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Egg White Mask


Egg Whites

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Egg White Mask

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Egg White Mask

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Favorite acne remedy
Reviewed on May 5, 2015

I was in my eighth grade health class and my teacher had told us about this remedy. She said, "I can probably count the amount of pimples I've had in my entire life". Hearing this from an adult I trusted, I decided to try it. Her specific directions were to apply as many coats of egg whites to your face as necessary with a makeup brush. Leave that on for about 15-20 minutes before rinsing off with warm water and optionally using your favorite face wash. She told us to follow up by rubbing an ice cube on our face to make the pores close/tighten. I've found it also helps to use a face moisturizer afterward. I've definitely noticed a difference. I do this every Monday night. I would definitely suggest this remedy to anyone with an acne problem.

Defiantly going to try egg on my face!
Reviewed on February 9, 2015

I am 26 now but as a child a total tard/klutz and CUT OFF the tip of my finger while in the care of a crazy gypsy baby sitter.. She cracked an egg and because it was only the very tip of my finger placed the tip back on peeled the thin skin layer out of an egg and placed it over my severed an re-attached finger tip! I thinking that she was INSANE waited eagerly for my mother with a paper towel over the tip holding it on as the baby sitter had instructed. When my mother got home still holding the tip of my finger tightly in the paper towel screamed "MOM, MOM, MOOoooM I cut the tip of my finger off!" I pulled away the paper to show her and to my surprise the finger tip was sealed back into place! I No scab, nothing but a tiny whit circle where it had been bleeding and cut. I have a perfect circular scar on that tip to this day and mild numbness at the tip but it is/was completely healed! My mother thought I was insane but I have never forgotten to this day that little trick.. Just in case my own child ever happens "Hopefully not " but if he does something so stupid like chopping an apple with a butcher knife. I will know what to do. :] Having read most of the reviews on these "Egg mask" ideas in my reading I have noticed a similar theme. Although I have not tried this I have heard some face types have been broke out worse. I believe that the amount of bacteria on the face in eggs or hands may be most likely the culprit. Before and after the mask washing face/hands might help with break outs after use. I am attempting to find my nearest Safety choice Pasteurized egg supplier and try this wonderful Idea. Using pasteurized eggs MAY very well make a HUGE difference in safety as well as lower the break out and bacteria risks. EGGS ARE AMAZING! :p

Works ok to make skin smooth
Reviewed on January 2, 2015

I have blackheads on my face, not huge pores, but I do have a lot. I read that this would pull them out, so I was disappointed when none of my black heads were removed after doing this, however; this did make my skin glow and left my face feeling smooth. I love to do this mask and then my makeup, it leaves me looking clear. All you do is separate the egg white from the yolk, use a old makeup brush (a clean one) to spread it onto your face, then once the first layer is finished drying grab some toilet paper and place it on your face, applying another layer of the egg white , wait about 30 minutes and you're all good . (: This also did not irritate my skin at all, good for all in my opinion.

Reviewed on December 29, 2014

Made my face feel nice and tight at first but then it would break me out slightly more

Did not help.
Reviewed on December 9, 2014

I only used this once, with one organic brown egg white. I used my fingers and spread it all over my face. At first it felt good, because it tightened and I felt a sort of tingling sensation. I left it on for ten minutes, but it still wasn't dry yet, so I waited until it was dry and tried to peel it off like many people said to online. However, it was so flaky that it came off in tiny tiny pieces, and I felt like a layer of my skin came off with it too! My normally oily skin was really dry, itchy, and red, and my pimples were worse. I have not done it since, and I will never because of the horrible results.

Day 1 - used treatment twice
Reviewed on October 30, 2014

I have to say there are a lot of posotive reviews and negative, my opinion is that it is great and works fast. Leaves your skin smooth but only few spots gone. But this is only day one tommorow i will write up my response of how my skin has reacted after 1 night. But overall so far : BRILLIANT :)

Makes my skin worse
Reviewed on October 30, 2014

When I wear this masking does make my skin tight and smooth. That's why I have used it quite a few times, but I noticed afterwards it made my skin breakout the next day. It has the same exact effect on my bestfriend. I believe it is the animal protein that makes the acne react in this way. So I would suggest someone to try it one time (because it is a Really great mask), but if you notice your skin breaking out stop using it. Coffee grounds have been the best acne exfoliate for my face and body so far. If you can't fine anything that works try that! It is what I'm going to suggest to my YouTube subscribers actually. (:

really nice
Reviewed on October 20, 2014

i do this mask twice a week, i cover my face with the whites, apply thin toilet paper, and cover my face again and wait 30 minutes before peeling the paper off. it really softens my skin and reduces my redness, plus removes blackheads, scars, and controls oily skin (which i have). id recommend this mask to anyone. try iiitttt !!!!!!

The BEST natural treatment you can ever find!!
Reviewed on October 14, 2014

I love it!! It works so good for me, it tightens my skin and my pores are visibly reduced after just less than a month of wearing the masks!! Also, it works well on acne and decreases the redness of acne, controlling breakouts at the same time. I would definitely recommend this to everyone!! It just works so good!!

Acne tips
Reviewed on September 14, 2014

Egg white mask works. But you must clean your face well, before applying the mask. People who suffer from acne, use Neutrogena bar of soap. Neutrogena has special bars soap for your skin type. I found the bar soap is better than liquid form.

Leave egg white mask for 15-20 minutes. After the processes of the mask, then clean your face with warm water. When face has been wash. You always want your pores to close, in order of preventing pimples from breeding in there. After face has been wash, immediately use chilled witch hazel to help shrink pores and as well cleanse the face area. There are different egg white mask. Look on the internet which would work for your type of skin.

To keep skin moisturizer, use natural oils. If you use a product from the store can cause your acne to flare. I found pumpkin seed oil put moisture in your skin. You can buy pumpkin seed oil in gel pill form. Apply the amount that is needed for your skin. When it has absorb in skin. Then apply Sunscreen to face and neck. Must becareful which sunscreen you use. Kiss My Face sunscreen is more natural.

Aloe is good to heal acne flares just consistently rub on area every day. It will do the job. So, that you won't be bored. Do this procedure when watching TV. When face heals, use key lime juice freshly squeezed and rub several of layers of juice on face. It will help close pore and whiten dark spots on face. You will have to wash your face afterwards. You will see the glow on your face.

I had terrible acne and my face has cleared from using natural elements. If people breakout you must make sure your face is very clean. Clean pillowcases help, change pillowcases every day. Keeping pores from getting clogged which cause acne.

Also, if you have serve acne drink a gallon a purified water a day. Stay away from greasey food. Eat healthy to balance hormones levels. Unbalanced hormones can cause acne. You will see the change after 3 weeks.

I hope all this info help you.