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March 27, 2024
Not for me.
I like how it gives the skin a glow and softens it. But that's it. It breaks me out every time. No matter what anyone says about honey being antibacterial and so not supposed to cause acne, the fact is it's just way too thick in general to sit on my skin and feels like it suffocates my pores. It's also not a good moisturizer despite it supposedly being a humectant. It leaves a slightly dry feeling film on my skin and the next morning I've noticed a few dry flaky areas.
March 11, 2019

this is super great for redness ect. 

August 21, 2018
The only this to fix my acne scaring
I put straight Manuka honey onto my face and left for 20 minutes then washed off with face washes rinsed with warm water (took a few face washers to get off) then applied rose hip oil and lastly moisturiser. The next day there were so many people already commenting on the drastic change. The following day I repeated same process but left on for 60 minutes. I only apply a small amount of rose hip oil as it can cause me to break out. I am excited to see the progress after each mask
August 16, 2018
How I cured my acne
I have had perfectly clear skin for the past 6 months using this product. I started having horrible hormonal acne breakouts following going off my pill (Diane 35) in November 2016. By June 2017 my face was a mess, huge cystic acne on my chin, jawline and neck. Things I tried that did NOT work: Clinique anti-blemish solutions regime, Clarisonic, benzoyl peroxide gel, Azalaic acid gel, Apple cider vinegar (drinking and as a toner), spearmint tea, (you can see I was starting to get desperate at this point), Estroblock, Cod liver oil... What finally and miraculously worked for me was this regime: Removing my makeup with organic witch hazel; Washing my face with Manuka honey (the first few weeks I'd leave it on as a mask for 10 minutes then wash it off, but now I just wash quickly in the shower); Moisturising with organic aloe Vera gel (which, by the way, is the best makeup primer I have ever used!). I'm absolutely so happy with my regime. It's simple and has worked SO WELL for me. For me personally, harsh and nasty chemicals may have even made my problem worse. Treating my skin with gentle natural products was the best call I ever made!!
August 15, 2018
So glad I found this!!!
I've had mild-moderate acne since I was around 11, and although I've not had it for too long as I'm 13 now, it was getting to the point when I just wanted my skin to be clear cause it seemed like everyone else around me had beautiful amazing skin. So this summer holiday I decided I would clear my skin before school started, and thanks to a jar of Manuka Honey it's almost cleared up, after having used it for only 3 days so far!! Of course, it would take longer for more severe acne but I recommend trying it out! Every night, I wash my face with just water as I've decided to not use any other products, and then an hour before getting into bed I spread a thin layer of Manuka Honey on my face. Although it is a pain to sleep with i don't mind it as 1) I will honestly do anything for clear skin and 2) I put a towel underneath my head anyway. I really recommend it and although it is expensive in places I got a one ounce jar (28 grams) from Morrison's for £3! Although it's not a lot it works and you don't need a lot at once so i can see it lasting me at least a month!
February 14, 2018
Patience and this will WORK!!
I'm a 26 year old male with mild/moderate acne. I NEVER ever write reviews because products are never black or white. Everyone's acne is so different that it's hard to generalize and assure something will work. Except for this. Manuka Honey. Holy sh@I!! So Im someone who's had acne since I was 15 Never horrible but consistent enough that it's seems ever present in my life. Recently, however, I experienced a breakout like no other. Cysts, nodules, Whitehead's. They didn't all come at ones but in waves So some would clear up after weeks and others would come. Demoralizing to say the least I always used a BP face wash and spot treatment that seemed to control my face for years. But not this breakout. My skin was over drying, acne on my jawline and cheeks. I had enough and went on a mission to find something different. I stumbled onto Manuka Honey. Never heard of it. Never used natural products. Never even gave it a thought. But the reviews were so good I took a shot in the dark and Im glad I did. So onto the Manuka Honey I used Steens Manuka Honey umf 15 I used it as a mask daily morning and night after cleansing my face with my regular bp cleanser. I just applied the honey on dry face with nothing added and left it for an hour. washed it away and would dab and use it as spot treatment after washing. First week I 'purged' But I'm talking about 3-4 Whiteheads that cleared up in a matter of days. I kept at it and it is now week 2. Every single one of my cysts (there were 3) are deflated...never came to a head but no longer painful and can barely see them. Whitehead's and nodules came to a head 10x faster than ever!!! Two days and pimples were out. I'm not 100% clear but it's night and day And it's all Manuka Honey. Seriously. No bs Exfoliate and keep a cleanser that you like but use it as a mask and especially as a spot treatment and you won't regret it! It's amazing And people. Change your diets. It's also crucial. Find what affects you and avoid it. For me it's sugar. Find your kryptonite But Manuka Honey is the real deal. It's natural and it's soothing. It moisturizes your skin and leaves it soft and clean!! And this is coming from a dude. Haha Try it out guys and be patient with it
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July 24, 2017
Used once, can already see a change
Since I hit 20 I've had mild - moderate acne and it has always made me feel quite depressed and constantly self conscious. In my head I feel like people look at me and think "she would be quite pretty if she didn't have red boils on her cheeks"...people probably don't actually think this as often as I think they do, but it still brings down my self esteem. I have a boyfriend and he tells me how lovely and pretty I am all the time, but it's just a personal opinion of my own that I feel ugly. I think it has turned into a obsession. I've used so many different products, but I can tell it's obviously hormonal, as since I began to get spotty on my cheeks, I noticed light blue hairs on my sideburns, not obvious, but I go to the gym and work in a bar so can get sweaty and I think the dirt gets trapped in the hairs, then into my pores leading to angry red bumps, a few being quite large. I've used Manuka honey 10 with oats overnight, I've woken up and can see a change! It's annoying sleeping in the mask but I'm willing to do it if it keeps them at bay. Right now I have it mixed with lemon and turmeric as a spot on treatment and will probably do it again tonight, the face mask only a could or times a week. I want to include be benzoyl peroxide but a lot less then I was before, as I kept applying it maybe 3-4 times a day and it made it better at first but then just made it angrier! But pleaee try Manuka Honey, one use and it is probably the best thing I have used since last year, other than benzoyl peroxide. I have very sensitive skin. Look into natural remedies rather that acne fighting ones, people with acne, women mostly have very soft sensitive skin, especially if you're pale like me! I've used the wrong products my whole life, strong alcohol and fragrances that have made it all worse! Aloe Vera is also a good one for scars or just general very red spots!
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May 26, 2017
Use with caution pls.
I am a guy and tried applying Manuka Honey on face between 5-10 times. Tried it because during certain periods of time, my face has dry and out of curiosity i tried it instead of chemical men facial wash. Manuka honey will make your face very smooth and white easily. However, after long usage, you will realize that will you have a different tone of skin color from your body and this is irreversible( even after 3 years, i do not use any facial wash except for normal soap). Honest opinion, not recommended for guys to use as you will be mistaken for the gay impression look by people after several usage; because of the smooth and white skin. Perhaps 1 or twice with little spread.
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May 24, 2017
Manuka Honey will change your acne life!!! (if you know how to use it right)
I have struggled with mild to moderate acne off and on for years now. In high school my dad sent me to an Acne Clinic, even though my acne wasnt even bad at the time, which worked but I hated taking the Vitamin A Acid prescription they gave me because it made my skin peel and it felt dry. Plus my dermatologist told me to not moisturize my face, only put on sun screen, which I disagreed with cuz that made my skin even more dry. Plus it was expensive. So long story short, I stopped going. Recently I have had an acne spike, I believe it had to do with my switch in birth control to the 'progestin only pill' (the combination pill is what helps acne) which is said to make acne symptoms worse. However, Manuka honey seemed to subside my acne in a very short time, instead of going to a dermatologist and spending lots of money, I used manuka honey (along with others things) to help my skin. I have used manuka honey as a mask for a while, but that seemed to not work that well for me. Once I started using it as a spot treatment overnight, that is when I saw a change in my skin. I was against using it as a spot treatment for a while because I didnt want to ruin my sheets with honey, but I decided to try it and wrap gauze over the affected area to prevent it from getting on my sheets WHICH WORKED!!!! this brought down my acne drastically in just 2 DAYS!!!! however, my acne was moderate so if you have severe acne it might take a little longer to show results. Also, if you care about the other products I used along with the manuka honey, these are the following products I use and stand by (all natural btw): sulfur soap, rosehip seed oil, and shea butter. I also used clean and clear acne spot treatment which works good aswell but I think I might switch that out with manuka honey. The sulfur soap really removes dirt and kills bacteria, the rosehip oil acts like Vitamin A Acid (Retin A) without the peelings which I use at night, and the shea butter I use as a morning moisturizer which makes skin even and protects it from the sun. I abide by these products, they really do the job without the harsh chemical aspect.
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February 16, 2017
Saved me so much stress, and helped with epiduo
This is the first, and probably only review, i'll do on here. I used to have the odd spot as a teen (i'm now 23), yet recently I have suffered with persitent and terribly frustrating acne. I went to Ghana for three months where I took doxycycline daily as an anti-malarial, this cleared my skin up completely! Sadly, when I got back I got very sunburnt and developed a rash under the skin along my forehead - still a mystery (derm says its 'probably' keratosis pilaris - and then the acne crept back, with a vengeance. To shorten things down, i've never had acne as bad as i've had it recently. I'd been through zinaryt with mixed success, a doctor prescribed me differin, but I didn't use it because of photosensitivity (I thought my forehead rash was from the sun), and I am now on Lymecycline and Epiduo, previously just Lymecycline. If like me, you get stressed and can struggle with your confidence due to bad skin, I strongly reccommend Manuka honey. I confess, I often pick spots - bad idea - yet, when I have broken skin or telling red marks, manuka honey heals them sooooo quickly. Furthermore, I do a manuka honey facemask which makes my skin super soft, less inflamed, and effectively diminishes my blackheads (as well as healing broken skin). It is also great for fighting off colds, trust me (i'm a natural sceptic!). To conclude, Maunka honey has saved me so much stress. You know the feeling when you've picked a spot you shouldn't have and are worried it will be terrible the next day - apply Manuka and you worry not. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't cure acne, but using a little on top of spots or scratches, and occassionally as a mask is a great method! I use UMF 20+. PS. Sudocrem is also great for helping skin to heal. Best of luck, I know only too well, of late, how depressing acne can be, but often the stress derives from my own obsession; most people have either been through and empathise, are mature and don't care, or, often, don't notice as much as our anxious selves would expect! x
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February 26, 2017
February 26, 2017