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Not Washing or Water Only
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Not Washing or Water Only


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Not Washing or Water Only

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Not Washing or Water Only

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how to wash your face properly
Reviewed on June 26, 2017

Wash your face twice a day. Use cetaphil soap. Use face tissue or disposable tissue to wipe your face and dont rub your face just be gentle to pat it dry. I never use towel to wipe my face dry coz' it feels rough. If i have a pimple, i use lipstick at night (non glossy lipstick, basically red lipstick), dont put too much. Its healing after a day. Dont pop your pimple to avoid more pimples to spread. Drinking a lot of water can help reduce pimples. Also calamansi or lemon juice with one tablespoon sugar in water. I Hope that this will help you reduce your face skin problems. Until now my skin keeps improving. Just be discipline to follow the steps. Just post your comments below if you have other concerns related to this.

by Goku Black on 06/27/2017 12:29
I Also discover alternative for lipstick. Try calmoseptine ointment on pimples. It helps reduce itch, redness and shrink pimples.
best thing i ever did..DON'T WASH YOUR FACE
Reviewed on June 20, 2017

omg i have tried a lot of products, a lot of natural routines (ESPECIALLY), and not washing my face with water has literally saved my skin. when i tried to go natural with yogurt, it helped my skin but i still got pimples. i tried the washing with water only, broke out lmao. epsom salt, same thing. i tried this natural tea tree oil serum, that helped my skin the most at the moment, but I was STILL GETTING PIMPLES. then, one day, i was lazy and i didnt wash my face at all (NO WATER). when i woke up, my pimples literally disappeared. i continued for a week and all my pimples VANISHED. literally VANISHED. my skin is 100% clear now. my forehead no longer has little bumps. the only thing i do now is a moisturizer every 2 days after i take a shower so my skin wont be so dry. and every week i use yogurt to gently exfoliate...but the main thing that fixed my skin was NOT WASHING WITH WATER. TRY IT!!! btw i have mostly dry skin with oily nose and sometimes oily tzone. idk if this would work with oily skin, but i no longer have oily forehead either.

Not Sure
Reviewed on June 12, 2017

Right now, on day 3 of only washing with water and no moisturizer and my skin has a few extra pimples and tiny tiny whiteheads in places I never normally breakout.

Am slightly worried by this but want to keep going because of the many positive reviews.

Is it normal for the skin to breakout at first?

by mrfringe on 06/18/2017 09:26
After 1 week: My skin has had a hair few breakouts. Mostly in the areas where I usually suffer (neck, just below the jaw line) however I've also seen a lot of small white heads forming in places I don't often have breakouts. The small white heads are pretty minimal in size and aren't usually inflamed. They are easy to deal with. I've had at least 3 big cystic-like ones on my neck though which haven't been nice. Despite the negatives, my skin hasn't felt overly dry or overly greasy, which has been lovely. Into week 2 now.... I will keep updating this for anyone interested.
by kuroe on 06/22/2017 12:13
Please do update! I have almost tried everything and nothing worked except contraceptives. But I really don't want to take that again. Please and thanks!
by mrfringe on 06/25/2017 09:55
After 2 weeks: My skin definitely had less breakouts that the first week. I still had a fair few whiteheads come up but they seemed to go away quickly. I had only one large spot come up and that is still under the skin. Yesterday I had to trim my beard and it today my face feels very sore. I also had to use a sponge to exfoliate as hair from my beard was sticking all over my face and neck. Since only washing with water the natural oils on my skin make little hairs and stuff stick to it which is quite annoying. Overall, I'd say my second week was a lot easier than my first but after having to trim my beard I do feel quite dry and sore. Also I ate something yesterday which I think might have broken me a little. So right now my skin looks a little rubbish but I will continue with this 'regime' into week three and post another update next week.
Reviewed on June 11, 2017

Every night right before going to bed I drink 3-4 large glasses of water. And in the morning my small acne and vanished and larger ones have deminished. Usually acne occurs from lack of water stress or over eating in sugar content.

my problems went from a 6 to a 0 /10 in a span of 4 days
Reviewed on June 5, 2017

i started having acne problems when i started using product about 3 years ago, but it didnt occur to me that using product was the problem. my face would get oilier and i tried to dry out my face as much as possible. its been 3 years testing everythingg, even hand soap which made my face hoorribly worse. now ive been just splashing water on my face and dabbing it with a dry towel and usually i would get around 3-4 new pimples around this time because my face likes to break out, but nothing! except my forehead is a little oily looking -- but im never going back to soaps.

I'm gonna give it a try.
Reviewed on May 16, 2017

After seeing many 5 star reviews here, I'm gonna give it a try.

My pimples on my cheek is starting to increase, I am 16 years old. But suddenly, I breakout a lot, like every week.

January 2016, I don't have any acne, not a single pimple, but since one appeared...I picked it, and that makes it the way it is now. I've been using face wash, and it doesn't get rid of it,'s worse and worst everyday until now. I'm a picker and I'm trying my best not to pick on my pimples. It's like a village of inflamed acne here on my cheek, I don't have any acne on my forehead, and my chin. So, I will give it a try and not to wash my face with any products but just water, I'll post an update soon in a week, or month.

Second update:

I can't keep my hands off my face, it was going great until.....ah, I keep touching my face and here we go, an inflamed ones. Couple of bumps on my face, annoying. I'll try my best not to disturb them and update more anytime soon.

by HalJord4n on 05/23/2017 20:37
It's been over a week. My skin looks much healthier, and I didn't get breakouts anymore. Dead skin cells all over my face and today at the morning, I tried cleaning all my dead skin with apple cider by wiping them off, now I look like I have inflamed pimples, it seems like it is already healing now. My acne is looking much better. I will be going to update more in a week.
I almost never wash my face!
Reviewed on May 31, 2017

I splash warm/hot water on my face to wash it. It opens the pores and gets out all the gunk without stripping my skin of its natural oils. I've always thought; that tight feeling that soap gives you has got to cause wrinkles later in life. I keep a moisurizing face wash in my shower, that I use about 2x a month. I use very little makeup on my skin as well, just enough to enhance but not smother my skin. I get one tiny pimple about once a month.

by Sunshinelovuh on 06/18/2017 03:12
What do you do to take off makeup??
by noona.nicole on 06/19/2017 02:34
Please answer sunshine's comment :)
Advice pls :(
Reviewed on May 13, 2017

Hi guys so I tried this caveman regimen for 2 wks. I only wash my face with tepid water twice a day. I can say that my face looks better now coz if I got new pimps they heal after 2 days and they are not big like before but right now my nose and some part of my cheeks are dry. It's super itchy... Is it dead skin cells? Idk how to exfoliate or get rid of this dead skin cells because I have red marks all over my face, yea they are acne marks. I'm afraid that if I scrub it with washcloth it may irritate my red marks. What should i do guys? Thanks!!

by chrt_mvc on 05/22/2017 17:19
I used cotton pads to exfoliate, I even used q-tips at first not to irritate my skin
by renee laliberte on 06/06/2017 00:00
my bestfriend gently uses a damp towel or cloth to exfoliate, and i read on here that your face goes through a 5 week cycle, so wait atleast a month and a half before giving up, and if u do have to give up consult a dermatologist. & for the drying part its normal, my face is getting dry too with just using water but thats ok! just try not to over-dry your face with water.
Try it it's worth it !!!!
Reviewed on May 5, 2017

Hi acne desesparates friends !

(First! srry for my mistakes i am french)

I want to began saying that this is the first review i've ever wrote... because i have to let the world know how much im shocked and happy to have finally found the methode that cleared my mild acne.

As far as i can remember, i've suffered from a mild acne form, mostly white heads.

And believe me when i say that i have tried everything! From chimic to natural to organic. Cream cleansers, OCM, gel cleansers, milk cleansers, essentials oils, clay and more.... The last thing that i've tried and that i tought could help me clear my face was finally the one and only thing that worked. NOT WASHING MY FACE .... crazy. All this time... was i the one making ma face breakout with all thoses products and steps? Lets just make something clear! This might not work for everyone but it's worth trying! In my case i've always thought that i had a oily skin... so i was always trying to clean my oily face with cleansers ... but i was juste making it worst !!!

The thing is that i actually have a deshydrated skin ! By cleaning it i was attacking my poor skin and i was taking off all the natural hydratation that it needed. Angry, my skin fought back by producing more oils !!. And u know the story...

Pores getting filled with oils, bacteria having a feast porn on my face ( srry for that ) giving birth to thoses ugly bastards called pimples.

With some researches on the subject, i realized that i was destroying my natural protection so i started washing my face with my cleanser only at night and with water in the morning. ( always following with my toner and some cream or oils.) My skin was better but not perfect yet. And i Wanted it perfect bcause yeah im that kind of person..... ( And so are u ok !! Don't judge) thats why u are at this point! Where u are wondering... should i stop washing my face... like ... completly stop?!. I mean.. do our monkeys anscestors had clear perfect face bcause they werent washing thier face at all! .. it make sens bcause its natural and my face should be able to take cafe of itself ?... plus most boys dont wash thier face and they have clear skin, right ? Maybe cleansers are just the result of a corrupted capitalist system that try to make money on our back by giving us acne with products and making us by more products to " get rid of it" but actually we are making it worst ? The answer is TOTTALY YES ! Because i've stop washing my face and every day, its getting better !!! I only use water and sometimes put aloes gel and my face is not oily anymore ! All my whites head disapeared! My skin look more radiant than ever ! My face look like a goddanm snapchat filter no lie ! ...

So try it ! Its worth it! It might not work but what do u have to loose ? I mean u already have acne right ? So give it a chance and maybe, like me, u will end up looking like a sparkling fairy ! Or a warrior in a shinning armor ( im not forgetting about u boys)

Good luck trying !!!

by Electra93 on 05/09/2017 10:37
What did you do exactly? Just not washing your face for how long?
Amazing regimen for face
Reviewed on August 1, 2016

I have suffered from acne since very long & tried various products to get rid of it but nothing worked . Then I came across caveman regimen & tried it.

I wash my face with only water in the morning basically just let water running through my face . I have been doing this from more than a month. At beginning days,face got oily but slowly oil got balanced. It got little worse before getting fine so don't worry & drink lots of water & maintain healthy diet. Also not touch your face at all.

So in between I got pimples like currently I have few because I used a homemade facial scrub which was my mistake . Other than that I have lots of acne scars. But I will continue washing my face with only water.

Update 17-2-2017

So I have been continuously doing this regimen & it is working really well. I do get some pimples here & there but not as big as I got before doing this regimen. Plus point is they got heel within a day or two. The only change I made with this regimen is that I started washing my face twice with water instead of once in a day. One thing I would like to mention here is if you are reading this & wanna try this method is don't touch your face ever. When you have to wash your face with water, wash your hands first with soap properly. I'll continue doing this regimen in future also.