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July 29, 2012


left skin feeling softer
tasted yum! aahaha


clogged pores
didnt improve my acne

overall i felt like this product wasnt the 'miracle' honey i expected it to be. It was a messy routine applying it on. it didnt help that I used it as a mask overnight so.. go figure ahaha. It did nothing to improve my acne. I feel like I actually ended up with more spots, due to clogged pores. This product may work for some but for me.. not so much
July 24, 2012




Clogged up a massive amount of pores on my face, blackheads absolutely everywhere and I just hope people seeing this change their mind about buying some to put on their face.

Made things so much worse.
April 29, 2012


(This is the results of using Manuka Honey with Lemon Juice Treatments)
*Speeds up healing of pimples
*Helps get rid of whiteheads
*Speeds up the process of getting rid of hyper pigmentation (dark spots) left over from pimples


*Messy (but worth it)
*Initial purging phase
*Lemon Juice dries out the skin so some flaking or dryness (but I use the Lemon Juice mask almost everyday, so you can avoid this by reducing it down to 3 times a week)
*Requires some patience

I've had acne/acne scars for 9+ yrs so I know the devastating blow it has to your self confidence which sucks bc I'm 23 and this is supposed to be my "prime". I have active pimples, whiteheads, post acne dark spots, and pitted scars (I was a picker for 9+ years and it shows). I used strong BP face wash and spot treatments for 3 years with little to no relief. 3 weeks ago I started using Lemon Juice mask and Manuka Honey Masks. I first exfoliate using St Ives Green Tea scrub (St Ives apricot scrub every other day for more exfoliation). It's VERY IMPORTANT to exfoliate when using honey and lemon masks. I dry my skin and squeeze half a lemon all over my face (It'll sting and itch, if you have sensitive skin, dilute with water). I let it dry for an hour. I then rinse that off with water ONLY. I pat my skin dry and then apply Manuka Honey all over my face and keep that on for as long as I can until I'm about ready for bed (anywhere from 1 hr-5hrs). I rinse that off using just water, pat my skin dry, and apply lotion (use oil free. I have oily skin and I used to not wear lotion until I realized I was ruining my skin by skipping this step, so don't skip!). I will warn you guys, for me personally, I had an initial purging phase for about the first week maybe a little longer. Meaning when I first started using I had clusters of whiteheads appear and got a few pimples. I think that was the honey bringing the underlying gunk up to the surface. But I stuck with it and the whiteheads cleared away pretty quick and the pimples came to a head (as much as I was tempted to, I didn't pick at them) and went away quick. 3 weeks later? 90% of whiteheads are gone I only have one small pimple on my chin which is already near its end phase of almost disappearing Dark spots have lightened about 25% -35%(taking some time, but definitely fading) No change for pitted scars (wasn't expecting any) Not an overnight miracle, but for me it's work
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January 11, 2012


Tightened pores
Cleaned out blackheads & pores
You can feel it working!
Also great in green tea, yum!


EXPENSIVE (compared to medication its not I guess, but its all relative.)
Not 'overnight/miracle cure'

I bought Wedderspoon Manuka honey ( 16+ active, raw, organic) at Whole Foods Market. It was very expensive and at 27, having suffered from acne for 14 years I was very skeptical. First let me start off by saying I have tried every prescription, OTC product there is. Accutane worked wonders for me years ago but I began getting hormonal/jaw breakouts after my kids were born. I still use Retin A every other night. I have never used anything that has made my skin so wonderful. I used to wash my face at night and I could still feel little bumps on my skin, clogged pores and blackheads I guess. Since I have been using the honey my skin is completely smooth, I haven't developed 1 new pimple in the 2 weeks I have been using. This is in itself amazing! I use the honey as a mask ever other night for 2 hours. I then wash,pat my face dry and use a pea sized amount of Retin A. The other nights I use a very small amount of Eucerin on my face to keep it from drying and so it stays supple. This combo has been like nothing I have ever tried! My face is not completely clear I still have red marks from where I had a few pimples but they have healed and just waiting for the red to fade. My skin is now like baby soft new skin. Like I said no new pimples and just a few red marks I am waiting for to disappear. This stuff is worth a try. I have been suffering more than 1/2 my life with acne and I wish I knew about this sooner. Ironically I spent my late teens and early 20's working in a health food store, if only I would have known...TRY IT! (note you can taste a medicinal flavor so not good to eat but ok in green tea, so not total waste if it doesn't work for your skin.) GOOD LUCK
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September 14, 2011


Cleared up moderate acne from medication breakout within a week.
Greatly reduces redness and irritation.
Gives a beautiful glow to my skin that I've NEVER had.
yummy lol


Sticky and messy.
Don't put too much on or it will drip.

I had mediocre expectations of this product. I went and bought raw manuka honey 15+ after I had a horrible initial breakout from a retinoid, and the NEXT DAY almost all the firey red zits on my chin (about 15) had flattened and become non-inflamed. This definitely speeds up the healing process!! I used this as a mask for the first few days at night, then switched to the morning. Now I use it as a mask few times a week, leaving it on between 30 min to an hour, and spot treat if a small pimple if forming. I can feel it actually working, but there is no stinging, tingling, or burning. My friend commented how my skin is glowing and she thought I had makeup on. I told her I didn't but that I've been using this stuff and she couldn't believe it. It has smoothed my blotchy dry and pink skin, and made it very soft. I feel my T-zone is more balanced. I bought it at a farmers market, and I do not care what the price is. I've wasted thousands of dollars on harsh prescription drugs that just made my skin worse. Just simply try this! From a woman who has been struggling with acne for a decade and tried EVERYTHING (even accutane), this is almost a miracle treatment. If you're paranoid you'll breakout, test spot it first.
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September 6, 2011


Very good! Cleared up some spots in a few days.


Sticky [obviously?!]

I have a spoonful of this each night and dab some on occasionaly, seems to work.
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September 2, 2011


-Improves acne scars
-Slowly Improves outbreaks


-Washing face after use makes it redder for 1/2 hours

I started to use this when i couldn't use any other medication for my acne, first of all: it's natural, which meant a lot better for the body, plus it softens the skin. Although my acne didn't improve within the next 3/4 days, it started to clear up a bit on the 5th day, after that it's been getting better with a few outbreaks, but as it tones really well it leaves your spots unrecognisable. Although it's annoying having to wash it of every morning as it leaves you with a red face, leaving it on over night really helps. I also found that with Manuka and drinking Grean Tea (2 cups a day) it seems to have combination effects which really minimilise effects of acne. Use this if you have bad acne you will see results usually within 5/6 days, with my sister it took 6 days.
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August 14, 2011


Reduces redness
Heals spots
Softer skin


Sticky and a bit expensive

Everyone should give this a go!
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August 5, 2011


This is really the bees knees,its a miracle in a me...youll love it by how it tightens ur skins moisturises it and discenfets it as well....and the price is a little scary but its all purpose so its reasonable....YOU NEED TO TRY THIS!



EVERYONE SHOULD BE USING THIS those people in new zealand really know how to harvest fresh clean honey.
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July 4, 2011


- reduces inflammatory acne dramatically
- lightens skin, reduces redness significantly
- less swelling, spots heal fast


- just a bit sticky!

I am in love with manuka honey. I admit that I get annoyed using it sometimes, because it's honey (so it's a little sticky, gets in my hair, drips if applied too thickly, etc). However, the results far outweigh the "hassle" in my opinion! If you read up on manuka honey, it is the highest quality, most potently antibacterial honey you can buy. The cost is due to the fact that it is harvested in remote locations in New Zealand, and the highest quality manuka can only be extracted from wild manuka blossoms! So please don't hate on the price too much, you really, really do get what you pay for. And it is the bomb--if my memory serves me, medical practice during wartime soaked bandages in manuka honey, to encourage healing of open wounds and prevent bacterial infection. There are stories of manuka honey curing all types of skin diseases. It is just a wonderful discovery, and all you have to do is press click on the checkout on Amazon (or wherever, go to Whole Foods lol)! If you're confused by the numbers seen on the bottles (12+, 16+, 20+), that is the "unique manuka factor," which is a standardized scale to explain the potency and quality of the manuka in the honey. Beware of some companies, who claim to have high-grade manuka but really don't! I wouldn't trust "MGO" ratings (which scale around 250+ to 500+), but just UMF ratings. The 12+ will be the cheapest, sure, but the quality makes a huge difference from 12+ to 16+, and it was well worth the money in my opinion. It's hard to find a good company that sells 20+, but Watson & Son's "Black Label" seems promising. I'm waiting for it to be sold online. As for 16+ manuka, results can be seen the next day. Just look at all your blemishes: applying manuka honey for a couple hours (just slather it on, and go watch some TV!) will reduce the size of these spots in half, and inflammation will reduce immediately. When you suffer a breakout, don't be afraid to try this! Add some Aztec Healing Cl
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