Syneron : Matrix RF/Sublative Rejuvenation

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March 20, 2011


Painless, quick, and little downtime.


Complimentary IPL at the beginning felt like hot rubberbands snapping at my face. If you normally take antihistamine's for allergies, the paperwork states that you should not, but the nurse said that I could take Zyrtec - I'm a little scared to, but my allergies are horrendous.

I had acne scarring from major pustule subdermal acne (the kind that you can't get rid of - never comes to a head and just sits under your skin creating havoc for weeks to months). The acne had left pretty horrible scars and oh, did I hear about it constantly - "what happened to her face" or "she's so ugly", or "She has a nice body, but an ugly face". I put up with that BS for many years, trying to ignore it, but gosh, did it make me feel so yuck! Friday, March 18th, I had the Matrix Sublative Rejuvination done. I see in some posts where numbers are referenced and I did hear the nurses speaking to each other saying the number, 50 among other numbers. I don't know what that means, but I'd have to say that overall, I'm pretty satisfied with this laser treatment. I have never had laser treatment done before, but did have a micro-dermabrasion* done twice and it does nothing. Today is Sunday and my swelling and redness have gone away completely. I'm feeling some scabbing coming along, so I guess that's good. My face looks so much better and I'm so happy! I know that I'll have it it done again, but it's rather expensive, so I'll have to wait. At least it didn't cost $1500.00 or $2000.00 like the CO2 and the 2 week social downtime. I just wanted to post this so that others know what to expect.
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