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Not Washing or Water Only


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Not Washing or Water Only

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Not Washing or Water Only

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Not the answer for everyone
Reviewed on June 16, 2016

I told myself i am either giving this a one star review or a five star review. I am giving the water only routine a one star review because it does not work for me. I've tried it several different ways but ultimately my skin needs more than just water. I even tried not washing at all but I never could get past day two because I was already seeing so many clogs being formed I was afraid to do it any longer.

I have read all the reviews on here and had high hopes. I used pure distilled water and either massaged my face with it or used organic cotton rounds with the distiled water to wipe my face down. Sometimes I cleaned with water once a day, sometimes up to three times a day, sometimes every other day.

Reviews on here said towels hold bacteria so that's why I used organic cotton rounds. Other people have said tap water contsins harsh chemicals so I used bottled distilled water. I even tried to eat healthy and stopped using conditioner just so extra oils won't get on my face.

I haven't used foaming soap/store bought face wash in probably a year. But I have tried using other things to see if I could get clear with them. Alot of reviews on here are not water only success stores. Most seem to be doing something extra to help their skin stay clear. Some use face wash once a week, clay mask once a week, exfoliate every 3 days etc.

I tried papaya masks every few days while doing water only, they seemed to help a little but then seemed to cause more clogged pores. I tried using witch hazel once a day. I tried honey, oatmeal, etc. I tried just water for a while with nothing else. Really my skin seemed to get better at first bit there were clogs forming i couldn't see yet.

I used to stay pretty clear using just witch hazel and some sort of oil as a moisturizer (cocnut, rose hip etc) . My skin changed and now every oil seemed to clog my skin and cause breakouts. Even pumpkin seed oil which is said to be high in linoleic which won't cause breakouts.

I am taking mercola brand krill for women with Evening Primrose which keeps my skin moisturized. And primrose is supposed to help with hormones. I have tried other supplements to not much avail....tumeric, olive leaf, floressence tea, etc. I think I do notice my skin breaks out way less and is less clogged if I avoid junk food and sugar. Possibly even dairy. But it's too hard for me to eat all vegan or perfect. Right now I am just trying to eat healthy, eat vegetables and limit sugar.

After doing water only for so long and my face getting so clogged and developing so many scars from breakouts, I eventually decided to try something a little more cleansing. Since my skin is more naturally oily I decided to use Rhassoul clay as a cleanser. After only a couple of days my skin looked way better and pores were already becoming unclogged. So for now I'm using rhassoul clay as a cleanser (using distilled water to wash) and applying diluted lavender and frankincense essential oils as a toner (diluted in distilled water), that is it. I am not using any towels on my face, only letting it air-dry.

My face is starting to look a lot better. I have a lot of scars i'm trying to get rid of so that is why I am trying the lavender and frankincense to see if that helps. I am going to continue to avoid putting any oils or moisturizer on my face in fear of breakouts and clogged pores. My plan is to moisturize From the Inside Out by continuing to take the krill oil and drink lots of water.

Please feel free to ask me any questions. I've tried a bunch of things. My skin is just naturally more oily and clog prone so that is why I think that not washing at all my face for a week or longer would probably make things worse. A lot of people said not washing at all with anything not even water for a week cleared their skin up but like I said mine always seemed way worse after only just a couple of days. Good luck to everyone.

by tbinybg on 06/21/2016 01:34
Just an update...seems that lavender aND frankincense all over as toner is too irritating for my skin. I stopped and am going to just stick with the clay, pure rhassoul from mountain rose herbs. Maybe even cutting back to clay washing every other day. ..
Reviewed on June 15, 2016

Did this. HATED it and I don't have acne. I merely have congested skin...or HAD I should say.

Soap was invented hundreds of thousands of years ago. I personally need something to break the surface tension so that the oil built up in my pores can be released. You only need to wash your face 2x a day. Forget the treatments and toners & stuff. I think SA and BP are the reason so many of you are still struggling.

Get a bar of soap, and a washcloth. Use that and a gel like aloevera or nicinamide gel (I can have 5% niacinamide compounded at a pharmacy or you can buy a gel called Metazine 5%) and scrub with brown sugar a few times a week. (NOT BROWN SUGAR & LEMON JUICE UNLESS YOU WANT CYSTIC ACNE) Long to short: YOU'RE TRYING TOO HARD, BUT DON'T STOP CLEANING YOUR FREAKIN SKIN.

by KenHarrison on 06/16/2016 13:51
Everyone skin is different you are well uninformed of that, most people are on here doing this regime because before we only used water in our youth years coming up. but get a small blemish and want to try to correct it using soap or other, natural, none natural treatments, destroying our skin in the process. This why most people here in america have this problem, because we are told to use soap and etc which we really don't need but like i said everyone is different what might work for you might not work for someone else. but good luck and good morning
Going To Try This
Reviewed on June 15, 2016

My spiritual Auntie saw I was breaking out and told me that a Dermatologist told her one time to only use water to wash my face...I looked at her like she was crazy lol I said no cleanser?!! WHAT! She said yes no cleanser just luke warm water. I kinda didn't listen to her to be honest then my face started breaking out even more! So I was texting my best friend about my breakouts and she said the same thing that she stopped using products on her face because it would dry and irritate her face, she was like just wash with warm water. I completely agree with her about products irritating and drying the skin I was experienced that using products with Benzoyl in it. We have similiar skin types so I decided to try that to see if that will make a difference. I will also use astringent, tea tree oil, aloe vera from my mom's plant (use these every other day)...drinking nothing but water and taking hair, skin, nails vitamins along with D3 vitamins. It's not just about working on the outside of your body but also within. I'm thinking about documenting my progress on doing this through video not sure yet but I'll let ya'll know my update in about a month.

if you've already got bad acne you know that the worse that can happen is what you're already living with.
Reviewed on June 11, 2016

This method worked well for me. I've always had acne like most teenagers do, but when I turned 18 it got worse than it ever was. I started getting acne where I never go it before, and it became more frequent. During these 2 years I tried everything, I did the all natural thing, and I was even prescribed an antibiotic. Honestly none of this helped me at all. One day during my daily face routine I noticed that I had less acne when I would forget to do all my face things, and during the summer where I didn't really go to many places, or was outside swimming a lot that I didn't bother putting makeup on or spending "hours" on my face routine. So I decide I would try not doing anything for a couple weeks because there was nothing to lose. I have oily skin, and after a couple weeks I actually noticed that the level of oiliness went down, so that was a plus, I still had acne but one thing was being improved so I kept to it. I didn't expect to get any results instantly or even within a week or two, but for me, at about 2 months I saw enough change that I consider that my plan was working. So I've continued this for another couple months, I still had times where I would break out, but it wasn't as bad as it used to be. It's been about 3 months where I've gone without any face routine and for me i have seen a drastic change. When my skin feels extra oily, I rinse it with water, or dab it with a soft washcloth or cotton balls. The only time I really wash my face is at night, and that with cold water. I did stop wearing makeup as much as I used too, and I believe that is also a contributing factor. Even when I do decide to wear makeup I take it off as soon as I am "done" with it. I usually just use water and a wash cloth to wash it off, some makeup sticks better than others, so the only other "product" I use with water is Witch Hazel, and I only use that when removing makeup, because it gets the "sticky" stuff off, and after scrubbing your face with a wash cloth, it lessen the redness. This method has worked for me really well, and I think everyone should at least try it, because honestly if you've already got bad acne you know that the worse that can happen is what you're already living with. I also wouldn't expect results soon, I would also say to expect some breakouts. Your skin doesn't know whats going on so it might freak out a little bit. If you have oily skin, I would recommend washing it with water if it gets unbearably oily, or dabbing away the excess oil. Also, if you do wear makeup, and have your reason why you can't go without it for a while that fine too, just make sure as soon as you can take it off you take it off, with water and if you need an extra lift, use Witch Hazel, or something else natural. If you have combination or dry skin, moisturize after washing your face, for the first couple weeks. For me after a while the more water I drank, and that fact I only use water to wash my face, it tended to be less dry. Also don't over wash your face! Especially if you have oily skin. It's tempting, because nobody likes the feeling of lots of oil over your face, but some is good, and you don't want to completely dry your face, or completely remove all of it because I feel like that just causes more breakouts. One other thing, I constantly touch my face, mostly because I would always check subconsciously if I could feel a new pimple, because of habit I still constantly touch my face, so I make sure to keep my hands clean as much as I can, either by washing it or using hand sanitize, so if you are also a face toucher, I recommend keeping some hand sanitizer with you to minimize bad bacteria. I hope if you try this method it works! It's done wonders for me, and my acne is not completely gone, and I never expected it to be; but what 3-4 months has gone by I can already see enough change that I am happy with, and content enough that if it stays the way it is now, I wont stress. Water is key, it is life, so maybe the only natural way is starting with the most natural thing! Good luck to anyone who tries this method!

It works!
Reviewed on June 10, 2016

OMGGG!! this truly works!! I've had acne ever since I was 15 and i used to try so many products on my skin due to breaking out so much. I tried changing my diet, used natural soaps, exfoliated and did tons of skincare routines. I used to spend so much money on expensive cleansers which just made my skin worse. I've skipped cleansing my skin and now i just wash my face with water, moisturize and drink tons of water. My skin is looking so good!

Leave your skin alone!
Reviewed on May 29, 2016

After using numerous different cleaners including Clinique, Liz Earle and natural soap, I came to the conclusion that they were only irritating my skin. After washing with commercial products, my skin dry and red. I have not used any products at all on my face for three days and my skin is looking better than ever. All I do is wash my face in the morning and evening with warm water and try to avoid over washing. You may think it's too early to post a review but the results are so incredible that I thought I must!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain
Reviewed on May 27, 2016

I am 18. My skin type is combination. I have had acne since I was 12, varying from under the skin pimples, to white/blackheads and now cystic acne. It has been a very stressful time for, as I am sure it for everyone else with acne. After a breakdown, I decided to stop doing anything to my face, apart from a splash of water everyday. I dont use makeup, moisturizer, toner- nothing. At first this was a struggle, especially not wearing makeup. However I soon learned that no one else really cared or noticed. After 2 weeks, I HAVE HAD ONLY ONE PIMPLE. amazinggg. This is vast improvement- before I would get at least 1 a day. I feel as if my skin is rebalancing itself after years of using all types of scrubs and cleansers.

One issue- dry skin is building up. However this could be pro, as less germs/bacteria are able to get into my pores, thus reducing spots. However I am going to now incorporate my clarisonic mia once a week, just to reduce dead skin.

Anyway if you are reading this in desperation or as a final solution- do it!!! You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

good luck :)

by Jesslincoln on 06/11/2016 23:21
Hi, I'm also struggling with acne and I finally realized that all the products make it even worse. And I will stop all products all together to see how my skin will react. You said that you'll use your clarisonic once a week, will you use a cleanser with it? Also, won't this mess up your skin balance again?
Is working very well for me!
Reviewed on May 7, 2016

I had super clear skin as a teenager and once I started having babies, my skin went nuts. I started picking at my face to get rid of the blemishes, or when I was bored, or when I was stressed out by three tiny kiddos and needed an escape. The more I picked, the worse it got. Even when I could force myself to not pick, my skin looked and felt like sandpaper. I used everything possible. Fancy washes, fancy creams, fancy makeup, fancy volcanic ash exfoliants, etc. Some things did actually help the acne but would dry out my skin. Fast forward 6 years (I'm now 28), my skin still looks atrocious.

I was talking to a coworker the other day and she was like "A friend of mine uses water and a clean wash cloth and swears by it."

I was horrified but at this point, I have nothing to lose. With the exception of my face, I am pretty hippy with body care. Homemade, local bar soap on my body. No-Poo in my hair. Why not? Let's give this a try. I am on Day 5 of "washing" my face with cool water only and not only is my acne clearing up, but my skin is the softest and smoothest that it's been since I was super young. I do still wear some makeup. Not because I feel like I have to but because I like makeup. I remove it with some coconut or jojoba oil at the end of the day and then rinse with water. I am still seeing a dramatic improvement!!!!

Give it a try! I have been completely surprised but the results so far.

by minimami on 05/29/2016 00:46
honestly, the fact that you remove your make up with comedogenic oils is what scares me. it doesn't always happen immediately, but if you have acne prone skin i beg you to stop doing that before you get a horrible break out. and for future reference, if this inspires you to use a real make up cleanser, make sure it specifically says "non-comedogenic" somewhere on the label. if it doesn't then it isn't. its that simple.
Skeptic Shock
Reviewed on April 6, 2016

I was very skeptical of this method. I did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews before trying it. What really drove me to try it was the fact that, since I was about 12 years old, I've been trying different chemical and natural cleansers to try to control my very oily skin and get rid of my acne. I also tried different moisturizers/sunscreens, always wearing a hat in the sun. Nothing has really worked. It only added constantly flaking and sickly-looking pallor to my facial skin. I'm now 26, and over the years my acne has fluctuated between mild and moderate, with occasional flare-ups of perioral dermatitis. Pimples always took forever to go away and they left behind hyperpigmentation. My skin is always best when I'm on an antibiotic, but since experiencing how antibiotics mess with my body, I would never take them again just to treat my acne.

It should be noted that I've never worn heavy makeup except for special occasions like being in a wedding party. I used to daily wear Neutrogena's sunscreen, powder foundation, and blush, then cut down to sunscreen and blush only, then stopped wearing sunscreen and makeup altogether a couple years ago. These changes were attempts to let my skin breathe and hopefully improve it. If it helped at all, the results were minimal. My point is, if I still wore sunscreen and makeup, I might need something stronger than water to clean up. If I have to use sunscreen or makeup nowadays, I'll try using raw organic honey to get it off. That's what I had been using as a cleanser for over a year until now.

My method has always involved washing my hands before washing my face, and washing my face before brushing my teeth--no saliva or toothpaste residue on my hands. So, after washing my hands with Dr Bronner's tea tree liquid soap for the antibacterial properties, and rinsing it off really well, I now wash my face with cool or slightly warm water, repeatedly splashing my face and rubbing all over with my fingers. I can feel my facial oils on my fingers, and I wash the parts of my face that are prone to flaking last, distributing the oils there. Lastly, I pat my face dry with a towel that I use only on my face and that dries thoroughly between uses. I do this twice a day--when I wake up and before bed.

I've been using water only for almost 3 weeks now and my skin has never been better. I still get pimples, but they surface quickly, I pop them, and they go away without scarring! No more huge, red, angry, blind pimples. No more tiny, red, itchy pimples around my nose and mouth. Much less flaking, and I anticipate that the flaking will disappear entirely if I continue this method. It's awesome! My husband and others have commented on how good my skin looks lately. I'm no longer embarrassed by my pimples, because they're not very noticeable and I know they'll go away quickly without leaving behind a scar that takes months to fade.

Judging by the comments, maybe this method doesn't work for everyone, but it sure is working for me. Why has no dermatologist ever suggested that I try this? Maybe because water is basically free while acne products, medications, and facial procedures cost money and contribute to their business. Obviously, hormones have played a role in my skin problems, but since trying this method, I'm convinced that if a dermatologist hadn't said, 'Stop using bath soap on your face, but replace it with these expensive cleansers, toners, moisturizers, etc.,' pimples would never have been a big deal in my life. If they'd said,"Stop using bath soap on your face. Try using water only," I might've been feeling confident about my skin for the past 14 years of my life, and I could've saved a lot of money.

by tbinybg on 04/21/2016 17:49
Still going good for you? Have you found the need to use anything else on your face?
by Familiarsend on 04/27/2016 03:32
Hi, tbinybg. I haven't used anything else on my face, and my skin is still behaving very satisfactorily. In fact, I've cut down from two washes a day to one morning rinse (using a glass to pour water over my face without touching it, rubbing only around my eyes to remove "morning crud"), and one wash at night. My oil production seems to have decreased, so I don't feel the need to rub my face clean in the morning anymore. I implemented that change a few days ago and it feels great so far. I'm hoping that I might be able to scale back even more on the washing as my skin gets used to this. Oh, and my skin flaking continues to decrease.
by tbinybg on 04/29/2016 01:33
Thank you for the update. I am trying a new method and only water washing every other day. Washing with water everyday seemed to be making my skin worse. Every body is different. I also feel like water is not enough for my face after I shampoo and condition my hair, because I get traces of those on my face during the process . The last couple times I just used colloidal oatmeal and that was it. Maybe I should just stick to water....
by minimami on 05/29/2016 00:52
sunscreen is vital, especially if you have no melanin. i use a really good one by eucerin. it's specifically made for the face and noncomedogenic and it doesn't feel greasy or heavy.
Free yourself. (5 month review)
Reviewed on April 25, 2016

I've been on caveman for 5 months (only washing my face with cool water once every 2-3 days).

Here's my background:

Around the age of 18, I started to get bad acne, I mean really bad. I went on accutane 3 times. Still came back. Low self worth, depression, etc. Went on a number of diets, blood type diet, paleo, vegan, alkaline, candida, you name it. Still had acne. Started to get psoriasis + eczema + sheborric dermatitis + rosacea after the 3 rounds of accutane. Wanted to kill myself, thought I looked like a freak. Non-existent social life by this point. The entire time I was always washing my face at least once a day. Used only natural products too (e.g. apple cider vinegar, manuka honey, etc). Still, had all these skin issues. Felt nervous every time I didn't wash my face. Had anxiety about eating new foods in case it broke me out.

Realized I had some really unhelpful stories about my skin, and that the need for control was the cause of all my stress (both physical and mental). Read a quote somewhere that doing more of the same will only get you more of the same - if you want to see a dramatic change, often times the solution is characterized by simplicity and elegance (and, will also seem counter-productive - even outrageous). The caveman routine will go against all of your mental conditioning - so much BS we've been taught to believe without realizing or ever questioning.

So I decided to go full caveman and not wash with anything but cool water, every 2 days. Here's how it went:

End of week 1: A new sense of freedom, more free time as I wasn't spending 2 x 10min per day on my routine. Started to break out a bit but nothing major.

End of month 1: Random little clusters of pimples on my chin, but they seem to go much quicker

End of month 5: Basically 99% clear. Anytime I get a new pimple forming, I'll purposely not wash my face for a couple days and most of the time it will never surface. I feel so much more in touch with my skin, like it's thanking me.

Since starting caveman, I never broke out any more than I already was. In fact, less, and the frequency between the breakouts decreased significantly (starting caveman, at times I could have maybe 10-15 active pimples - after 2 weeks, I'd have maybe 5 on a 'bad' day). I also did not look in the mirror for the last 5 months as I wanted to fully detach myself from the need to control my appearance, realizing I'm only doing this for myself (this I found very helpful). After about 3 weeks, the psoriasis + eczema + rosacea disappeared and never came back. 1.5 months in, the sheborric dermatitis went as well. By month 3, I still had acne (mild), but by this point I didn't care about it. I felt more and more at peace with the way my skin was, realizing that it's perfect the way it is in this very moment.

You'll find yourself having a deep sense of connection with yourself, and this realization (well at least for me personally) that we need to be kinder to our bodies - they've gotten ourselves this far, why abuse and punish it with chemicals, the need for control, and constant washing ? Seriously, one of the best things I've done. Do the caveman. You won't regret it.

by tbinybg on 04/29/2016 01:39
Very cool review, very inspiring. I've been water washing everyday sometimes up to three times a day. My skin actually seemed to be getting worse. After reading your comment, I have been washing every other day and my skin seems to be getting better! What is your water washing method? Like what type of water and do you use a cloth to wash etc....also my face feels dirty after shampoo and water isn't enough...I have been trying to tilt my head back and keep it out of my face. Thanks again for a great review! Happy for your success.
by thebeautifultruth on 04/30/2016 11:19
Thanks tbinbg, glad it helped! When I did let water touch my face, here's how I'd do it. The way I washed it was whilst in the shower. I'd shower as normal, except avoiding letting water on my face. Then, just before getting out the shower, I'd switch the temperature to 'cool' (as well as lower the pressure of the spray) then let it run down my face for no more than 5 seconds. Then I'd turn off the shower and dry my entire body except for my face, which I would let air dry. I stopped using any shampoo or conditioner a few months before going caveman also (only washing my hair with water). Have you heard of caveman for hair? There are some pretty good YouTube video reviews of it.
by tbinybg on 04/30/2016 15:24
Thank you for your response! I will have to try the caveman for my hair too. Did you ever have a problem with clogged pores on your face? Alot of the bad reviews on the caveman said they ended up with lots of clogged pores, even though their acne went away. I personally dont have a lot of pimples but I do get alot of blackheads, whiteheads aND little bumps everywhere. I just want smooth skin. It seems like the caveman helps actually pimples but I dont know if it helps clogged pores. ..
by thebeautifultruth on 05/02/2016 06:32
Hey tbinybg, when I started caveman, I did notice a few weeks in I was getting clogged pores on my nose. What I did was, after 1 month of caveman, I started doing papaya enzyme masks, using the fruit of an actual papaya (actual papaya enzyme powder works also). The reason I waited a month is because I wanted to give my skin a break from apply anything but water. Basically, you get the papaya fruit, mash it up, then apply it onto your face. Let it sit for 15min. Then wash off with cool water (it's pretty messy). This stimulates your skin to rejuvenate itself, and papaya is known as one of the most gentle exfoliators. This personally helped me a lot because my skin had a very impaired healing function from doing accutane and applying a tonne of chemicals and crap on it (basically, it would take 4 times longer than usual to heal a pimple). Papaya helped a LOT. I probably did the papaya mask about 10 times (about once per week?). This article was super helpful for me (in explaining papaya benefits + how to apply it):
by tbinybg on 05/02/2016 20:31
Thank you do much! I already bought a papaya and am doing a mask tonight lol!
by tbinybg on 05/03/2016 14:36
I did the mask last night and my face looks a lot better this morning! Thanks again!
by thebeautifultruth on 05/09/2016 23:56
awesome to hear tbinybg :)
by tbinybg on 05/10/2016 22:03
I was wondering if you had a special diet as well for these past 5 months if you don't mind sharing :-)
by thebeautifultruth on 05/12/2016 01:07
Sure, I did a candida cleanse for 2 months prior to doing caveman (got the program from here: - after joining the Naturally Clear Skin Academy). I was still breaking out despite doing the cleanse for 2 months. I then switched to a normal diet whilst starting the caveman routine, which I maintain to this day (which is mainly whole foods, very little processed foods). I rarely break out now, and there doesn't seem to be a co-relation between eating bad food and breaking out. I think my skin has learnt how to heal itself quicker. The only supplements I take are: turmeric, 1 teaspoon per day (because of it's anti-inflammatory properties) and Fermented Cod Liver Oil (which is HIGHLY recommended for not just skin - you just need to make sure you have the Green Pastures brand which also contains Butter: I got a lot of answers to caveman related questions from joining the Clear Skin Academy (link i posted at the start of this message), which I'd recommend. Feel free to ask me stuff tho! I love to help (add me on facebook if you think it's easier:
by tbinybg on 05/17/2016 12:59
Thank you for your help! I actually started taking Tumeric last week and it seems I am breaking out less. I was wondering what is the significance of washing every other day ... the skin has more time to build up natural acids/oils? Is it because your skin tends to be drier? My skin seems more oily these days. I'm trying to wash every other day but my face feels "dirty/oily" every night from being outside or just doing chores around house. Some people reviewed, saying skipping days to wash helped their skin, others skin seemed to get worse.
by tbinybg on 05/26/2016 01:44
I looked up the Facebook link but it showed you were an asian man? Not sure if that's correct :) or you could send me the link to your FB via my email jlynnskiminny@[link removed]
by tbinybg on 05/26/2016 12:35
My email is jlynnskiminny (at) Hotmail (dot) com
by grannygal123 on 06/06/2016 16:47
Does anyone else get wrinkles on their cheeks now? I've been washing my skin with just water now and it's been great but I get wrinkly cheeks and I'm only 17! My skin has improved massively but I was wondering if I should exfoliate it with a cloth or something. Does anyone have the same problem?