The total cost of cryotherapy may vary widely from $75 up to $1,500 or more.

Cryotherapy is considered to be a cosmetic procedure, so your health insurance is unlikely to cover the cost.

The total cost of cryotherapy depends on the:

  • Number of keloid/hypertrophic scars: Most doctors charge by the scar. Treating a single scar may cost anywhere from $75 to $150 for one session, and each additional scar will drive up the costs.
  • Number of treatments: Although one cryotherapy session is sometimes sufficient, most doctors treat keloid/hypertrophic scars over at least 2 sessions.4-7 Depending on how much improvement occurs after each session, up to 10 sessions may be necessary, particularly for large and/or hard to treat keloid scars, to achieve desired results.6 Each additional treatment session increases the total cost.
 Cost per session (one scar)Number of sessionsTotal cost (one scar)
Low estimate$751$75
High estimate$15010$1,500
  • Number of follow-up appointments: If you develop side effects which require treatment and follow-up visits to your doctor, you may be responsible for co-payment of your doctor’s fees and/or the cost of medications.
  • Geographic location of medical facility: Cryotherapy is more expensive in some cities and countries than in others.
  • Physician’s experience: Doctors who have more experience with cryotherapy may charge a higher fee.  

If you decide to undergo cryotherapy, obtain price estimates from multiple doctors before scheduling a treatment.