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August 8, 2016
Not an effective acne treatment
Being vegetarian for 5 years and counting, I can say it's definitely a great lifestyle choice and overall brings such a great host of benefits but it certainly didn't stop me from eventually breaking out in moderate hormonal acne
June 28, 2012




* Make you binge on sandwiches, chips and other carbs. - Raised amount of carbs and soya!

* Social life suffers - meals out. Have to make separate meals for children/spouse.

* Less protein in diet, unless you are very careful.

* Still being about to eat chips, cakes and other fatty/unhealthy foods.

*More expensive

*Most vegetarian/vegan food is still highly processed. Soya/Quorn.

I'm 20, I've been vegetarian since birth and I've had acne since I was born - Neonatal acne. My mother was vegetarian while pregnant with me. This cleared up, but from the age of 11 I suffered with blackheads and whiteheads. By 13 I was suffering with nodule and cystic acne. At 15 I started Roaccutane, which cleared up the acne but it returned within 6 months. I am still vegetarian, although I believe that a vegetarian diet is actually detrimental to skin. To combat this I now consume a lot more beans for protein, have cut out most gluten and soya, take a multi-vitamin and use Omega-3 capsules along with Sulphur soap and benzoyl peroxide. I do not recommend this at all.
July 30, 2015
I'm sorry you suffered from neonatal and adolescent acne. However, individuals who experience persistent acne and eat meat on a regular basis may benefit from switching to a vegetarian diet. You shouldn't have expected results if you've been a vegetarian since birth. No diet CHANGE, no results. Simple as that.
January 29, 2012


Makes you feel great all-around
Socially responsible


Doesn't help with acne whatsoever

I'm a huge promotor of vegetarianism, but I've been vegetarian for 11 years and have had severe to moderate acne the entire time. I'm not talking about french fries and mac and cheese vegetarianism either. I love being vegetarian and overall I feel very healthy, it's a great choice, just don't make the change thinking you'll get rid of acne.
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December 27, 2011


+Skin less oily.
+Skin shines with a healthy glow.
+Smooth and silky skin.
+Eyes are brighter
+Overall feel of health and pride.


-Acne harder to manage.
-Skin got drier.
-Face was more sensitive to breakouts.

I've been a vegetarian for almost a year now due to my love for animals. Acne wasn't a large part of my decision, but I DID think it would help. I don't know if it was just a coincidental time during puberty, but I did notice my facial acne becoming harder to manage and control. The skin on my face became much more sensitive to products and touching. Back and chest acne became more severe. I did, however, seem to glow and my skin is much smoother on my face. I made the change a year ago at age 15, so I don't know if this change could directly be linked to my diet change. I gave up all meats and AVOIDED dairy products. I will never go back to eating meat no matter how severe my acne.
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