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Egg White Mask


Egg Whites

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Egg White Mask

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Egg White Mask

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blackheads remover!!!!
Reviewed on November 27, 2015

i tried so many things for blackheads bt not worked so much. then i use the egg white tissue facial and wow!!! my blackheads are less visible and i have some large pores, they shrink!! that was a bonus for me!!! i used it once in 2 weeks and that does not dry my skin that much. it also helps to fade away the sun burns.

Works wonders for blackheads
Reviewed on November 6, 2015

Started using this about 2 months ago. I have millions of clogged pores that finally turned into blackheads. I used the body shop seaweed clay mask, however it was SOOOOO harsh and gave me hives. I then got a facial from the lady that does my eyebrows and she steamed my face and used this. the next morning my blackheads turned into tiny pimples and my pores were smaller + my skin was soooo smooth. I have been using this for the past 2 months and i would say my skin is sooooo smooth. Still have blackheads but with this it usually extracts themselves.

This is drying, so make sure you use a moisturiser afterwards. Works best after steaming face.

by oyinkan98 on 11/06/2015 02:39
How long do I have to leave it on my face?
by Chloe123 on 11/06/2015 05:07
@oyinkan98 you can use it until it dries up. I use it for 15min, i've never gone over. You will know when to wash it off because it will harden like clay masks.
by Chloe123 on 11/06/2015 05:07
@oyinkan98 you can use it until it dries up. I use it for 15min, i've never gone over. You will know when to wash it off because it will harden like clay masks.
Reviewed on August 28, 2015

I decided to try this mask out and thank god I did!! I usually make a few eggs for my lunch every few days so I decided to take the whites from one of the eggs and use it with some honey as a mask.

I whipped the whites till they were frothy, and added a squirt of honey

then applied it to my face and using tissues on top. make sure to split apart the tissues so they are thin.

I did about 3 layers and let it sit for an hour. It got really hard and then I slowly pulled off the tissues.

My skin was so soft! and the blackheads on my nose were noticeably less! Yeah they aren't all gone but there are less for sure!

Ive been doing this every other day for a week and I LOVE IT!!!

not for me
Reviewed on August 21, 2015

It did get those pesky blackheads out of the creases of my nose. Its a cheap alternative to buying a mask cream. I wouldnt do it again because my red areas that had gone away with previous scrub treatments and washing my face with clinique 3 step. Now im red again. And i have a lil hickey mark on the top part of my nose.

Not for me
Reviewed on August 6, 2015

Didn't really notice a difference sadly... but worth a shot - only thing that scares me about this is the info about "animal protein" in eggs being bad to put on your face b/c bacteria = more breakouts and irritation etc... I'd stick to other natural remedies NOT from animals, except for natural plain greek or other-style yogurt which I love for face masks!

Changed my life
Reviewed on June 3, 2015

Started this about 3 months ago.. But using tissue as well to peel off..

I had adult acne and cysts in my cheeks.. My whole chin and cheeks were covered and every pore was a blackhead..

I done this twice and my entire face cleared up.. I could say I've gotten less spots in 3 months than in one week before.. I went a bit overboard at the start and done it too much and dried my face out.. But I now do it every 2 weeks and its ye perfect balance.

Basically you get tissue and split the sheet so it's really thin.. Cut it to pieces for your face as cheeks.. T zone.. And your chin!!

Then you get a whisked egg white and pretend it's glue and glue the tissue to your face..

Wet your face with egg.. Stick the tissue and pat it (so you don't break the tissue) with more egg..

Then cover your whole face in egg.. I usually do 3 layers (mind the tissue)

The tissue shouldn't be visible.. If it is. You have used too much..

Let it dry.. Takes a half an hour..

Then when it's Rock hard. Peel it off..

You will actually not believe what you see. The contents of every pore on your face is on the tissue.. Millions of dots.. Some massive blackheads..

If you do it in natural light you can really see it..

Your pores can't get blocked if there is nothing in them..

My pores have shrunk to almost nothing as well!

This is really really unbelievable

Reviewed on May 27, 2015

i seriously never review anything online- I read reviews all day and night but I never actually post them on my own. This mask actually worked very well for me after one use! Let me give you some background on me:

I am 19 years old and I have struggled with very painful acne since I was about 14 or 15. I typically only break out on my forehead and get very painful cysts/whiteheads in between my eyebrows- it's awful. In the past year or so, I've also started to break out on my chin with the same kind of painful cysts. I've never had acne that didn't hurt like hell. I have tried everything from harsh chemical treatments like Proactiv when I was younger to gentle cleansers to even just using water and coconut oil(which worked the best for a while). I have pretty oily skin as well. I've put every ingredient, fruit, vegetable, oil, etc on my skin that you could imagine. In the past couple of weeks, I started birth control that is supposed to help with acne, but this week it is much worse than ever. Last night I had horrible, painful acne all between my eyebrows and I decided to try to egg white treatment on a whim. I took a shower and soaked my acne in a hot compress for about 10 minutes, then I got out and washed my face. I separated the yolk from the egg and took my egg white into the bathroom. I folded a piece of toilet tissue, dipped it into the egg white and started to spread it over only my acne. I decided not to do it on the rest of the face because I didn't want it to break me out in any other places if I had adverse side effects. I left it on my skin for about 25 minutes, then I washed it off with lukewarm water. It did begin to feel itchy at the end, but nothing unbearable. Immediately after, my skin looked way less red then it did before. This morning I woke up and the pain was practically gone! Now the pimples are still there, but much less noticeable and much less painful. I'm going to try the mask one more time tonight and see what happens tomorrow! My face is also GLOWING! Despite my pimples I didn't even want to put on makeup today because my face felt very fresh. Try this out! Nothing has ever given me real results with the exception of raw honey. I can't want to try this mixed with the honey. Give it a try! :)

by just be careful on 08/05/2015 00:13
she/ he (V32 user) copied the post above looks like a scam... User tttt3 and v32 = same user...
Favorite acne remedy
Reviewed on May 5, 2015

I was in my eighth grade health class and my teacher had told us about this remedy. She said, "I can probably count the amount of pimples I've had in my entire life". Hearing this from an adult I trusted, I decided to try it. Her specific directions were to apply as many coats of egg whites to your face as necessary with a makeup brush. Leave that on for about 15-20 minutes before rinsing off with warm water and optionally using your favorite face wash. She told us to follow up by rubbing an ice cube on our face to make the pores close/tighten. I've found it also helps to use a face moisturizer afterward. I've definitely noticed a difference. I do this every Monday night. I would definitely suggest this remedy to anyone with an acne problem.

by Harrah on 09/23/2015 23:03
Do u use cube or warmwater in the final period?
Defiantly going to try egg on my face!
Reviewed on February 9, 2015

I am 26 now but as a child a total tard/klutz and CUT OFF the tip of my finger while in the care of a crazy gypsy baby sitter.. She cracked an egg and because it was only the very tip of my finger placed the tip back on peeled the thin skin layer out of an egg and placed it over my severed an re-attached finger tip! I thinking that she was INSANE waited eagerly for my mother with a paper towel over the tip holding it on as the baby sitter had instructed. When my mother got home still holding the tip of my finger tightly in the paper towel screamed "MOM, MOM, MOOoooM I cut the tip of my finger off!" I pulled away the paper to show her and to my surprise the finger tip was sealed back into place! I No scab, nothing but a tiny whit circle where it had been bleeding and cut. I have a perfect circular scar on that tip to this day and mild numbness at the tip but it is/was completely healed! My mother thought I was insane but I have never forgotten to this day that little trick.. Just in case my own child ever happens "Hopefully not " but if he does something so stupid like chopping an apple with a butcher knife. I will know what to do. :] Having read most of the reviews on these "Egg mask" ideas in my reading I have noticed a similar theme. Although I have not tried this I have heard some face types have been broke out worse. I believe that the amount of bacteria on the face in eggs or hands may be most likely the culprit. Before and after the mask washing face/hands might help with break outs after use. I am attempting to find my nearest Safety choice Pasteurized egg supplier and try this wonderful Idea. Using pasteurized eggs MAY very well make a HUGE difference in safety as well as lower the break out and bacteria risks. EGGS ARE AMAZING! :p

by Harrah on 09/23/2015 23:08
I am finding a safe way of using eggs masks to treat pores. Can you send that instruction?
Works ok to make skin smooth
Reviewed on January 2, 2015

I have blackheads on my face, not huge pores, but I do have a lot. I read that this would pull them out, so I was disappointed when none of my black heads were removed after doing this, however; this did make my skin glow and left my face feeling smooth. I love to do this mask and then my makeup, it leaves me looking clear. All you do is separate the egg white from the yolk, use a old makeup brush (a clean one) to spread it onto your face, then once the first layer is finished drying grab some toilet paper and place it on your face, applying another layer of the egg white , wait about 30 minutes and you're all good . (: This also did not irritate my skin at all, good for all in my opinion.

by MissBinx on 06/03/2015 22:33
Read my comment above.. This is how it works.. Trust me!!