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Could it work?
Reviewed on August 23, 2014

Ive been drinking Braggs ACV for 3 days now, so far my acne has flattened down but I do see some new red bumps from this.. not too bad though. It doesnt taste to bad once you get used to it, i fill my FIJI bottle with water and one tablespoon on ACV.. im hoping for good results in a week.

Would Have Been 5 Stars!
Reviewed on August 19, 2014

I began using ACV as a toner, diluted 1:1 with water a while back, and my acne begun to improve. I then read that you could drink a couple of tablespoons a day in water so I started to do that too, since it had worked so well topically. And my acne began to clear up further until my skin was completely clear! I was thrilled. I continued to use ACV as a toner and a drink for around 5-6 months. Then following a slight change in my routine (I switched cleansers) my acne began to come back. I thought it was just an allergic reaction to the new cleanser but the acne persisted when I stopped using the new cleanser. A few months on and my acne is back in full force. I am still at a loss as to what it was that really caused my acne to decide to come back, but for whatever reason ACV stopped working. I lost hope and quit using it. However, despite this setback, I started using Duac 5% Benzoyl Peroxide treatment about 3 weeks ago and my acne has started to improve, and I have slowly begun to reintroduce drinking AVC and using it topically, because regardless of my acne, it makes my skin feel balanced and more comfortable and drinking it gives me a real energy boost and helped me with some other health issues I was suffering in relation to my digestion. So PLEASE give Apple Cider Vinegar a try and if you find a routine that works for you, don't go changing your cleanser just because someone online tells you to! What works for someone else may not work for you!

Be careful with this sh*t
Reviewed on August 16, 2014

Guys, I truly truly believed this will work for me. First night I took 1 tbsp and had the best sleep I've ever had. Day 2 - 2 Tbsp, got diarrhea and heart burns at night. Day 3 - Outbreaks, like atleast 20 whiteheads over the period of the next 5 days, in areas I didnt get acne in 2years.. I stopped after day 3 and my acne went away by day 8.

So well.. I have decided not to risk this agian

by ripple247 on 08/22/2014 13:16
It's called detoxing. Of course you're going to get some acne.
So far it seems to be making a difference...
Reviewed on August 3, 2014

...I think acv has contributed to reducing the inflammation of my acne and helped with digestion discomfort, I will update this if it seems to be a placebo. I have been taking it for a week and a half...we shall see :) I take 1 tablespoon of acv with a cup of water most days. A few weeks ago I made a hair rinse with it, my hair was soooo shiney, I personally wouldn't recommend doing this too often particularly if you wash your hair every day, it may be to acidic and dry your hair out, I discovered that for myself, but I am going to do it once a month instead and see how I go :)

1st Day Trying. Hoping for the Best
Reviewed on July 25, 2014

I have read all of the reviews on how apple cider vinegar helps to clear acne. I am 17 and have serve acne. I have tried just about everything. So Today I got some Bragg ACV and put it in a small glass of water. It taste so horrible that it makes me gag when I drink it. You can really taste the acid. So instead it took that glass and put in a huge glass of ice water. I can still taste it but it is no where near as bad. just hope that doing it this way I am drinking enough. I feel a little warm inside. I will continue to drink a lot of water. I do not see how people drink this. Tonight I will use it on my face as a toner and will see what happens in the next few days. i will be back to update.

1 Week Update: So I have been using the ACV for a week now and I believe my skin may be purging. I am not very sure. I try to drink at least a cap full of ACV everyday. Because of the taste I have to put it in something like iced tea and smoothies. I also use it as a toner at night. A week ago I did have some clusters of bumps around the jaw line that seems to be drying out really well. Starting At the beginning of this week I have been getting these huge bumps in random places on my face. When one goes down I feel another coming. I believe that is the purging. I do not really know. I am going to continue using the AVC and see whats happens. Another update soon.

by ripple247 on 08/22/2014 13:17
Yes it's really purging. It's acid, after all.
Reviewed on June 12, 2014

I've suffered from moderate acne on my face and back and chest for 7 years, and only now has my skin for the first time been blemish free. I've been drinking a little under a shotglass worth of ACV every day for the past 3 months or so, and I can't say enough good things about it. It totally cleared up my skin. In conjunction I also use ACV topically by wiping it undiluted on my face. A couple of warnings:

The taste takes a while to become accustomed to but is definitely worth it

Your skin will take a while to adapt to undiluted ACV applied topically, so always mix it with water first for a while

Do not drink ACV undiluted under any circumstances, it can severely damage your oesophagus

Make sure the ACV you use is unpasteurised, organic and contains "The Mother". I use Bragg's. Don't be surprised if you try just any old ACV in your kitchen and don't see results.

Just as a side note, I've also had brittle, peeling fingernails and low energy levels for years and now my nails are unbreakable and beautiful and I feel much more energised and healthy. This is the only thing I would go so far as to call an acne cure, apart from things like roaccutane which I have not tried myself but I know come with handfuls of adverse side effects. If you're getting desperate for an acne cure, please try ACV before you try any acne medications. It'll spare you a lot of doctors appointments, time, money and side effects. The stuff is actually good for you.

Give it a whirl!

Reviewed on May 21, 2014

I have been using ACV in my skin care routine for quite some time and I love the results! ACV has so many holistic benefits, it works both from the inside out and outside in. Here are some details on why ACV works so well as a topical acne treatment as well as a recipe for incorporating it into your diet! [link removed]

Reviewed on May 19, 2014

Alright I don't know what this stuff is all about but i've been taking it for 2 weeks and this is the greatest thing I have ever done with my life. I take the Braggs organic apple cider vinegar with the mother. Let me tell you, not only has this helped clear my face, but it has helped me feel absolutely amazing. Gives me loads of energy, helps regulate my digestive system, and has cleared my acne. I take 1 tbsp in the am and one in the pm with about 8 oz of water. Downside is that it is probably the most disgusting thing I have ever tasted in my life, but the pros heavily outweigh this minor con. I have also been using Benzaclin topically alongside drinking ACV and let me tell you this combination has my skin looking its best in years. It's cheap to buy, give it a try! I can't start my day until i've had my ACV. Go ahead and get your life back. Best product I have ever used in my life.

Reviewed on April 11, 2014

I've heard so much about ACV, but only recently and I can't believe I haven't hear of it before with so many amazing reviews! It sounds like some kind of miracle cure! Anyway I'm 19 years old and I've had breakouts since I was about 16, this year it's gotten a LOT worse with cystic acne mainly on my chin and I've been trying everything to no avail. Today I purchased some ACV, diluted it 1:1 in water and applied with a cotton ball to my face, I think it may have been too strong to start off with because my face is now very red around my cheeks and nose, tomorrow I'll try a weaker mix and update later on (:

Not sure yet...
Reviewed on February 6, 2014

It's probably too early to make an accurate review on this. I've only drunk this for about 5 days, and it usually takes longer to see results, especially since I suffer from a moderate-severe kind of acne. But so far, so good. I usually break out on my cheeks and I did get two cystic pimples on my cheeks the first days, but I'm assuming they were forming before I started drinking the ACV, so... I've had one new pimple forming on my chin though, so it has not worked from "day one" for me, but I wasn't expecting immediate results either. I think I'm suffering from candida, and I ate some coconut oil at first (because it's a natural candida killer, and the acne got so much better in a few days) but the taste was horrible to me, I feel like I want to vomit when I eat it and feel nauseous for hours after eating it, so that's why I started drinking ACV instead. Truth be told, I love the taste of ACV. Many people complain about the taste, but the acid makes it feel refreshing and the burning sensation is not too bad. I usually take 2 teaspoons of it in a small glass of water, so that it is somewhat diluted at least. I wouldn't recommend drinking it straight from the bottle, I personally think it's too harsh, and it's never good to "over-do" something. I'm going to give this one more time, seeing the reviews on here really gives me hope. I'm not using the one from "Braggs" or whatever it's called, the brand isn't available here in my country. I don't even think the one I use is ecological, but I don't get the feeling that ACV is something that the companies fill with chemicals or other things, all brands felt pretty much the same to me when I bought the bottle.

Maybe I'm just having some kind of placebo effect, but I don't care as long as it takes away my acne. I've heard ACV is good for lowering blood-sugar, so if you take it 20-30 minutes before a meal it will lower the GI of the food, which is good if you suffer from insulin resistance. I personally believe I suffer from some kind of insulin resistance, and having too much sugar in your blood will result in more male hormones (testosterone) which is a famous acne-trigger. So it feels promising! I'm not really into doing strict diets since it's hard to keep up with, and I'm already underweight so I don't want to lose more weight. I don't think it can do any harm to try this out if you don't have any known diseases and if you are overall healthy. If it doesn't help your acne, it helps with other things like keeping the pH balance in your stomach, which is good at least... So give it a try!