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Aspirin Mask


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Aspirin Mask

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Aspirin Mask

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give it a try!
Reviewed on September 9, 2014

I was a bit skeptical of trying an acne mask but I finally decided to try it after nothing else seemed to work. Immediately, my skin was less red and felt much smoother. It occasionally helps to decrease the size of existing cysts. I use some aspirin tablets (5-7 for entire face), some water and a tsp of raw organic honey. I've been using the mask about two times a week for 3 weeks now. It's cheap and harmless!

by IndyaF on 10/18/2014 13:01
How long did you keep it on?
by girlanachronism on 01/31/2015 04:25
I keep it on overnight, by the way!
by Ameliox on 02/17/2015 16:26
Try to take Aspirin or Ibuprofen internally. If it was useful topically, you should take the medicine internally, too. It decreases inflammation.
by girlanachronism on 04/09/2015 04:11
Thx, Ameliox for the advice! I take Ibuprofen often, as I suffer from severe migranes. Never attributed the use of the anti-inflammatory to helping rid of my acne. However, I take Niacin at 300mg nightly and have noticed awesome results. Thanks again for the advice!!
Great, but don't use too much.
Reviewed on March 28, 2015

I really do like this mask. It's not a miracle, but it works. However, it can be very drying to skin. I put it on after my shower and throw in some raw honey. I notice that after letting it sit for about 15-30 minutes & then rinsing it off that my skin looks better and the size of any bumps on my face are largely reduced. I follow up with a moisturizer. I have VERY sensitive skin and this didn't irritate my skin at all but I have noticed that without the honey it really dries out my face. Also, overuse can be bad because it will eventually stop working.

by GreenScorpion on 05/19/2015 01:08
did the mask make your face itch?
amazing mask!
Reviewed on March 28, 2015

used this today, i already see and feel the results. my redness is nearly gone and the irritating zit i had has shrunk in size and hurts a lot less. although the mask feels horrible (i wanted to scratch it off), it sure does work good! id say give it a go.

i made it using water got it, aspirin! nothing else. i simply let 4 aspirins soak in warm water for 10 minutes and it became a chunky paste, applied it, waited 15 minutes, and rinsed off with warm water. make sure to moisturize after, it can dry out the skin pretty bad.

Waste of time
Reviewed on December 9, 2014

Aspirin does not contain salicylic acid. The compounds making up salicylic acid are in the same family (salicylates), but that doesn't mean they act the same. It doesn't suddenly metabolize and turn into salicylic acid. If anything, you might get a chemical burn depending on what you mix with the aspirin.

by Ashley545 on 02/27/2015 12:03
I was thinking the aspirin mask was used as an anti-inflammatory, instead of drying out pimples.
by SimplyTruth on 05/27/2015 07:20
This post is inaccurate. Here is a link to an article from a well-trusted source to disprove this statement. [link removed] "Another key way aspirin can change your skin for the better is by preventing breakouts. The acetylsalicylic acid in aspirin is a close relative of salicylic acid, which dermatologists recommend in the treatment of acne. Though the compounds aren't quite the same, some people swear by aspirin masks to calm that big, red zit. Yes, that means simply crushing aspirin and mixing it with a few drops of water to make an acne spot treatment. It can reduce that nasty I-word (inflammation) and remove oil and dead skin cells, just like an exfoliating product. Check with your dermatologist first."
by sarahcoogan6 on 07/26/2015 17:35
I made aspirin in chemistry class. It does contain salicylic acid
by sarahcoogan6 on 07/26/2015 17:35
I made aspirin in chemistry class. It does contain salicylic acid
by sarahcoogan6 on 07/26/2015 17:35
I made aspirin in chemistry class. It does contain salicylic acid
by sarahcoogan6 on 07/26/2015 17:35
I made aspirin in chemistry class. It does contain salicylic acid
please help
Reviewed on November 26, 2014

can i use aspirin gastro resistant tablets IP 75mg ecosprin 75 for face mask

by atroposofnothing on 04/14/2015 23:16
I wouldn't recommend it. Ecosprin has a statin ingredient, and if it's "gastro-resistant" it also has a coating to keep it from irritating the stomach. These ingredients may not be harmful for your skin, but better safe than sorry---especially considering how inexpensive plain, non-coated aspirin is.
Spot treatment
Reviewed on November 11, 2014

I don't often use the aspirin as a whole face mask, but rather as a spot treatment. Shrinks spots and kills the redness like a charm. Very drying of course, so I use this method sparingly… but it's cheap and effective!

Super Aspirin Mask recipe
Reviewed on September 8, 2014

I tried an aspirin mask for the first time several months ago and loved the effect: reduces redness, deflates existing acne, preventative. I've incorporated it into a mask I already use that I find to be good for acne, and I wanted to share the recipe:

1) Combine an egg white (tightening) and a few drops of eucalyptus and tea tree oil in a bowl. If you'd like, whip it for a few minutes to thicken the egg white.

2) Crush a clove of garlic (I use a mortar and pestle) with powdered aspirin (I use Goody's powder aspirin with caffeine)

3) Combine the two in a container you can refrigerate. Add a tsp of honey (anti-bacterial)

4) If you'd like to thicken it for a nicer mask consistency, add up to 2 tsp of pectin (the kind of you don't need to heat) and let sit for 30 minutes.

Advisory: Make sure to refrigerate this, because of the egg. I'm not sure how long it lasts but certainly don't go past 2 weeks with it in the fridge, and try to use it in a week. The crushed garlic lets off some fiesty fumes, and on the whole, the combo of egg, garlic and tea tree oil makes this a rather stinky mask. The smell washes off, but I have to keep my eye closed for a few minutes while this is on until the garlic fumes air off. I use this time to do some stretches :)

I leave this on for about 15 minutes. I like using this mask all over the face because it both spot treats and helps to stave off any latent breakouts. This is a lifesaver for me when I'm ovulating or am pre-menstrual.

Reduces Redness
Reviewed on July 31, 2014

I woke up one day with a huge cyst on my cheek and applied crushed asprin to it. Immediately, the bump became less red, but it didn't go away. Asprin works to reduce redness on me, but not so much get rid of the pimple.

Reviewed on June 4, 2014

I used Alka seltzer all I had at the desperate hour , It has aspirin in it along with other things like citric acid ,paracetamol , sodium some natural lemon according to the back of the box and caffeine in this particular one.

I used 3 or 4 as added too much water for 2 but turned into a paste and quickly put it on my face whilst it was still bubbling away.

Tingled but in a good way didn't sting or burn ( I kept away from eye area and under nose)

Couldn't believe within the space of 5 mins the two under-the skin cyst type ones on my chin had practically shrunk by half and started to reduce in redness. I rinsed off with cold water and my skin felt the softest it has ever felt , so much red had been taken away and quite a few of my black heads had come to surface on my chin and nose ( the kind that have been there for years and never really go away) there's still tons but it defiantly brought a few to surface.

My skin didn't feel dry after but I did it again and felt a little dry but no more than washing face with general cleansing wash would.

This all happened tonight to I'm going to do it for a few nights and see if it improves over as so far results seem great.

I'm not sure if the fact I used alka seltzer made a difference rather than using straight aspirin but I would recommend trying!

Its the best exfoliate and best home remedy for my mild-moderate acne with oily sensitive skin!


An aspirin mask is the closest thing to a professional chemical peel
Reviewed on March 4, 2014

As chemical peels go, salycilic acid peels are some of the most common. & guess what.. salycilic acid is a major component of aspirin! I've applied 3 peels over the course of a month. I've almost completely removed all of my acne scars from middle school. A few days after the first peel I was skeptical because my skin was dry, red, and peeling, but after a week it's worth it. Be careful around eyes and sensitive skin because an aspirin mask is similar to chemical peels applied in a dermatologists office. Remember it will get worse for a few days before it gets better, but its worth it!