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Not Washing or Water Only


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Not Washing or Water Only

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Not Washing or Water Only

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Amazing life experience, but didn't work for me
Reviewed on July 22, 2016

I am giving it three stars instead of only one, because i want to not only rate it based on acne, but also how eye opening this was. As someone who has struggled with acne for 10+ years and has ALWAYS worn makeup and sincerely cared what other people saw on my face, this was by far the most challenging thing I have ever done. For 4 months I did not wash my face, not even with water. I won't tell you my whole experience, because I logged it all on my page, but long story short my acne never got better, if anything it got worse since I was jumping straight from BP every day to literally nothing. But how liberating!! It was amazing to have my only night and morning ritual be brushing my teeth!! And although my acne increased gradually, I was able to see how people around me literally did not care if I had acne or not. They still treated me wonderfully, enjoyed being around me and I continued to make friends. I only wish that it cleared my acne. I am going to start back up on Dan's regimen because that has been the only thing that has worked for me, but now, I won't be as obsessed over one or two totally normal pimples, as opposed to the over 80 that I had on this "regimen."

I think that everyone should try the caveman regimen for at least one month. What have you got to lose? If your acne gets worse just go back to whatever you have been doing. You never know, maybe you will be one of the lucky ones who gets cleared. Either way, you will be humbled during the process, and realize that you are more than just your appearance.

Reviewed on July 21, 2016

As you probably have, I have tried and tested every product on the market. You name it, I'v used it. Surprise surprise, none of them worked. One of my friends used to struggle with severe acne. She too had tried everything and decided that nothing worked. She had told me about a water only washing routine that cleared her skin so of course, I wanted to try it out.

Resisting all of the products was the hardest part. I would go as far as saying I had an addiction to washing my face; I would wash it 8 times a day which is not good of course, especially because I was using a different concoction of chemicals each time. To list just a FEW of the products I tried: Liz Earle cleanse and polish (the worst of all, caused cystic acne), Good things berry cleanser (disgusting smell and left an awful residue), L'Oréal grapefruit scrub (deeply regret using this), Origins a perfect world (the best of the lot if you feel you can't go without cleansing) and Botanics facial wash FOR MEN (yes I even resulted in using my brothers face wash that he doesn't use, that's how desperate I was!!!). Anyway, about a week ago (a little bit of Bobby Shmurda) I thought to myself that using all these chemicals can't be doing any good so I literally chucked all of my skincare products in the bin and you know what? It was the best thing I ever did! Just ONE week into the routine, my skin is glowing and clear. I don't want to jinx it but I do not have any inflamed red bumps or any of the other nasty stuff- how rare! I have not been this happy in so long because as you know, acne really gets you down!

For anyone who wishes to know my skincare routine-

Morning- Wash face with cold water really well- NO CLEANSERS, NO CLOTHS and DO NOT TOWEL DRY!*

Towels have lots of bacteria hiding inside them contributing to acne

Evening-Wash face with cold water only and NO TOWEL DRYING! Hand action only!!!

P.S- Sometimes I wash my face midday too because your face will be slightly oily for a couple of days but this soon goes away!

If you do have acne, do not worry it will go away! There are thousands of other people going through the same thing and we who have it in our teenage years are lucky in a way because we won't have it when we enter the dating scene but only IF YOU LEAVE YOUR SKIN ALONE!!! I have so much more I want to write but I will bore you so I REALLY hope this method works for you, I want to help you because I know how acne makes you feel; SH*T! Best of luck! It wont let me remove this BTW -->uase

Reviewed on July 18, 2016

I have been struggling with acne for years I have sensitive skin so I can't use things with scent in them but I have tried every signal face wash u name it this acne needs to stop it's wrecking my confidence PLEASE HELP I heard using just water helps but I'm scared to try it what should I do ? !!

Reviewed on July 16, 2016

Worked for the first week and then all hell broke loose. Little and big pimples everywhere. My skin is a mess now :(

A true fix for those that have tried everything
Reviewed on July 14, 2016

As I read the previous 112 reviews, I see many that have shared in my success and many that have given up. The following review will serve to show what has worked for me after a year of trial and error with the "water only" method:

Like many of you, I came across this method as an accidental discovery. I was house sitting for about a month after school and never brought my go to cleanser with me (CeraVe). Over the years I had tried everything: Proactive, RetinA, Doxycycline, SkinID, Neutrogena, Oxy, Aveeno, Obagi, Rodan and Fields, AcneFree...finally landing on CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser. It should be noted that at this time I was also about a year dairy free, which helped the cystic nature of blemishes tremendously. The problems I was dealing with were redness and a "fell into an oil slick" look. Fast forward to now: one minor pimple every 3 months and an even tone with reduced oil.

How I did it: So I'm house sitting for my aunt, using no cleanser post-swimming and sunbathing. The first thing I noticed was a reduction in redness. With nothing but a towel patted against my face, there was no irritation. I was still using a blade to shave with an Aveeno shaving cream (still do to this day). I would simply just run my face in the COOL water under the shower head for about five seconds. This process worked great for me, oil reduced to normal amounts within a week. No moisturizer or sunscreen, just increase your water intake and don't go overboard on the diary / pasta. I started eating a limited amount of diary (no milk, just cooked dairy like pizza when necessary). You will note that your face gets really tight, maybe itchy, but that will subside within a week. If you are one of the god given individuals that does not accumulate dead skin on your face, you're all set to move along from this captivating review.

Dead skin: like any good thing, I thought I could speed up my skin improvement with vitamin supplements. I started 50,000 iu of Vit A and 50mg of Zinc a day. Long story short, via blood work I found out I overdosed of Vit A and developed what looks like Dermatitis for 8 months until the stores left my body. The dermatitis like side effects left me with a dead skin mask every day. I used to wake up with a layer of white, flaking, dead skin on my face. I tried ACV, cod liver oil (lol which is just super high in Vit A) and facial scrubs, which kind of got me back into the whole cleanser routine.

What I do today: Usually I wake up with no flakes, if there are I just pick them off with a tweezer or splash my face with cool water. At night after sweating a disgusting amount from the gym I will come home, wet a washcloth with cool water and lightly brush, wipe it all over my face. You can see the dead skin that accumulates on it and will get a pretty good idea of when it is all off. In the shower I just run my face under the cool water for a sec to get excess flakes off. I wash my hair craning my neck back so no shampoo/water gets on my face. I do not moisturize my face or body (I only use soap on the places that need it, not all over, water can take care of body sweat). Dairy intake is still limited to good dairy (Kiefer / No straight milk) and pasta only about once a week. The only redness I get is for a minute immediately following the washcloth and the oil has disappeared. I have quit all supplements, except for some Vit C when tequila gets the best of me. Best of luck kids, don't listen to those who say you need to "cleanse" all the bacteria and dirt off your face. Water and your body can do it alone. Feel free to comment below.

TLDR; freaking read it.

Accidental discovery
Reviewed on July 3, 2016

I've suffered from acne since about age 14, it got So bad age 16 I used accutane, and since then my acne has fluctuated from terrible to manageable. I'm now 27 and although I've learned to 'accept' and 'live' with my mild acne, it still causes no end of frustration and low-confidence, especially as I'm a male and I seem to be the only one I know this age still suffering.

Anyway, I went to Glastonbury festival last week, which lasts 5 days. Whilst there I didn't shower/wash my face AT ALL. For anyone that's been, you'd know why, for those that haven't, the toilet facilites consist of basically drop-holes full of sh*t that you can smell from a mile away. I don't have a fixed skin care routine, but I mostly still apply Dan's BP at night and sometimes in the morning if I have a particularly bad breakout, as well as moisturisers, coconut oil and sometimes Glycolic acid (again if some spots are huge and headless, but this can sometimes backfire and make them even redder and peel all the skin around it). I didn't take any of these to Glasto, and went the full 5 days caveman.

My skin was pretty clear when I arrived, no major spots at the time (I've always got at least one HUGE one going on somewhere so this is quite rare) and I was a little worried that the lack of products/washing would mean I'd be saying goodbye to my clear skin quickly... Nope. The total opposite. Despite the muddy/dirty conditions for 5 days, lack of sleep, too much alcohol, some junk food, my skin remained clear the entire time.

Within 2 days of being home and washing/using products on my face, I've broken out HORRIBLY with huge spots on various places on my face. Now I've found these reviews by googling 'not washing face helping acne' as I accidentally discovered that there could actually be something in this. The only thing that worries me slightly is how quickly and badly my skin broke out as soon as I returned from Glastonbury. Surely it was ready to break regardless? I can't imagine it wouldn't have done this should I have continued not to have washed, as there must have been a lot of dirt etc on my face.

Anyway, I'm now going to give this a try and stop washing my face again and see what happens. It's hard for me to do when I have spots, as all my urges tell me to apply products to them to try and kill them, as I hate walking round with beacons of red on my face.

I will report back in a couple of weeks to see how this has got on.

by Funnyfox on 07/10/2016 22:49
UPDATE: So it's only been one week and already my skin is so much better. I have no new spots, no huge ones (as mentioned above, I normally ALWAYS have one huge one on my face at all times) and my red marks from the spots look a little faded. I'll give some more information on my routine. I have only been allowing the water from my shower run across my face for about 5 seconds in the morning just before I get out the shower. I then let my face dry out naturally without touching it without a towel. On Thursday (4 days in) I bought some green tea (double dragon from Holland and Barrett if you're in the UK, it's regarded as the best and only about £2) and have been drinking about 5/6 cups a day. This was also after re-reading the positive effects this can have on your skin. Today I gently rubbed the teabag on my face after I'd finished drinking a cup, as I heard that can help due to the antioxidants in the tea. I must also mention that on Tuesday I went to the doctors about my acne for the first time in about 10 years. The appointment was booked about 10 days prior (typical wait for a doctor in London) and before I decided to go caveman. He prescribed me some Lymecycline pills and Differin gel, but after reading reviews on here which were basically 50/50 on success, I wasn't keen on using them until I'd tried the caveman method a bit longer. I ESPECIALLY didn't want to start using the Differin gel, as that's the complete opposite of what I'm trying to achieve. The doctor also said it can make your skin go red so I'm not using that. I have been taking one Lymecycline pill a day (the doctor told me to take 2 though) as I'm confident it won't make things worse. Anyway, one week in and I'm feeling really positive about how my skin is improving. All I can say is, this obviously won't work for everyone. And to be honest I'd only recommend it to people who have already tried EVERYTHING else and had no luck. I think years of applying chemicals to my face have kept it in a constant state of irritation which has made me spot prone. I've not let me skin do it's job naturally and that's where I may have gone wrong. Anyway, it's still early days and it could still go badly, but so far so good! I'll update again in a week.
by Funnyfox on 07/17/2016 22:24
UPDATE 2: So I've just come to the end of my second week and it's not been as rosy as the first. On Monday (the day after writing my previous update) I could feel a deep painful cyst forming on my right cheek. I haven't had a proper cyst spot in a while, and this one was a MAMMOTH. I tried not to panic and resist the urge to slather BP all over it, but as it got bigger and BIGGER (literally like a small marble sticking out my face) I had to do something. I'd come across the aspirin mask reviews on here and a lot of people said it helped their cystic acne, so on Thursday I started applying crushed aspirin paste directly on the spot. It was a miracle! It brought it to a head and yesterday I was able to pop it and now it's healing nicely. Anyway, the rest of my face is still fine and spot free aside from this huge one. I worried that maybe it was my Lymecycline that caused the cyst as that's the only thing diet-wise thats changed, so I've now stopped taking it. Bottom line is, things are still going well with only letting water touch my face in my morning shower, and my new discovery of aspirin means if any nasty spots to crop up, I have a solution.
Gonna try it....why not.
Reviewed on July 8, 2016

Seems I have been forced into using only water seeing as everything else I've used doesn't work. So starting today I used only water. I DO want to use moisturizer, but it may be the moisturizer breaking me out. So if I just use the water for about a week and my skin clears up, I'll know it was the facial cleansing products-- and after a week I will go back to water only and introduce a moisturizer-- and if my face starts breaking out, i'll know it's the moisturizer. Either way it goes I think I'll just stick to water only for a while to see if this will calm my acne down, and, ultimately, eliminate it.

A bit about my face: acne acne acne everywhere....and did I mention more acne? It's not accutane severe, but it's severe to me. I get acne mostly on my they loooooove it there, the area where a unicorn horn would be, a colony on my forehead, some on the chin, and then a village on my back. They tried to habitate my neck and I'm like no...just no.

We'll see what happens. :) :( :) :( :) :( :)

Using only water is actually a miracle.
Reviewed on July 5, 2016

So, I'm a 21 year old male who throughout my teenage years did not suffer with acne at all. But recently I have stopped exercising (gym) and my diet is not as clean as it should be. Past few months I have broke out on my left side of my cheek and my right side is as clean as ever not one pimple in sight. I've started using sudocreme on that one left side etc, and many more of these products. But after a few months of using these I'm 100% sure that the left side is getting worse whereas I look on my right side and there's still no pimple in sight.

To conclude, I'm just going to leave my face alone now. No sudocreme in the night and just chuck Luke warm water over my face in the morning and in the night. I'm pretty sure cleansers and all that skin routine just doesn't work for Men?

I want to try it
Reviewed on June 28, 2016

I basically started today....

My current skin condition: a few burned patches caused by my recklessness because I used a harsh acne treatment on my face after an acne mask. I woke up with big, raw skin patches on both of my cheeks. Currently I am using Avene cicalfate on them and I see an improvement.

Small red bumps, 3 on my forehead and 2 on my right cheek and 2 whiteheads on my cheeks. My skin is combination and right now I'm close to my period and my exams so I'm kind of stressed...

That's what I want to do: wash my face only with water in the morning a few times per week and a mild exfoliation (yogurt with nutmeg) once a week or every two weeks.

Will it work?....

I really need an answer because my skin is in a rather good condition now (except for the burns) and I'm afraid of having to deal with a worse form of acne again....

by tbinybg on 07/01/2016 12:32
Read my review in the one star section. I just updated it this morning. I would be very careful about water only washing. I tried yogurt masks but they stung my face. Papaya masks exfoliate as well but are more gentle and healing.
Reviewed on June 15, 2016

Did this. HATED it and I don't have acne. I merely have congested skin...or HAD I should say.

Soap was invented hundreds of thousands of years ago. I personally need something to break the surface tension so that the oil built up in my pores can be released. You only need to wash your face 2x a day. Forget the treatments and toners & stuff. I think SA and BP are the reason so many of you are still struggling.

Get a bar of soap, and a washcloth. Use that and a gel like aloevera or nicinamide gel (I can have 5% niacinamide compounded at a pharmacy or you can buy a gel called Metazine 5%) and scrub with brown sugar a few times a week. (NOT BROWN SUGAR & LEMON JUICE UNLESS YOU WANT CYSTIC ACNE) Long to short: YOU'RE TRYING TOO HARD, BUT DON'T STOP CLEANING YOUR FREAKIN SKIN.

by KenHarrison on 06/16/2016 13:51
Everyone skin is different you are well uninformed of that, most people are on here doing this regime because before we only used water in our youth years coming up. but get a small blemish and want to try to correct it using soap or other, natural, none natural treatments, destroying our skin in the process. This why most people here in america have this problem, because we are told to use soap and etc which we really don't need but like i said everyone is different what might work for you might not work for someone else. but good luck and good morning