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Not for everyone, but still try
Reviewed on November 20, 2014

I was at a training camp for a month. During that month, I had no time to use cleansers or stuff like that. I only occasionally rinsed my face with water and moisturized my face. I also swam everyday. We weren't allowed to wear any makeup. As the month progressed, I noticed my skin started to SIGNIFICANTLY clear up, but the some of other girls skin was breaking out. By the end of the month, my skin was the best it had been in years. But for some of the girls, that wasn't the case.

What I'm getting at is that this doesn't work for everyone. But there's no harm in trying it.

Caveman / Water only
Reviewed on November 5, 2014

Used everything, nothing worked.. you've heard it all before.

I stopped using everything… Just water… first few days slowly improved… week 3 got a few pimples and struggled to continue with using nothing… Then mid week three really cleared up. On day 35 now… Really happy. Still get the occasional pimple but thats fine… so much better than having lots of pimples / patches.

The hardest part is sticking with it.. the body really needs time to get rid of everything…

Im sticking with it.. have heard by 3 months skin is almost perfect.. also as well as improved clear skin, the skin tone is also evening out.

So i say hang in there, its tough but don't cave. Plus you save so much $$$$

ps used to believe it was food related.. but now i can eat anything (chocolate chips anything and I'm fine). Just let your body do what it needs too. Also the salty beach water helps too

Don't rush into it. Slowly taper off and should be success
Reviewed on November 3, 2014

Please excuse the length but you seriously HAVE to read this. I have been abusing my face for a little over a year now. I used every single kind've of treatment short of accutane: retinoids, Bp, SA, topical and oral antibiotics, chemical peels and an array of face washes. I believe acne is not in my genetics, for i would only get the occasional pimple here and there before i started using acne treatments. All of the crazy chemicals stripped my skin of it's acid mantle and changed the structure of the skin into that of someone who has acne. I gave the Caveman regimen a try about ten months ago. I guess my skin was wasn't ready for the sudden withdraw of the multiple harsh chemicals i was using, it went from moderate eyesore acne to big pustules of the likes i've never seen. I panicked and after like 3 days of not washing i went back to the vicious cycle. I slowly realized that any kind of chemical was not the way to go and whenever i tried to apply something basic like proactive or Sacylic acid, my skin immediately broke out in whiteheads, Kind've like it's way of telling me "Hey, Idiot! Don't put that crap on me!". I started only washing with water, which dried me out quite a bit. I then when and purchased Aveeno Naturals Daily Moisturizer. I stopped washing my face completely and used the moisturizer on the flakey skin i had. Results were wonderful. This is pretty much the official start of my caveman regimen. About 4 days in i noticed that my natural skin tone was returning and not that disgusting pale/red color that mad me cringe when i looked in the mirror. Though, every voyage is not without it's bumps. My skin is no where near perfect. I occasionally have to pop a pimple here and there but no where near the severity of when i was using cleansers. I now don't wash or apply anything other than a little moisturizer, and my skin looks better than it has in about a year or so. As for the flakes, they are my main concern, but they are dying down, and normal skin is returning. I used to have awful clusters of closed comedones that would horde gunk, but those are gone too. Follow what i've done precisely (minus the harsh chemicals of course) and you should have a similar experience :)

Reviewed on November 1, 2014

I only used this method for about 2 weeks, it left my skin unchanged and didn't help it improve in any way, shape, or form. I only did it because I had ran out of my face wash and was too lazy to get around to buying another one. i wouldn't recommend it to people who use makeup on a daily basis, for people who have severe acne, or for extremely oily skin. Instead, just use a gentle face wash like Cetaphil per example.

Reviewed on October 28, 2014

The' water only' method actually works wonderful i have been using products on my face to kill the bacteria and a non dairy strict diet and i would still break out badly i couldn't pin point what the cause was well i guess i was upsetting my body's production of healing itself by throwing chemicals on my skin.The only water method actually restored my body's cycle to work productively and i'm hoping good results as i follow this method . Basically what i do is: wash my hand then with warm water i wash face then i do it another time with warm water and then last time with cold water and i can honestly say that i'm feeling more alive then I've ever been when i was using all these products, i don't think we were to tamper with our bodies in the first place UNLESS IT CAN CURE CANCER!

It works for me
Reviewed on September 14, 2014

Important note: I never had acne to begin with.

The "water only" thing worked for me because I am allergic to any cleanser/moisturizer/exfoliant/toner/cream with 'sulphate' in it. After quitting and only using water (and a soft sponge to scrub off dead skin cells), my skin became clear. Modestly, I can get through months without a single blemish.

If you suspect that your acne is caused by allergies, try stopping for a while and seeing if it'd clear up. However, like previous posts before mine, if acne is coded in your genes (or you get a cyst at least once a month), don't try this.

seems great
Reviewed on September 11, 2014

but hard to control bacteria then.

it does help the skin relax and take a break from all chemicals usually used.

but bacteria seems to develop faster in that uncontrolled environment.

might be good for a couple of days.

Works for me!!
Reviewed on August 21, 2014

I've been suffering from acne for about five years. I had an ovarian cyst that erupted and just threw everything off. Ever since that I've been breaking out and my skin has been oily. I've tried nutragena, obgi nu-derm kit, baking soda facial, queen Helen mask, antibiotics etc. Taking vitamin D3 has helped w/ the oil on my face, so I still take that (for other reasons also!)

My face would eventually get use to these products and break out, or just break out the next day. So four days ago I stumbled on the caveman regimen and water only regimen. I tried the water only and it's been four days and my face is getting so clear! its crazy i only have three visible pimples and a few deep pimples that are disapearing. Dead skin is flaking off, and a scar I have is getting lighter! I bought tweezers to pull some purging acne build up out that pokes out of my skin. [i don't squeeze pimples or force ANYTHING OUT. It has to be hanging out due to purging.]

Things I use:

bought a 97 cent spray bottle from walmart (you need a clean bottle that had nothing in it)

bought cotton balls (thinking about switching to the cotton pads)

filtered water (I have a filter. Using bottled water may get expensive over time)

Only at night and the morning I spray my face with the water until my face is dripping. Then I wipe it down with the cotton balls. I spray my face again and wipe with the cotton balls. That's basically it! My face is clearing up and it's not as oily as before! It's only been three days and my face has greatly improved.

Use filtered water and not tap water. I think that makes a HUGE difference. Change your pillow case every couple of days, don't touch your face, and STOP using wash cloths and towels for your face! They hold bacteria. Just use cotton balls.

I hope this helps someone!

Water regimen
Reviewed on July 16, 2014

I am 15 started getting acne from stress in 7th grade since i squinted the entire year I put tons of sh*t on my face from honey baking soda sugar olive oil and used benzoyl peroxide pads with scacaid acid however you spell that sh*t and different cleansers that were clogging my pores anyways so i started this regimen about 4 months ago water 3 times a day but when of it because my skin tone was good but i still had acne and i was clogging my pores. Then i watched some youtube videos and i only shower in the morning and never wash my face and i had clogged pores at the beginning but trust me keep going i have tried this for 3 weeks and my skin is looking great just keep trying and you will get worse with alot of dead skin at first but thats because it is healing your skin i will post in another review in a couple of weeks i still have some pimples

I caved
Reviewed on June 4, 2014

Thought I'd give this a try after reading the love vitamin review of it but I caved (haha) after about 5 days because I just couldn't bare to not wear make-up. In the first few days I didn't really get any new spots and ones which had been forming before I started came to a head and disappeared much more quickly. It was actually surprisingly helpful for blackheads - I constantly have them on my nose and in the creases of my nose but when I stopped washing they pushed themselves out and now I have a lot less. HOWEVER when I came to washing, I found that the areas around my nose and above my mouth were covered in small itchy bumps like an angry rash, some of them whiteheads, and I think I may have got folliculitis as a result of my pores getting blocked from the oil build-up on my skin. So if you have oily skin you have been warned...But I guess I'm not really a fair judge because I didn't stick it out for the whole month.