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Found 1,559 results

  1. Battle2011

    Big Stress Today

    Me: Mid 30s History: Had cystic and strong acne from 15 years old to recently Back acne: Now clear! Face acne: Now clear - last hurting and deep (but isolated) pimple started on Sunday 18, december and ended on Thursday 22, december. No new pimple started since 18 december. 2 weeks without a new pimple: My record since 15 years! Regimen: No sugar, no gluten, no dairy. Hi everyone! I am writing you because I am a bit panicking. I am trying to keep my new clear face under control. I never had clear face since teenagehood, so I get worried at the possibility of a new pimple emerging. I had a very stressful day today, with a very stressul 2 hours meeting in which I was heavily under pressure. Hopefully, this won't break out my face, as stress was one of my triggers. Any ideas of what I could do to relax my body and avoid a cyst/deep pimple coming out in the morning? I know it's stupid, but I am really trying to keep it all under control now that I went through the efforts of cutting on all my other triggers for 6 months, with positive results!
  2. I went gluten-free recently and cleared up like never before in two weeks. Had to eat some food with gluten during the holidays since I was over at my family, but things were fine. But when I came back home, I got a major stomach ache and diarrhea, gas, bloated stomach etc. By the next evening I felt the breakout coming as I was in bed, I could tell I was going to wake up with a lot of pimples around my mouth and chin. This hasn't happened in a LONG time. But I know that breakouts always occured when I had loose stool/diarrhea etc. Always the same pattern. It just hadn't happened in months. Sucks cause I was really clear. Now my face looks worst than it has in months:( Tried to think of what I ate that could have caused this, if anything. Only thing I can think of that wasn't usual was an avocado with mozzarella cheese. After eating it, maybe 30 mins later, I had major stomach cramps. But 30 min after eating it seems a bit too quick for that to be the cause. Whatever the case I'm removing dairy from my diet again. But it's weird cause monday I had spaghetti with melted cheese, which I both usually avoid due to gluten sensitivity and because I think dairy my cause breakouts, yet I was fine. It sucks so much that my clear face broke out like crazy again so soon before returning to work next week:( I hope this gluten-free diet wasn't a fluke. But it seems unlikely, I cleared up really fast on it, my digestion was much better than before, etc. UPDATE Update: It really appears that lack of sleep is what made me intolerant to begin with, or worsened my food intolerances. I've had oatmeal all week and some yogurt (same stuff I had when I broke out) and I've been fine. My skin has cleared very quickly once I started getting normal amounts of sleep again. So for anyone out there, I think good sleep will reduce the impact of your food intolerances. For me, good sleep and limited dairy and gluten-free diet seems to be the way to go to get clear. All my back acne is gone (only dark spots are left), my face is back to as clear as it was before the holidays.
  3. I cut out gluten and dairy about 3 weeks ago per my doctor's suggestion. He thought it could help with thyroid related tiredness that I'm having. I have never had any symptoms of gluten intolerance that I am aware of. Today, I had a slice of wheat bread at lunch after having no gluten for the past three weeks. A couple of hours later and I had a terrible stomach ache and felt just awful. Could this mean I could have a gluten intolerance? I also had a small bit of butter on the bread, but I don't that small of an amount would cause a reaction.
  4. Hello, i have been exploring the holistic forums for a while and have implemented several of the tools used by others such as supplements and a gluten free/dairy free diet. My question is this: I have been diagnosed with prediabetes and have adjusted my diet accordingly (eating complex carbs but limiting them to 2X per day - not ready to give them up entirely). i am also trying to gain weight thrrough weight training and i am finding it extremely difficult to eat my quota of 2500 calories per day. I did an allergy skin test today - the blood test results will be in by next week (IGE as they don't offer IGG) and the only food that i currently eat that was red flagged was almonds ( Almonds helped my calorie bump amazingly and now i need a replacement for it. Any suggestions? I was thinking walnuts but there seems to be conflicting reports as to whether it is inflammatory or not. From a prediabetic standpoint, it is great for keeping glucose levels stable.
  5. abcxyz1

    Acne Around Mouth

    [sorry for bad english]I have acne around my mouth, 95% on chin, 5% above upper lip [below nose]. this is the ONLY area i have acne. is it possible that my whole face is clear yet the only place i have acne is on my chin? I also found out that it maybe be a reaction to toothpase, stopped using it. didnt help... than I also found out it might be reaction to food, i stopped eating dairy and stopped eating junk food\etc... didnt help.... than I saw that it might be gluten\bread, food that contain critic acid[havent tried yet eating gluten and critic acid free diet]... than I also read that alot of fats may cause acne around motuh.... too many carbs also... so the only thing im left with is protein. dam, maybe I should stop eating and thats it? help please.....
  6. Aside from MSG (which isn't really a food), I'm not absolutely certain I have any food sensitivities. And if I do, I've yet to pinpoint what they are. So either I'm not very observant, or my intolerances are very slight. I would like to get tested. But until then, I'm thinking I should avoid the foods people most commonly are intolerant to. Here's the thing: I weigh 90.6lb. That's unacceptable to me. So, I'm aiming to gain 1/2lb a week. That means 1730 calories a day. I'm finding it very difficult to meet my quota without any dairy, gluten or soy. So I'm questioning how strict I should be about what I'm allowing myself to eat. My usual dairy intake is an ounce of Greek yogurt and sometimes small amounts of natural, organic cheeses. I read that raw organic oats may not even contain gluten but is considered not gluten-free because of a risk of contamination. Is that even true? I eat 1/2 cup of raw "old-fashion" oats when I'm out of bananas. I'm not having too much trouble cutting out breads and pasta (it's more a question of willpower than the need for more calories). And I have 1 or 2 cranberry almond Kind bars a day which contain a small amount of rice. Kind bars also contain a small amount of soy (it's at the very bottom of the ingredient list). Other than that, I don't think I'm eating any other soy. Should I be avoiding nuts? If anyone can make any sense of out this, I could really use some guidance.
  7. First off, the reason Im asking this question is because I want to gain weight. I am 107 puonds right now as a 17 year old male. i want to be at least 115. I tried gaining weight with olive oil and I broke out pretty bad. I was having like 4 tablespoons EVERY DAY for about 3 weeks, not knowing it has quite a bit of omega 6. So olive oil is out of the question, the only other way is carbs i guess. But I know that lots of carbs are bad. Sooo i was just wondering my diet is in the low to moderate Gi range. I will give examples of what i eat rbelow but for the quick readers, here it is: Throught the day : half cup oatmeal, 1 cup rice and 1 cup cereal. This is already 81g carbs, is this bad? good? meduim? Heres are the examples of what i eat the majority of the time: Breakfast: half cup of oatmeal with cinnamon. Would 1 whole cup work? Lunch at school : gluten free tortilla chips Lunch : Salad with some kind of protein and maybe 1/4 cup brown rice. Dinner : Chicken or fish with 1 cup of brown rice. Desert: 1 cup of gluten free cereal (kix) with squares of 90% dark chocolate OR sweet potato. My question is, am i eating to much carbs? The brown rice, oatmeal, chips and cereal is already 88g carbs, not counting the other carbs from the chocolate, chicken, etc. So would this be a low to moderate Gi diet? also, i eat protein with all of my carbs, in case that helps Thanks alot !
  8. I have a friend who is very sensitive to gluten, soy and perhaps corn. He would like to see if he can buy turkey or chicken that has not eaten these foods since many Celiacs claim they have a reaction to such products. I called Whole Foods and the butcher there told me that all chickens and turkeys there are fed a staples of soy and corn. I double checked this information by calling the suppliers and they confirmed this. Anyone know of brands that are only grass fed? Chickens that are allowed to eat grass and bugs? Does he have to raise his own chickens?
  9. sorry for my bad english about 2 mounths ago i cleared my acne through diet[no sugar, no salt, no dairy, no milk[only a little bit of goat milk], no gluten, low carb, alot of fiber and alot of protein. I dont know if protein is good or bad but i have to eat alot of it because i exercise] after having acne for 3 years. now for the question, I will join the army in a year [im 17] and unfortunately i wont be able to control my diet there [you eat what they give you], will my acne return? of course if the diet will be healthy my face will stay clear. but what if i will start eating alot of pasta\oily food\bread\milk and other unhealthy foods, will my acne return?
  10. billy.joe19@hotmail.com

    I AM AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hi guys, i do not eat sugar , gluten , dairy, whet etc. but beacause i am an idiot i ate right now some corn flakes from 100% percent organic corn. so, i want to aski you guys will i break out p.s. in just 3 days following this diet from 20 pimples , 8 cyctics, a lot of blackheads that i have now I I have not break out in these 3 days i have 3 pimples 2 cyctics an less blackheads AND my bacne clear up !!!!!!!!!! So will this damn snack break me out?
  11. New study explains the possible connection between isotretinoin and inflammation of the colon in people suffering from celiac disease. It seems that apart from regular blood tests, liver enzymes and sugar level people will also have to check if they don't suffer from celiac disease, because otherwise they might end up with inflammatory bowel disease induced by 13-cis-retinoic acid. When the researchers upregulated the levels of intestinal IL-15 to levels comparable with those found in human celiac disease patients, they found that the mice began to exhibit signs of celiac disease, such as villous atrophy, when exposed to gluten antigens. Adding retinoic acid to the intestinal environment caused an exaggeration of this effect. Writing in the journal Nature, Jabri and colleagues say: "These observations caution against the use of vitamin A and retinoic acid for the treatment of autoimmunity and inflammatory intestinal disorders associated with high levels of IL-15. "Indeed, a causal relationship between retinoids used in the treatment of acne and inflammatory bowel disease has been implicated in a subset of patients." I might add that many people don't even know that they are suffering from celiac disease, because their symptoms are very mild. Maybe that's why a lot of isotretinoin takers who developed IBD during the course claim that they never had any previous colon issues. If other recent studies continue to show such "interesting" data on isotretinoin, then soon u will have to do 20 different tests before u will be allowed to "safely" take the drug. Source: http://www.medwire-news.md/41/91298/Gastro...evelopment.html
  12. I have been searching for information online and ran across this information: People who have gluten sensitivity (NOT Celiac Disease) should not cheat every "once in awhile" because the gluten damages the intestines. A clinic that specializes in gluten sensitivity and intolerance states that it usually takes 1.5 years to heal the intestines of a gluten sensitive individual over the age of 50. They go on to state that a gluten intolerant individual over the the age of 50 will take 4 years to heal the intestines. Source: http://glutendoctors.blogspot.com/2010/04/...ing-gluten.html For people under the age of 50, it usually takes 1-2 years to completely heal the intestines. That could indicate that gluten sensitive individuals take 3-6 months to heal. For those of you who cheat "once a month" or every "few months" that could subtract from all your progress. So treat your sensitivity like a Celiac and make sure supplements, vitamins, tooth pastes are gluten free.
  13. I am currently in that painful stage of trying to remove gluten from my diet. It's something I'm quite committed to as I've noticed a huge improvement on my skin as a result after only a few weeks. I actually posted in another thread that I have quite intense acne on my scalp that has been with me for years, and it was mostly gone after a week and a half while doing this. The problem is that sometimes I'm finding gluten unavoidable as I don't always cook my own meals, or I'm put in a position where I have to eat now else I won't be able to until the following day, for example. So I guess this is a two part question: Is it the consistency of gluten intake that contributes to acne? Or do I have to be fearful if I have 3 slices of pizza for lunch one day every month? What should I do if I eat a gluten loaded meal to mitigate the negative effects? I guess this applies to all the contributors such as vegetable oil, and anything associated with unhealthy meals. Cheers.
  14. abigailwheeler

    Which Carbs are OK?

    Hi guys So after having taken in lots of information from you guys here about diet, I have discerned that I need to cut out dairy, sugar and gluten. My diet currently consists of lots of veggies and protein. I have porridge for breakfast every day but I'm not even sure if that is OK? I'm eating half an avocado today in case I die from lack of fat. I'm losing weight quite quickly on this new diet. I'm too thin for 5 ft 9 (in my opinion, I like having boobs and a bum!) Just checked my BMI which is 20 so I guess I'm OK for now... aaaannyway What carbs are OK to eat which won't affect my skin? please help
  15. GreenEyes33

    Nightshades question

    So I was on an elimination diet for just over a month and am now in the 'introduction' phase. So far I've had reactions to gluten, so I've cut that out...but red meat seems to be fine. Yesterday was the first day of my nightshades days where I'm supposed to eat them for 2 or more meals for 2 days and check for reactions. I had a green bell pepper with hummus for breakfast and had no reaction whatsoever, tasted great. I made a nice beef and vegetable stew, complete with potatoes for my lunch..and thats where the trouble started. I also added in a 'soup mix' I got at the Bulk Barn. These are the ingredients: White beans, black beans, green lentils, pinto beans, dark red kidney beans, green split peas, yellow split peas, baby lima beans, peril barley, whole yellow peas, white rice, whole green peas, small red beans, marrowfat peas Being a newbie to the world of beans and lentils I attempted to soak them and then threw them in the slow cooker the evening before (along with the water they were soaking in, stupid move number 1) and cooked my stew. The stew turned out fantastic except for the soup mix. Some of which was crunchy and not cooked. I realize NOW I probably should have precooked them, but that was stupid move number 2. Within 10 minutes I could feel my gut churning away. It hurt! I also noticed some gas and I just felt off. In addition I *think* I even felt some tingling in my lymph nodes that are near my jaw right below my ears. Or whatever is in that area. It could have been me partially being worried 'oh no not my beloved potatoes' I really, really love potatoes and really didn't want it to be the potatoes so I decided to continue on and hope it was just the undercooked soup mix. I had roasted potatoes with my fish for supper. The pain and weirdness never really stopped before supper (I only ate the stew maybe 3 hours before supper?) and continued on for another 2 hours afterwards. Can someone help me out with this a bit? I think I'll stop potatoes for a few days and then give them another try sans the stew and soup mix. But can lentils, beans, and chickpeas cause those reactions if they're undercooked? You can point out any other stupid mistakes I made, I dont mind; I'm learning! Thank you!!!
  16. nurseallison


    Hey guys, so I've been a long time lurker of these boards ever since I started getting acne about 6 years ago. Like everyone else, I've tried just about everything: SA, BP, antibiotics, TONS of prescription topicals, and various birth controls (desogen, ortho-tri-cyclen, and yaz). I started getting acne out of nowhere when I was 16 -- mainly cysts and super inflamed whiteheads. At the time, I went to the derm for a grand total of 8 months where it seemed like every topical/antibiotic known to man was thrown at me. I ended up getting absolutely no results (if anything, it got worse), plus they were super rude and told me I wasn't being patient enough. Ever since then, I avoided the derm and tried to manage things on my own. At that point, I tried detoxes, diet changes (avoided gluten for 1.5 years), higher-end cleansers from sephora, the clairsonic brush -- nothing helped. Then, 3 years ago, I went on Yaz + Differin, which, out of everything I have tried, has been the most helpful. 3 years later, I'm still following that same regimen, and my acne is now mild-moderate, yet VERY persistent. It tends to come in cycles: it will be semi-mild (3-4 pimples) for 5 days max, then, out of nowhere get like 8-10 pimples. I still get cystic acne, yet not as severe as before. I also get random blackheads on my cheeks that get inflamed and turn into cysts which is really frustrating. I never wanted to go on accutane because I was always super scared of developing some crazy, irreversible side effect. But, at 21 (practically 22), it just seemed like if my acne was going to go away, it would have by now. So, even though I swore off going to the derm years ago, I gave in and went -- just to see if he would prescribe me accutane. Long story short, he did, and I plan on starting approximately a month from now. Just waiting on the results of my bloodwork and I should be good to go. I've really enjoyed reading everyones logs here -- its definitely one of the things that has given me the push to try accutane. So I'm hoping that I'll be able keep up with this log through my treatment and get to know everyone here
  17. I get cystic acne a lot and I know it's from my diet because once I did a water and raw vegetables only diet and my face cleared up completely. I'm wanting to cut out gluten, dairy, and sugar. But the problem is I don't know what to eat during the day other than salad. What do you guys on this kind of diet eat?
  18. Im currently on a paleo, gluten, dairy and sugar free diet, so im just asking for your opinions on what foods should be eaten organic and what foods can you buy on a regular supermarket, because organic stuffs can be pretty expensive and im on a tight budget . every post is very appreciated, thanks guys!
  19. Alright i was tired of testing all the food to see if i had food intolerantes so i went to the doctor and got a blood test. It only took 1 week before i got answers and i did not have any sensitivities or food intolerantes. I spent too much time testing this out and it can be very misleading. Go get this test done because you will safe a lot of fucking time! I found that unstable blood sugar was the cause of my acne so now i can focus on that. Just wanted to share with you because cutting out foods that you can tolerate is a big mistake, i did that and ended up eating only veggies and avocados which was straight up terrible. I still cut back on dairy and gluten though, just don't go crazy at it!
  20. valentinafrost

    What Foods Can I Eat?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering on what foods i can eat so my skin stays clear? I am like really paranoid because i have amazing skin for the first time in 2 years so im only eating like salad with no dressing....and just water and vitamins....and some turkey. So please help me on what foods i can eat? I cant have gluten,dairy, and grains. So i am paranoid on what i can eat. Thanks!(:
  21. My mother and father are german, but I live in Mexico city, I started getting acne when I was 12, at first it was just like 1 pimple per month but at 13 it got really bad, I didnt care at that time, but my parents did and took me to a derm which gave me all the typical shit topicals that do nothing, anways she put me on tetracycline which cleared me up but of course it came back worse, at that time I had no friends and no life basically, so my parents decide to change me to a much smaller school at 14 years old, my first year of highschool there I was a quiet kid and I continued having no friends.. some guys I had problems with mocked me for my acne, which at this point of my life was probable at its worst... then on summer vacations after my first year of highschool (I was still 14) I started caring a lot about my appearance and started lifting weights, which was followed by an obession to clear skin, so basically I returned to school for second year of highschool after vacations with my acne a little bit better, 12 kg of muscle heavier, but still no self confidence and I got still no friends ... So in my first months of 2 year highschool I tried crazy diet changes (no gluten no diary) zinc, vitamins, etc... which didnt do much... UNTIL a miracle happened after about 4 months after starting my 2 year in highschool, one day I just said a joke in class and everyone laughed... I started telling a lot of jokes and doing funny things and everybody laughed, I was suprised at my ability to make people laugh because I hadnt done it ever in my life except when I was little before acne... anyways everybody started caring about me and being nice, girls started talking to me a lot, I had a lot of guy friends, and my acne was looking as always, thats when I realized it had been me all the time, and not my acne which was stopping me, anyways right now im 15 years old, 3 weeks away from finishing 2 year of highschool and I have been on accutane for 5 weeks now and my skin is already perfect and now im planning to work hard at the gym on summer vacations, pack on 20 kg of muscle, finish my accutane course so I can get 100% clear and im just really happy about everything.. What im trying to say... its just yourself stopping yourself, not acne stopping you... You can definetly be loved by people and be popular even with acne like I was... you need to be patient because your time will come when you expect it the less... the most amazing things arrive within a moment
  22. Hello, nice to meet you all. I'll spare you the long history of my acne problems, but I've had it for as long as I can remember and kept it mostly (but not completely) at bay with ProActiv. Then I decided that I wanted to find a cure and went off of ProActiv (which admittedly wasn't the smartest thing I've done), which showed me that I still have acne all over my face. Anyway, recently I decided to try juice fasting just to see what would happen. Very surprisingly (because I've struggled with this since I hit puberty) my face 100% cleared. I mean literally 100%. I was sooo happy but...terrified that when I started eating again my acne would come back. I did a lot of research while I was fasting and tried to find any information I could related to acne, food, and digestion. I suspected that I had a gluten allergy, so when I started eating again, I ate only vegetables, rice, and meat. Literally. Plus some salt. That is IT. I had good results for about a week, then I started getting really tiny, almost microscopic pimples here and there. It wasn't a huge cause for alarm, but my skin is definitely not 100% clear now. It's 95% clear. I'm not complaining, but I want to know WHY. I'm still eating the same exact things - rice, vegetables, and meat. Has anybody else had experience with such a thing occurring? Is it possible that my body merely needs to heal from the damage of consuming gluten before my skin will be continuously 100% clear? Is it possible that I also have leaky gut syndrome? I'm really at a loss now, because I live abroad (Tokyo) and it's impossible to find a doctor who has any idea what I'm talking about, let alone getting tested for things like leaky gut. If anybody has any information I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  23. Hi all, new poster here! I've been doing a gluten and dairy free diet, however I live in a dorm and it's somewhat hard to tell just what exactly safe. The nearest store is over 30 minutes away, and the on campus convenience store is simply too far out of budget to keep a fridge stocked regularly (thirteen dollars for a tiny package of ham!) What foods do you suggest for getting by in college? Also, last night out of desperation I gave in and had some potato chips. My face seems in no way different this morning. Is this a sign that I shouldn't bother with the paleo thing and am doing alright, or should I go all the way? Thanks!
  24. I don't have any acne anymore, but one side of my face has scars, and I get so depressed having to look at them. I try to do things like wear light layers make up to cover them, but it only helps so much. Sometimes my skin looks fine, but other times it looks terrible. It all depends on the lighting. But the lighting at my job is the worst, it's flourescent, so my marks really pop at certain angles. All I want to do is have fresh, smooth looking skin. I'm so psychotic. My scars have made me turn Vegan, I only eat steamed vegetables and salads. I try to avoid gluten at all costs (though that's hard) and I've cut out all sugar (I mean, I still eat fruit once in awhile, blueberries are one thing I consider a snack). I used to be so outgoing when I was sixteen. Guys used to hit on me all the time. I always had a boyfriend. I'm a gay guy here and so my appearance, as much as I hate it, is something that I really rely on. I like to look good for other people. I want someone to to notice how fucking hard I'm trying to clear my skin! I also typically take twelve vitamins. I drink at least two liters of water a day. I constantly watch my weight to make sure that I still feel and appear very thin. I need to control something. All I want to do is just be beautiful. I'm twenty years old and I just want to be perfect. I don't want to look like a monster anymore. I feel like I'm deformed and ugly and hideous and I would hate for anybody to feel like me. I used to be so outgoing when I was sixteen, but now I'm just incredibly introverted and often by myself and it's because of the way that I feel about myself. My life is just so meaningless and I know it's always going to be like this no matter how hard I try. I think there is really no hope that I'll ever have the perfect, beautiful skin I had when I was sixteen. I'm a college student going to art school for writing and literature and I moved from Minnesota to California in the San Francisco bay area. So I'm far away from family. I just wish that I felt better about myself and that I had a man who loved me. But to be honest, I can't see anybody ever wanting to love me. I just feel so alone and trapped inside of myself. I think that I'm going to go through my life without any meaning or anyone ever really loving me besides my mother who is probably going to die and then I'll really have no one at all, I'll just be another stranger, another random face, something forgotten, something uncared for, and all because of these scars that are a constant reminder of how horrible and disgusting I am.
  25. Just wondering if anyone has tried an elimination diet for those three foods for a month. That is one topic we never read about on this board. It is like gluten or yeast but they are a different group of allergies. So, anyone allergic to those foods or tried eliminating them? http://www.detox.net.au/articles/chronic-f...ation-diet.html