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Found 1,555 results

  1. I've never had acne except for the rare bump here and there until I decided to take protein powder for body building(don't ask me what brand/ingredients, can't remember!!) 3yrs ago. Wham!! acne came and never left. Surprisingly my forehead is totally clear. But i have loads of blackheads and really oily skin. One cystic acne every week or 2, a few other smaller nodular/paspules appear every few days. These are the list of stuff I've tried in chronological order. 1) Tetracycline (3mths): Hmmm.
  2. 40andAcne

    Gluten Sensitivity?

    I already posted this under "Adult Acne" before I realized there was a Diet section.... Hi all, I just joined this site today. I'm 39 years old and have been dealing with acne as long as I can remember. However, the last 3 -4 months have been the worst of my life! Deep, painful, ugly cystic acne....lovely! It's taken a toll on me or sure....visibly and mentally. So, my next game plan is to get tested for gluten sensitivity. I see on the forums that some folks have tried this. I got blood work
  3. Could gluten still be the cause for my acne now, even though I wasn't getting acne when I was younger (before puberdy).
  4. Hi all, ive learnt alot of this site so far and am thankfull that i found it I started off on dans regimen for acne on my face and neck which has completely cleared my face( just left with red marks) but it has only helped my neck a little. As in i dont get many pustule acne anymore but still suffer with cysts. Now i had a read on here and thought it was maybe dairy so i cut that out completely and i mean anything that contained milk, ive been on this for 5 weeks now and havent really notice
  5. Recently I've started to take the healthy road to clear skin. My diet is now dairy free, wheat free, mostly gluten free.. I mostly eat vegetables fruits sometimes chicken or tuna. Now I'm just curious about lentils. I eat lentils quite often and I read that they are quite acidic compared to other vegetables most vegetables seem to be alkaline. So I'm wondering if any ones experienced problems with lentils ? EDIT: lol I just realised lentils are legumes so I'll read the other threads. SOrry
  6. I used to have severe acne; Accutane didn't work; skin creams usually make my skin worse. However with diet, I'm almost clear, but it's been this almost clear for months. I keep getting whiteheads that inflame every so often. I'm on a chicken, broccoli, sweet potato, grass fed beef, and salmon diet. Boiled or baked, no additives, no additional oil, no seasoning. Omega 3:6 ratio is 1:1. I supplement heavily with fish oil when taking chicken. Anti-inflammatory, gluten-free, low-carb
  7. Brissyguy

    This week's shopping!

    Okay so I just came home from the supermarket and in budget (yay!) with some 'healthy' foods. I'm going to ask you lovelies to assess and answer my queries! 1. Gluten & Wheat FREE pasta It looks the same (more transparent maybe?) 'easier to digest and won't weigh you down' at only $2.99 for 500grams! 2. Rice & Corn pasta I got both because I couldn't choose. It's also gluten and wheat free. The dilemma is which pasta is best for you? I saw buckwheat as well, opinions? 3. 85% Country
  8. I managed to clear up 905 my cystic acne through diet and cleanses I have for a while being eating basically a caveman diet fruit vege meat eggs fish thats it.....Occasional treat but not often however, I have 2 problems. 1. I notice as my carbs are low my libido and mood is somewhat poor. When i experiment and say eat loads carbs like rice for 1-2 days my libido and mood shoots up but I break out in sore spots. 2. My bodyfat levels are too low. DUe to lack of carbs and hard to eat 2000-2
  9. zulu599

    SOOO confused!

    i have been reading almost EVERY topic about acne-related diets...what to eat, what not to eat-and while they are very informative, they are also very overwhelming, contradictory and confusing to someone who is just starting out with their diet. I know diets vary with each individual, but i am completely lost about what i should/shouldn't eat! (without spending 318509518 dollars on tons of food tests) Can someone please give me a list of good/bad foods in relation to acne? I don't eat red meat
  10. AcneeHater


    Im not sure if this is the right place to post this but has anyone ever been successful with DKR and still enjoy foods like Milk gluten and w.e we not suppose to eat. Because Im on DKR atm and i feel like sacrificing milk and yogurt is too much for me. Let me know what you guys thinking.
  11. i got some High strength Cod liver oil tablets other day from holland and barrett in uk they r having a sale really cheap about £1.50 for 60 r they better than the flaxseed the ingredients r cod liver oil 1000mg vitamin a 800 micro grams 100% RDA vitamin d 5 micro grams 100% RDA eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) 110mg docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) 100mg also says they r freee from wheat, gluten, yeast, corn, sugar , starch, lactose, salt, preservatives, soya, artificial colour and flavourings.
  12. i have tried dieting before and have completely failed in clearing my skin for some reason. i think maybe is because iam not doing it right. for example, i thought i could eat beans and lentils, but apparantly that has a high GI index, so its best not to eat it. so what i want to do is eat a low gi diet, since their is actually evidence that this aggravates acne. i dont think diet will completely clear my acne, but i think it will help. i was going to try the wai diet, but that seems way to extr
  13. I am thinking about cutting meat from my diet, for all kinds of reasons (health, ethical, environmental, spiritual). I was a vegetarian in college, but had trouble keeping it up afterwards. Now that I am noticing specific (and very positive) changes in my skin while on a gluten-free diet, I am wondering how meat impacts skin. I havent done any research yet, so I figured I would start by asking questions here: 1. Is a gluten-free (and almost dairy free) diet enough to keep my skin clear for the
  14. Hey guys!! I am feeling sick, and I hurt..my stomache is not feeling good, and my energy is not up to par...This acne is giving me stress, and ulcer type feelings. I am not going to go through the "long and boring"... I will get SRAIGHT TO THE POINT. I am not wealthy, middle class american ,college student..trying to ,"live the american dream", .. However, I am getting discouraged with my chin acne, and I know somthing is wrong with my internal organs.. I am female, I have missing cycles
  15. My friend Kim's mother had really bad acne well into her 30s and 40s and now my friend Kim has... I mean HAD it too but has been on accutane like 3 or 4 times.... however it keeps slowly slowly creeping up on her again. Now this is the interetsing part: Kim's aunt (her mother's sister) is celiac and so is one of her children (Kim's cousin). And I am wondering if maybe Kim and Kim's mother may be sensitive to gluten... which in turn could cause acne? Anyway, I just find it interesting...
  16. dejaclairevoyant

    Gluten free 2.5 weeks

    Just wondering how long it took for some of you guys to see improvements in your health going gluten free. Im at 2.5 weeks. I havent done any testing of gluten since then. I havent been having any painful stabbing gas pains, but thats all Ive noticed. Is 2.5 weeks not long enough?
  17. crystal_penguin13

    So...is it that time?

    A little history...my acne started when I was ten. Yeah, ten. Right around the time I hit puberty as well...OTC treatments till around 14 or 15. First clindamycin, erithromycin, benzaclin topicals and doxycycline oral antibiotics for a couple of years (well, the topicals were a couple, I believe I was only on the doxy a year.) After that a couple strenghs of Retin-A Micro, I was on the strongest for probably 2 or 3 years without too much improvement, was just too scared to go off it for fear of
  18. User24582

    My Diet Lately

    So my living situation is changing and I was living at a friends' for a while. She didn't have the largest selection in her fridge, so this is what I ate everyday for about 3 days: 1. Salami (as much as I wanted for every meal whenever I was hungry, definitely had gluten and bad additives/presevatives in it) 2. Pumpkin Ice Cream (after the salami if I still wasn't satisfied, had tons of bad stuff in it, sugar, etc., but still lots of good fat and protein and calcium too) That's it. And gues
  19. Lets make a list of healthy foods for those who are not eating dairy or gluten. Off the top of my head: Beans Potatoes Rice Meat Fish Vegetables Fruit
  20. Ed.

    oats and acne

    my skin seems to react to wheat and dairy products, so i've just recently gone on to soya milk and oat based cerials, avoiding wheat and gluten where possible. will oats have a positive or negative effect on my skin?
  21. At the moment I eat alot of meat but basically, aside from vegies, just on its own, so I'm looking for ways to add sauces etc to the meat to give it some flavour. I'm yet to see in the shops any MSG-free gluten-free etc sauces so I'm figuring I'll probably have to make my own, so any tips for how to add some sauces in would be great. Also, I'm looking for some recipes for homemade dips but can't find any healthy ones, but I've read from time to time on here people using combinations of olive oi
  22. Hello Peoples, Thanks for reading. I would appreciate any responses. Since I was about 15 or 16 years old I have had this painfull acne on my scalp and a mix of what ever is on my scalp and adolescent acne on my face. When I was around 16 I hadent realized that my scalp acne had became infected and for years I was on many many antibiotics. It took my a while to realize even after the infection that I had severe scalp acne and no loger an infection. I thought the infection was acne on my sca
  23. My mother and father are german, but I live in Mexico city, I started getting acne when I was 12, at first it was just like 1 pimple per month but at 13 it got really bad, I didnt care at that time, but my parents did and took me to a derm which gave me all the typical shit topicals that do nothing, anways she put me on tetracycline which cleared me up but of course it came back worse, at that time I had no friends and no life basically, so my parents decide to change me to a much smaller school
  24. fakeplasticgirl


    OK guys, after spending about 3-4 months trying to figure this out myself, I'm officially sending out a cry of help! History: *21 yr old female. *Acne for about 8 years now. *Started off mild, then was medium/severe when I was 14-17, toned down a bit at 18 but WAS NEVER EVER completely clear. *Have been battling with VERY persistent mild/moderate acne. *Rarely get cysts, maybe 2/3 times a year. *Mostly pustules/whiteheads/blackheads etc. *NO SPECIFIC ONE AREA OF BREAKOUTS.. that is I get
  25. if you get tested for wheat and gluten intolerance and you come up as being ok to have it does that mean you can have 100% whole weat bread and healthy gluten products and wont break out?... Someone please answer..llol