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Benzoic acid (6%), Salicylic acid (2.5%), Precipitated sulfur (4.6%).

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August 20, 2007


This is a great product !! It really works, and it works fast too. I don't have trouble applying it to my skin or removing it the next morning at all !!
I don't have anymore acne and my skin is flawless now.


the pros definately surpass the cons

I used the one some of the reviewers here suggested, the one with the yellow label that says 'new formula' and is made in Malaysia. I definately did not have trouble removing it at all. Even a thin almost invisible layer of the cream over the acne does the trick the next morning and it is gone. My friend uses the one from India and has some trouble with it so she suggested I buy this one and compare it. I got it from Ebay, don't know where else has it though. Overall I am Very Very satisfied with this product. It is reasonably priced for something that seems will last a long long time and seem to work on many other skin problems besides acne/pimples. I am hooked on these old-world products that have lasted the test of time, some of these things are the real deal, Nixoderm is the real deal. So many fancy new products on the market with crazy prices try to take our money for products that don't work as well. Definately take a pause to see what our previous generations have been using.
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January 24, 2007


Inexpensive, dries skin out-which can clear up some blemishes (but Nixoderm dries out the skin too much)


Burn's extremely, skin eventually start's to peel, stink's, dries skin out too much, constant redness like a light sunburn, does NOT make pimples/blemishes or scars/old mark's go away

I beared with it and really gave Nixoderm a fair trial of almost three week's. This product does MORE DAMAGE then good to the skin-I believe it can cause permanent damage by penetrating deeper and deeper into the skin the longer one use's it. This product may be cheap but it is STILL not worth buying. Anything that make's your face burn and hurt and peel constantly is not worth it-you may tell yourself that if it hurt's or burn's that it means it's working- NO -it does not mean that at all!! It means's it's damaging your skin, and maybe permanently! There are other item's out there that actually work that don't hurt and don't damage your skin-it just takes awhile to find what really work's for yourself-DIET and EXERCISE are the best to fight acne. I prchased mine off Ebay.
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October 19, 2006


none at all.


This stuff does not work. It only made my existing acne surface and look even more horrible than it did 2days before after I used it. This is not a miracle cream for acne sufferers. Dont be fooled you guys.

Although I hate how benzoyl peroxide dries out my skin, it is the only thing so far that contols my acne. But who wants to have extremely dry skin? Nixoderm may feel refreshing after it i son for a while, but does not clear or even control acne.