over my face. Especially late at night before bed. So, I threw in the towel and decided to stop washing my face all together. Tomorrow is Christmas so I'll be wearing makeup to cover my discoloration. Not sure what I'll do at night. sigh....

In just one day of not washing

*skin isn't as dry/dehydrated

*skin isn't as itchy

*the breakouts that I did have are now coming to a head.

*the itchy breakouts aren't red/inflamed anymore

*my skin feels smoother and more dewy hydrated

*I also do not use a moisturizer and have noticed my skin is creating it's own moisture and oils

First anniversary
Reviewed on December 10, 2015

So, I didn't want to post anything or say anything to anybody before now. I am 100% convinced that this works though.

I tried this method by accident actually. It was finals season at school and I needed to relax, so my sister and I tried this face mask of goat milk. I don't think it was the goal milk but something in the ingredients made my face hypersensitive to creams and waters for around a week afterwards. Meaning I could not wash my face (I used to do it everyday) for that entire week, not even water could touch it otherwise a bunch of red dots would appear, like a rash. Now before that incident, my face always had at least one pimple and lots of black heads. It wasn't "acne" but i was not completely happy with my skin. Also, I was very oily!!! After not washing my skin for that week my skin I literally had no pimples and no blackheads, my skin wasn't oily and just overall it looked really good. With one exception, I was flaky. I had done nothing differently and in any case I was more stressed!!! So I decided to not wash my face for yet another week, eventually I had to scrub because the flakiness was kind of bothering.

Fast forward 1 year and my skin has never looked better (except for when I was like 10 years old). I do not consider myself oily anymore. I have normal skin now. My routine is this: once a week I scrub with a scrub that contains salicylic acid and NO alcohol. After I scrub I grab a towel and I scrub my face again (to get rid of any product chemical remnants). Then I apply my lumene daytime face cream and that's it. Nothing else for a week. If I need to wear foundation one day, I make sure to scrub before and after then not touch my face for an entire week again. I can still wear concealer under my eyes bc removing it doesn't affect my face. This means I am restricted with makeup but trust me I don't need it and I don't want it! Once in a while I'll get a bad pimple but it's usually when I eat too much sugar, eat out a lot or my period is coming. If I sound cocky I don't mean to but doing this has saved me so much time and money! I highly recommend trying it at least once!

by Perfrb on 12/16/2015 15:15
Do you let water touch your face in the shower?
this really works!!!
Reviewed on December 9, 2015

Most of my life from when I was little to when I was a teenager, I never used ANY products. I was very active, ate healthy and my skin was clear mostly(I would get an occasional pimple but nothing to big and it would go away after a 2-3 days). My mother never wanted me to wear makeup or use any skin care products because she told me I didn't need it. All I needed was water and cream and she even told me not to wash my face too much in the mornings. My mother is close to her 50's and she has skin as soft as a baby's butt and little to no wrinkles. Also what I noticed was that all my friends would use those cleansers and offer me to try it. I just noticed they had alot of pimples. I would also get compliments on my skin a lot and people would ask me what I did to keep it clear and I would tell them NOTHING. It was when I graduated high school and I met my ex boyfriend who was obsessed with skin care, organic products, and natural remedies. He told me that I should wash my face because skin Gets dirty due to sweat, pollution and foods that we eat. Funny thing is that my skin was very clear and smooth because all I did was practice yoga, exercise ,meditate and drink a lot of water. He introduced me to a company that sold skin care products and essential oils and I'll admit that it did not break me out and my skin felt very fresh but when I ran out of the cleanser and moisturizer I became obsessed with natural remedies. I would go on YouTube and search up diy or oils I can use for moisturizers. I tried coconut oil, sugar scrubs, argon oil, baking soda, drug store products, high end vegan products, creams, honey ,scrubs, green tea, tea tree oil and let me tell you.. That was when I started to break out of no where and they were painful. I would get cystic acne ,huge pimples, blackheads.. It was getting out of control and because I didn't know what to do I would pick at my skin and I started to have acne scars. It really made me very insecure that I started to wear makeup which I never did when I was a teenager. I suffered with bad acne for two years and every month I would buy new products HOPING it would clear my skin and it wouldn't. I was talking to my mom cause I was very upset and felt so insecure and she told me to stop using harsh products and stick to the basics. Water and cream. That's when a light bulb went off and I realized I was too obsessed with skincare and I had the worst skin I have ever had in my life(I'm 21 now). My boyfriend has really nice skin and he doesn't do anything and so does my mom and my other friends. The skin care companies want us to think that we need it but trust me let nature take the wheel. From my experience, there is no such thing as end all be all no matter how expensive it is. Even though I still have a bad habit of picking at my skin , my skin has never looked better in the past two years !! We need the natural oils on our skin to protect it. And you're skin will glow. Here and there I'll grab a cheesecloth fill it with oatmeal and use the creamy substance on my skin once in a while and an occasional face mask but I don't even wash my face in the mornings anymore and before bed I wash it with water, and apply avocado oil. That's it. Don't over do it. What I would also suggest is to try eliminating dairy and meat out of your diet. I have been vegan for almost four months and my skin has been doing well for me. Good luck and I hope you find what works for you !!

This DOES help
Reviewed on October 26, 2015

I did this for a month, and it does help with certain things. I saw an increase in my breakouts, however i found that the breakouts lasted a shorter amount of time. My skin became much healthier, smoother and thicker. My oiliness reduced so well, and my tone improved.

The reason i do not do this anymore is because if your acne is hormonal, this will do nothing for you. + i got so much more clogged pores, however overall my skin did improve and i recommend EVERYONE tries this. Its the safest and cheapest method, and if it cures your acne then you have the cheapest cure ever!

Never lose hope
Reviewed on September 21, 2015

The best thing you can do for you your skin is " don't do anything " .... if you leave your acne alone , drink green tea every day , drink 4 liters of water per day , sleep 8 hours every night , avoid smoking and drinking alcohol , change your pillow case every 5 days , avoid dairy foods , take care of your hygiene and .... i mean , just live in a healthy and NATURAL way like our grandparents did and your dream for a perfect glowing skin will come true ... good luck ♡♡♡

There's hope
Reviewed on September 15, 2015

I've had acne since I was like 13. It progressed to cystic acne in highschool and it truly sucked. I was trying everything and it seemed like there was no hope for my skin and i was just that unlucky guy. Luckily around my Senior year my skin started to get alot better due to me changing my eating habits and drinking alot of water daily but I was still getting pimples every now and then. Fast forward to right now I'm in college. I stopped using cleanser completely, due to me just running out of it and i figured I'd try to go without washing my face for awhile and see what happens. It's about 2 weeks now and my skin is fantastic. I haven't broken out in like a month so (knock on wood it continues) all I do is in the morning while I'm in the shower I'll let the water run on my face and rub with fingers lightly. After I get out I splash with cold water in the sink to close my pores. I haven't used moisturizer during this period but I will start due to the cold weather coming. I've previously had very oily skin but during this period of washing only with water my skin has been even and i cannot be more happy. I encourage you to try it out and see if it works for you. What do we have to lose? We already obviously have acne lol. ALSO CHANGE/WASH YOUR PILLOW CASES ATLEAST EVERY 5 DAYS. This will help alot. AND DRINK LOTS OF WATER

Three star because IT's only my Second Day (WILL UPDATE)
Reviewed on September 2, 2015

OKay! So it's my second day not washing my face. On the last night that I washed my face I didn't not moisturize or put anything on it at all. I went to bed with NOTHING on my face. The next morning everything seems fine not too much oil. ( I have combo/oily skin) So I went to school like that and I felt disgusted of course since I always scrub my face squeaky clean. So after school came home didn't wash my face and went to bed. The next morning ( just this morning) was when the oils on my face started bothering me, bu I heard that the oil will eventually balance out and stop producing so much. School is over and EW so oily, but I am going to go for maybe one more day and see how things turn out. Also I have noticed that there are nasty little white stuff coming out from the pores on my nose, forehead, and chin area, but that's to be expected. I have cleaned up my diet ( Gave away my bag of Takis to my sister). My only issue with this regimen is sunscreen. Since you can't wash your face properly I didn't want to add to the gunk building up on my face. I use the Badger spf 30 BUT since I started this routine I have not used anything even sunscreen. And for me. I am all about preventative methods, as I do not want to age sooner than should, I am VERY worried about not using sunscreen. Can anyone please let me know if you are using sunscreen while your on this regimen and let me know how it's going.