Chemical Peels (Deep Peels)

Compare To Other Treatments

The total cost of a chemical peel may vary from about $150 up to $6000 or more. The average cost of a chemical peel is $673, according to 2016 data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Chemical peels are considered to be a cosmetic procedure, so your health insurance is unlikely to cover the cost. Check your coverage with your insurance provider before scheduling a treatment.

The cost of a chemical peel depends on the type of chemical peel in general, the deeper the peel, the more expensive the procedure.

Deep peel: A deep peel will definitely include sedation or anesthesia, which will increase the cost of the procedure to $3000 or more. In addition, a deep peel will require more follow-up care and more visits to your doctor, where, depending on your health insurance coverage, you may be responsible for a co-payment or the doctor’s entire fee.

For phenol-based peels, extensive tests (for example, a chest X-ray and electrocardiogram) will be necessary before the procedure. The peel itself will require constant monitoring of the heart and lungs.9 All of this will significantly drive up the costs. Taking these expenses into account, a deep peel may cost $6000 or more.

Type of anesthesia, if any: Anesthesia is unnecessary for superficial peels and optional for medium-depth peels but required for deep peels. Any type of sedation or anesthesia will increase the cost of your procedure. General anesthesia is particularly expensive, because it will require a specially equipped medical facility and the oversight of an anesthesiologist, which means the procedure will cost $3000 or more.

Geographic location of medical facility: Chemical peels are more expensive in some cities and countries than in others.

Physician’s experience: Doctors who have more experience with chemical peels may charge a higher fee. Especially for medium-depth and deep peels, it is imperative to find a very experienced doctor, as these peels carry a higher risk of side effects.

If you decide to undergo treatment with a chemical peel, ask multiple doctors for their price estimates before scheduling a treatment.