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Gluten Free Diet


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Gluten Free Diet

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Gluten Free Diet

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It works!
Reviewed on January 12, 2015

Like some people here, I've had acne since I was 15 years old. Being 23 now, I've tried every over the counter cream and suffered many painful cysts. After reading some reviews for inositol, which is mostly for women with PCOS, I decided to give it a try. It helped significantly at first, but it wasn't enough. I still had the occasional cyst and white heads. Later, I discovered that my father is allergic to gluten and my mother is sensitive to it. This encouraged me to eliminate gluten from my diet for at least a week and see what my results would be. Today is day five of my gluten-free diet and my face has NEVER felt so smooth! My currents cysts are very flat and almost gone, and there are no new nodules on my face. There's also a difference in my level of energy and mood. Overall, I feel great! I'm still taking inositol because it helps, but that's it. I'm so glad something finally works!

Finally hope for a cure.
Reviewed on May 7, 2014

I have struggled with acne since I started breaking out in painful cysts around age 14 ( I am 20 now). Through the years, my acne has only gotten worse and I have found nothing to be of much help. I have gone to a dermatologist several times and have been prescribed several different topical gels, 2 different kinds of antibiotics, cortisone injections, etc. My mom is also an esthetician so I have had my share of facials, peels, masks, two different expensive acne skin care lines, and light therapy but nothing seemed to help. I finally decided as a last resort to start eliminating foods out of my diet, starting with gluten. After a week of no gluten, I noticed a significant change in my skin. Though it was not fully clear yet, all of the cysts were flat, not painful, and I hadn't developed hardly any new ones. I still had red spots from previous breakouts & the occasional zit that would clear up within a day. This was a huge improvement compared to the horribly painful cysts that covered my forehead and cheeks. I decided to eat a muffin one morning because I thought my clear skin was only due to starting birth control. I WAS WRONG. Within three hours of eating the muffin, I broke out into 8 new painful cysts with whiteheads all over my forehead. I haven't touch gluten since then which was about 3 days ago. So far, the cysts are starting to clear up slowly and I have not developed any new ones. If you've tried everything to no avail, I would definitely recommend this. I'm hoping to see more improvement as I stick strictly to the diet so we'll see!

Not for me
Reviewed on January 6, 2014

I have not touched gluten in two months now, but I'm still breaking out in cystic pimples. I used to have severe acne (a side-effect after coming off the pill), it's a lot better now but still moderate. I am also taking antibiotics at the moment and I think those are the reason why my acne is getting better, but since it's quite easy to stay away from gluten I don't see a reason not to do it. It's hard at first but as you get used to it, it's easy to stay away from bread, pasta, cookies... It's a healthy choice of life but I'm afraid it doesn't take away acne. Not for me, at least.

by amy62 on 01/24/2015 13:21
Try eliminating dairy. Gluten and dairy are the two main culprits so if eliminating gluten didn't solve your acne eliminating dairy might!
After 15 years, something finally worked
Reviewed on September 6, 2013

I've had acne since I was 15, and I'm now 30. For those 15 years I took antibiotics, used Differin, Retin-A, BP, salicylic acid, and anything else a doctor told me to try, for years at a time. Nothing worked and my skin was dry, sensitive, and I had painful acne that has left scars. I finally did an elimination diet (look it up, find a plan you can follow, then follow it to the letter) and my skin cleared up within two weeks. A month and a half later I added gluten back in to see if I broke out, and within 5 days I broke out all over my back and lower face, in really painful, inflamed red bumps. I took gluten out again, and within less than 2 weeks I was clear again. It's been close to 4 months now that I've been gluten-free and I've miraculously been acne free as well. I really hope some 15 year olds read this and save themselves a half of a lifetime of low self-esteem, scaring, expensive treatments, and general misery.

To those who say that gluten-free products are expensive: usually they aren't very healthy anyway, being high in sugar and other processed white grains like rice or corn, so just don't buy them! You can eat so many other things that nature already provided gluten-free, so skip the processed substitutes. Also, if you do want gluten free cereal and bread, it's going to be cheaper in the long run than prescription medications, over the counter creams, microdermabrasion for inevitable scarring, or laser treatment for leftover dark marks. Think of it that way.

Try it for a minimum of two months. You can make it that long, I promise. If you actually do it right, no cheating, you might get the miracle results I got too.

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Reviewed on January 10, 2013

After only a few days on gluten free diet, 90% of my acne is gone. Amazing, as I've had acne for last 17 years. It's the first time I feel confident enough in my skin to stop wearing foundation. And overall improvement in health doesn't heart, as in much more energy, balanced emotional and mental states, better digestion.

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Reviewed on June 5, 2012

I noticed an improvement in my skin within the first two weeks. After eight weeks my skin was almost completely clear.

Reviewed on May 6, 2012

Didn't work at all for me, and I have celiac disease.