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September 27, 2014
Thumbs up!
I love love love using olive oil for my skin & lips. I started using olive oil last summer for deep tanning and I noticed that my skin was really improving. So I did some research and a loot of people were saying that olive oil was really good for their skin. I decided to stop using all my cleansers and moisturizers (which were burt bee's and say yes to tomatoes..mostly all naturally because I HATE chemicals/non organic crap) and just strictly use olive oil. I made up a routine for myself, which is every night before I go to bed I remove my makeup off with the olive oil and water. I massage the oil into my skin, wash it off with water and then take paper towel and wipe off all the makeup/oil and then once more wash my skin with water (use ONLY warm water, not hot or cold). I pat dry my face and apply nothing else on my skin after. Then in the morning I would only wash my face with water (again no moisturizer or anything). Using olive oil every night allowed my skin to become more moisturized, shinier and softer, and it gave me a more even skin tone. I also use olive oil on my lips in order to make them smooth and shiny. I am so glad I switched to using strictly olive oil for my skin because I have seen huge results. I have always had acne since freshmen year of high school and no matter what moisturizers or face washes I used, nothing helped. This truly is MY miracle beauty product. I can't speak on behalf of everyone because everyones skin is different but it works for me! I would definitely give it a try!! Just make sure that if you're going to be using olive oil, buy a really good one in a glass bottle and store it in a cool, dry place.
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September 20, 2014
Oils depend on the skin type
I tried some different types of oils and olive was one of them. It did not work for me! But doesnt mean it wont work for anyone. After i had tried coconut and olive oil. I came acroos a website that put the oils into cathegories. I wish i could find it again and link it. Point is, there are two substances oils mainly have X and Y. Cathegories were divided into what had less amount of Y, less for X or equal... and what worked better for what skin type... so coconut oil worked the less for me and had more of Y, Oilve oil didnt work either and had equals mount... so i tried grapeseed oil which had more of X and it worked for me :D so if u have tried 2 of this and nun, try the 3rd.
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August 7, 2014
Love it.
It makes my skin super soft. What I do is every 3 days I use a scrub with olive oil and sugar and just scrub away. Then I just wash it off with water. Since oil and water don't mix the olive oil will still be there so it'll moisturize your face. The other days I just apply olive oil and then I wash with a mild cleanser. Since olive oil breaks down the sebum that your clogs pores then I just wash it off so the residue of the clogged pores won't stay there. Then I just apply a little of olive oil for moisturizer and wipe off the excess with a paper towel. I started using it a week ago.
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January 20, 2014
Miracle product, if not I can explain your mistake


Gets rid of acne
Corrects skin tone, natural sunscreen
Fades all types scars, even deep ones


BEWARE of fraud extra virgin olive oil companies
Can result in terrible breakout if you use the wrong oil

One day while I was searching for a seemingly hopeless acne/acne scar cure, I came across a comment that talked about extra virgin olive oil massages. It said to massage entire face with oil for 20+ minutes, which would correct skin tone, eliminate acne, get rid of any acne scarring, and moisturize your face all at the same time. Wow, that sounded amazing, like a miracle. I bought some 'orgainic' spanish EVOO from Trader Joes and immediately started massaging that night. The next morning I woke up with a horrible breakout. Every pore clogged. But, i was an idiot and continued to massage every night. My acne started looking worse than ever before, but suprisingly my scars were fading and looking smoother after only a week. But I couldn't deal with the clogged pores so I stopped using it. Immediately after stopping my skin improved, so I believed that I was unlucky and this treatment didn't work for me. Months later I got a facial and the lady there asked how my pores got so clogged up, i told her it was most likely using EVOO. She was surprised, and told me that shouldn't happen because its noncomedogenic. So I went home and did some research. And I found out the olive oil I bought was a from a FRAUD COMPANY and it was not real extra virgin oil. Apparently, 70% of olive oils aren't 100% extra virgin, which explains why so many people are breaking out using this treatment. Look for a local oil company that you can TRUST. Do you research, invest like $10 and you will have beautiful skin for the rest of your life. I guarantee it. Don't listen to the comments saying its not for everybody and it breaks you out. Those people are using fake olive oil like I did. Wash your hands, pour a little oil in your hands, and massage semi-vigorously for 20 minutes a day. Space it out, like 5 in the mornin and 15 at night. Olive oil is a natural sunscreen too so morning application is great. Good luck and have fun with your perfect skin!
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December 30, 2013
Works well


Doesn't clog pores
Makes skin soft


Slimy feeling

Didn't get rid of acne but it calmed it down and was a good moisturizer for after face wash
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June 3, 2013
Who Knew!


Takes away inflammation in pimples
Don't wake up with breakouts all over my face
Makes skin really smooth and soft


The smell
It gets pretty messy, especially mixing with the honey

I have been using ORGANIC Extra Virgin* Olive Oil for a week now and have experienced a noticeable difference already. I mix it with organic honey and use it as a face mask for 30 minutes every night. It takes inflammation right out of my pimples and I haven't had a crazy breakout since I've been using it (knock on wood). It also has been helping with the redness in my face as well. I am not giving it 5 stars quite yet because I want to give it at least 2 weeks to a month to really see what it can do for my face.
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April 2, 2013




Broke me out

Watch out with EVOO, great for consuming, not so great on the skin. I tried the OCM (oil cleansing method) with olive oil, and broke out it thousands of tiny infected pimples which took MONTHs to resolve. Because of this, I threw myself in a terrible viscious circle of irritating my skin with topicals to resolve the acne, which in turn caused more acne, etc... Watch out with olive oil or the oil cleansing method. It is NOT for everyone. You've been warned.
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January 25, 2013


I had very oily skin as a young teen being only 14. I was afraid of the acne that would soon breakout. I washed my face with water crazy, until I had dry and oily skin. I went to a camp over the summer where I met 4 Italian kids with great skin. They recomended Extra Virgin Olive Oil for treatment. They used Extra Virgin Olive Oil for everything, and they were so healthy and young looking. They had Extra Virgin Olive Oil with them in their suitcase.


They had oil put in a bottle for me. I tried it every night. 1.Wash face with water. 2. Massage a thin layer of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to face. 3. Dab face dry lightly with a washcloth.
... The next morning my face was so toned and soft. I was amazed. I used it every nught and after about three weeks...my skin was healed and I no longer have fear of acne. Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been used as a beauty product for many years in the Mediterranean.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a miracle prosuct that saved me, before acne broke out. I am so happy for my caribg Italian friends, and I love to use the oil for dry skin, and my food. Everyone should know this Mediterranean secret! It works!
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December 13, 2012


Best thing Ive used for my acne, and Ive used everything.


none. Seriously.

I use it once a day, just to wash my face. It takes makeup off better than anything and its so gentle. Just rub a little onto your (dry) face, and it will even take off waterproof makeup. Then I just wet a wash clothe and gently wipe off the makeup and excessive olive oil. Thats it. Helped my severe acne.
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November 8, 2012


- Helps to fade red marks
- Helps to get rid of blackheads
- Helps existing pimples go down without leaving a mark
- Helps soften skin and gives it a healthy glow


- A little expensive (but you get what you pay for)
- Leaves your face very oily (obviously!), so I only use it at night

My acne is sloooowly getting better, however all the pimples that I have had throughout my life have left red marks on my skin. I am very, very pale, so the marks are very noticeable and my face always looks very red due to the fact that it is covered in little red marks. These marks are allegedly supposed to fade within weeks or months, but mine seem to have lasted for years (no joke). I had heard some really good things about olive oil and since my mum uses it all the time for cooking, we already had some (so I'm not sure of the exact price - although I know extra virgin olive oil can be quite pricey). I've only been using it for about a week, but already I'm seeing some great changes! - My red marks are fading (slowly but surely!) - Existing pimples have gone down without leaving a red mark - I haven't had any new bad pimples (and that is really uncommon for me, especially at this time of the month!) - The new pimples that I got were tiny and went away overnight - The blackheads that I've had for about 4 years on my nose are going too - My skin has a really healthy glow and it's super soft I only use the olive oil at night because it makes your face too greasy to use during the day. I wash my face with Cetaphil, then I massage on some EVOO and leave it there for 10-15 minutes. Then I wash it off, rub a cotton wool ball soaked in green tea over my face and I'm done! I would really recommend olive oil. It's all natural and has done some really great things for my skin!
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December 9, 2016
Can I leave the olive oil for a night?