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Apple Cider Vinegar (as a drink)


Apple Cider Vinegar

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Apple Cider Vinegar (as a drink)

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Apple Cider Vinegar (as a drink)

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ACV is a Miracle Worker
Reviewed on April 26, 2015

I'm a 17 years old girl and I've always had clear skin with the occasional hormonal pimple. A few months ago, I started to get really bad cystic acne on my cheeks and chin. I felt horrible and I didn't want to go outside. I didn't want to put make up in either because it just made my face look dry and horrible. I tried so many different face washes and lotions but nothing helped and some actually made me break out worse. I felt like nothing was helping. Then about a week ago I came across a video on YouTube about how Apple Cider Vinegar helped cute acne. So I thought why not give it a shot. I started using the CeraVe facial cleanser twice a day and then apply Heinz ACV all over my face. I also would drink about 2 tbs with a tiny bit of water after breakfast and dinner. I stopped using lotion because I have naturally combo/oily skin and I felt that it helped reduce break outs but maybe that's just me. After about a week, I saw a huge change in my skin. I didn't get any new break outs and my scars were starting to fade. Hopefully after a month or so my skin will be clearer. I think the 2nd main thing that really helped my acne to clear up is competely cutting out sugar from my diet.

MEN who struggle with acne - take heart.
Reviewed on April 15, 2015

I don't usually write reviews but I felt compelled to write this one. I'm a 28 year old (very active) male, who has been dealing with acne for the past 10 years straight. Recently, I've been dealing with big, cyst-like pimples that don't graduate to a whitehead and hang out for awhile. I have used everything to treat it, and have been to multiple dermatologists. Some of the remedies I have used/tried over the years include Accutane, antibiotics (a couple types), prescription topical treatments including creams and dabbers, oregano oil, Proactiv and all all of the over the counter products containing benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. The Accutane, and possibly the antibittics worked temporarily, but my skin would return to its tainted form. Everything else was almost pointless as my skin would adapt quickly and become resilient. My skin condition would also really affect my confidence unfortunately and would literally ruin my life. I didn't want it to own me mentally like it did, but I couldn't help it.

So, after years of trying all these things, and not wanting to take the antibiotics that my dermatologist said was the only option I had (medically), I came across people's YouTube videos and posts on this site about Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). I had already tried other natural remedies like Oregano Oil after some people raved about it, but it rendered pointless for me. But, I thought I had nothing to lose, so I went out and bought the Bragg's brand ACV.

I started by taking one tablespoon orally; either mixed with water, or like a shot and chased it with water. I would also take it topically by using 50% water to 50% ACV and a cotton pad. I would let it sit on my face for 10-15 minutes before bed only. It would sometimes leave a red mark on my face but would go away eventually, definitely by the am. So, it has been almost two months now, and the results have been promising. I don't worry about acne anymore! I got one or two pimples on my face the day after or two days after starting (which were probably on their way anyway as I was going through a rough patch), but besides that the skin on my face is clear!

I will SOMETIMES get one on the back of my neck, or somewhere inconspicuous like my back or chest, but I don't worry too much about those as my face is really what I care about. They are also few and far between. They are probably due to the fact that since my skin has cleared up, I've been having more cheat meals; eating a ton of Ben and Jerry's and what have you (I need the calories).

I don't really know the reason for the success. I've read about how ACV balances your skins PH levels when taken topically. I also noticed when I used it topically on pimples I already had, they would shrink and/or come to a whitehead faster than normal. I also noticed that it helped with my digestion considerably. This led me to wonder if my acne was due to some stomach/digestion problems. This YouTube video sort of corroborates this possibility (https://[link removed] The only precautions I have would be when you drink it, it is probably preferred that you mix it with water. When you swallow, try to get it straight down your esophagus without having it splash around you mouth. Apparently it is not good for teeth enamel. When applying it to your face, absolutely dilute it at least 50/50 ACV to water. Then, if you want a stronger concentration of ACV later on you can add more, but I highly doubt you will need to. I've also read the importance of buying ACV that has the "mother" in it. Bragg's has been the most prominently suggested brand and I just buy it from Superstore (common grocery store).

Anyways, this stuff, for me, has been legit. I still use the exact treatment methods (one tablespoon orally/topically applied at night) as when I started. If you're reading this and you're having a rough go, I'm telling you it is definitely worth a chance. I bet you'll see results in the first 2 weeks but give it a solid month. Not having acne has changed my life. This may sound strange but I feel like I'm finally able to develop into myself. I know most people don't let acne bother them, but I had some bad breakouts, for a solid 10 years. Life isn't perfect, but not having to worry about acne is a huge blessing.

Ok, thats the end of my rant. All the best to everyone out there.

Reviewed on April 12, 2015

Wow, straight up its been like a month and i don’t even worry about waking up with acne anymore, not only this my skin is well balanced and i think over time i have found a miracle cure

Morning and night after shower i pour maybe 30 mls of my ACV mix – 30% ACV 70% water, into my hand and splash/rub it over my face.... FAST EASY and smell disipears after like 30 seconds

I also take 1 Tablespoon of ACV DILUTED!! in a BIG cup of water before breakfast and dinner

I don’t use facewash anymore, i don’t trust the dodgy chemicals in it. (well thats a lie, once a week i use a commercial facewash)

BEST SKIN EVER cost maybe $1 a week!! AND its natural

Liquid Gold
Reviewed on March 19, 2015

This stuff has changed my liiiiiifee, no joke. I'll spare you the 20 min intro where I talk about how long I've had acne, that I've tried everything under the sun, blah blah blah. All that's really important is that there comes a time where you are SICK of dealing with acne and are determined to find something that works. Low and behold, ACV! If you think your acne may be hormonal or diet related I highly suggest you try this.

I started drinking Bragg's ACV (diluted, of course - 1 tbs to a glass of water, 2x a day) a little over a month ago. The first couple weeks, I purged like crazy - it sucked. BUT - if you think about it, it makes perfect sense - ACV detoxifies your blood and organs so all the built up toxins inside your body have to come out somehow - i.e the skin, or waste (which I experienced as well, not fun). After the initial purging phase my skin began to clear, and I got that "glow" that everyone talks about. Don't get me wrong, I still breakout. But they are MUCH less frequent and smaller than what I was used to. The best part is, you know those tiny under the skin bumps which you try to pop and they would then turn into huge zits? I had a ton of those, especially along my jawline and cheeks - they are DISAPPEARING! Slowly, but surely - which gives me hope that in a couple more weeks my skin will be completely clear with no "hiding" acne :) I also started using this as a topical toner, but that will be another review!

Definitely recommend trying this AND sticking it out for at least a few weeks before you decide if it's for you.

One last note - I was initially drinking 2 tbs, 2x a day and I was getting pretty bad stomach pains. I cut down to 1 tbs/2x a day and all symptoms diminished :) play around a bit with the ratios and good luck!

truely is a miracle cure
Reviewed on January 4, 2015

I never usually write reviews however felt I should share my experience.

I was a fortunate teenager and didn't suffer with acne for a long period of time - maybe for a few months on 2 occasions during my teen years but it went away on its own and throughout my early 20s my skin was pretty good.

mid-twenties i started to get acne all around my jaw line and cheeks. it generally been fluctuating over the last 3 years and more recently became worse with a number of red papules and pustules.

I started using organic apple cider vinegar (braggs) 4 weeks ago - 1 tea spoon diluted in water morning and night, and one tea spoon with 4-5 teaspoons of water to apply topically on my skin twice a day. Ive also been using castor oil every day as a moisturiser for the last 2 weeks.

When initially using apple cider vinegar - i definately got some 'purging' - lots of new pustules over the first 10 days which were easy to pop and did not scar significantly. definatley has settled in the last 2 weeks.

Over the last 7 days, I can honestly say my skin hasnt looked this good in ages - i have no new spots, my scars are fading and i finally feel like i have a normal face again and can go out with only a thin layer of foundation to hide the scars.

I would definately recommend at least trying apple cider vinegar out and castor oil for moderate acne.

good luck all.

Reviewed on December 14, 2014

It's very effective though I need to suffer from "purging" days. Hehehe. It's all in the process after all. I've been using it for almost a month and I can clearly say that it helps. At first, it has this tingling or stinging sensation but it disappear afterwards. I use it as a regular toner at night and sometimes during the day, if I'll just stay at home. :) But when my menstruation week is about to come and/or about to end, 1-2 pimples will appear and I guess it's normal. I tried to drink a glass of water with 1-2 tbsp of ACV, but I didn't last long since I'm not used to the taste of it. But you can try it if you want. :) I feel refreshed whenever I use ACV as my toner. I even use yogurt with a mixture of 1 tbsp of honey and 1-2 tsp. of lemon (after I use ACV toner). I use it as a face mask and I'll leave it overnight. It works for me since yogurt mask also helps in healing pimple marks as well as dark spots. You can try to use my advice but I'know that it won't work for everyone. But you've got nothing to lose since I also experienced in having doubts if these stuffs will be helpful or not. Just try and even better, have a proper and balanced diet. I did not eat too much oily and fatty foods for a week, and honestly, I recognized that I didn't have any pimples for a week especially when I continue to use ACV and yogurt-honey-lemon mask :)

I'll continue doing this and maintain proper health. I hope my advice will somehow help you. :)

so far so good
Reviewed on December 12, 2014

so im 17 and about 2 months ago cystic acne showed up covering my cheeks. nothing has worked my next go to was accutane but I decided to try acv before all those harmones. It's been 5 days and my cystic zits are starting to come to a yellow head and I think thats called purging I drink it twice a day and apply it as toner I hope it continues to work!

Love it
Reviewed on November 11, 2014

I've suddenly gotten moderate acne about 3 years ago (i was 22 at the time). I never understoond why this was happening but I think i've figured it out now.

I probably have a candida overgrowth in my body, which can cause acne (and a bunch of other symptoms like dandruf etc). I always thought candida was a genetal thing, but getting thrush is just one of the symptoms (that I'v luckily never experienced). I read that drinking ACV clears the yeast infection from your body so that's what I've been doing for over a week now. I can't tell you how excited I am! It works wonders, all the additional symptoms I had from the candida are getting less and less. My skin is now in the purging phase, which actually gives me hope that it's doing wonders. My skin has gotten better, apart from the few extra zits I've got from the purging.

I drink 2 shots a day, and apply topically only on the pimples. I havent been using it as a tonic since I'm convinced my acne has an internal source. I would recommend anyone on here, to check for other symptoms [link removed] because unexplained acne can mean you have a candida overgrowth just like 65% of America.

So far it seems to be making a difference...
Reviewed on August 3, 2014

...I think acv has contributed to reducing the inflammation of my acne and helped with digestion discomfort, I will update this if it seems to be a placebo. I have been taking it for a week and a half...we shall see :) I take 1 tablespoon of acv with a cup of water most days. A few weeks ago I made a hair rinse with it, my hair was soooo shiney, I personally wouldn't recommend doing this too often particularly if you wash your hair every day, it may be to acidic and dry your hair out, I discovered that for myself, but I am going to do it once a month instead and see how I go :)

Update: I think this may be a good accompaniment to a balanced diet, but I am yet to find something natural that will balance out my hormones, definitely noticed an increase of inflammatory acne around my menstrual cycle (not due to acv, just an observation over the years)

by BlueSalvia on 09/08/2014 02:26
As many have said, be careful of the dilution ratio of ACV, because it can have adverse effects. I have stayed of this for a few week because I think it was upsetting my stomach. Allt the best :)
Reviewed on September 21, 2014

I've had acne since I was 11-12 (I'm 19 now) & I've tried all sorts of over the counter cleansers, astringents etc. I started going to the dermatologist a few years ago & was put on tetracycline tablets & deriva c gel. They controlled my acne a little but I still got some pretty bad breakouts from time to time.

I got taken off the tablets (but I am currently still on deriva c) about a year ago & after a while my acne came back. No matter what I tried, my face always had at least 3-4 stubborn & painful pimples. I tried using lemon juice for a bit & it did help with some scars & controlled some acne but then I couldn't find any real lemons where I live so I went back to just the deriva c.

Anyway, flash forward to months later, I realised I was starting university & didn't want to have to meet new people & have the first thing they thought about me being about my horrible acne. I started looking up different remedies & came across so many positive reviews about apple cider vinegar. I was a bit skeptical at first since everything I'd tried in the past only kind of worked for me & still left me with pimples. I gave it a try thinking I had nothing to lose. I mixed about half water, half acv (I use the Heinz filtered brand) in a bowl & used a cotton ball to rub it on my face. After 5 days, I saw a huge difference in my skin! My acne was going down & my skin was glowing. I decided to up the ante & I started drinking 2-3 tbs diluted in a glass of water twice a day. I've been doing this for almost a month now & I am so impressed with the good results! I currently only have 1 pimple on my face (it was sort of a cyst & took around a week to finally go down) but I consider that a win compared to the 3+ huge red ones I usually had. Also, I have been doing a brown sugar scrub almost every night (I get lazy with it sometimes) but it has helped in making my skin really soft & getting rid of the dry patches I sometimes get from acv.

I still have really bad red marks on my face that I'm trying to get rid of, but I do highly recommend using this as a toner & drinking as a tonic to anyone desperate to get rid of acne. It may not work for all but it's worth trying.