Tetralysal : Lymecycline Oral Antibiotic

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Active Ingredient:

Other Ingredients:
Magnesium Stearate and Colloidal Hydrated Silica, Gelatin, titanium dioxide (E171), erythrosine (E127), quinoline yellow (E104) and indigotine (E132).

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October 13, 2023
It didn't work at all, and side effects include permanent vision loss ( I didn't experience that either though)
August 22, 2023
I've been on this for nearly 5 months now, and it's definitely been working!! I'm just really scared the acne will come back when I go off it (my derm said i probably will have to.) Hopefully it stays away, I will update in a few months? :)
June 10, 2020
very impressed. (my skin is clear)

im very impressed with lymecycline. within a week it has seems to have completely switched off my adult acne and completely cleared my facial redness.

as it has also stopped my body over producing sebum, making my pores shrink.


December 8, 2019

Didn’t do anything for me no noticeable changes at all:(

September 28, 2019
Only thing thats worked for me!

This treatment may not work for everybody, however it really did work for me in conjunction with benzoyl peroxide (see pics)

I have suffered from acne for over 7 years and have tried so many different treatments e.g. different variations of the pill, adapelene, zineryt etc, however nothing has worked as well as this antibiotic!

Bear in mind my acne got way worse for the first 4 weeks of taking it, then began to clear up. I took it for 6 months (with no side effects!) and have been off it for 2 months now, and my skin has stayed clear without it. I'd recommend giving it a go, might not be for everybody but its the only treatment that has cleared my skin and kept it clear (minus scarring)




August 22, 2023
Hey, I'm quite close to going off lymecycline, and so far it has fully cleared up my skin- I'm just really scared to go off it. Has your skin stayed clear without taking it? I'm sorry I know this was posted like 4 years ago 😭
March 7, 2019
Don't take if you don't need.

I've been on this five years which is crazy but it works I will soon become ammune to it sigh which leads to dangerous fronts, people who review it and say anything about 4 weeks or anything know little or nothing about skin care and treatments

December 16, 2018
Didn't really do much at all

I used this for about 8 1/2 months and I had acne on my cheeks, neck, back and forehead and occasionally my chin (just some background, I had oily skin). The type of acne I had was more like a rash so my whole face was covered in small bumps under the skin with red lumps on my forehead and neck and back etc. It got rid of some of the red lumps but NOT the rash type acne under my skin at all. This DID work don't get me wrong, but only to a certain degree. It didn't completely clear up my face, however, it did work a bit. I would say its a starting point but I wouldn't go back on it as it didn't really do anything for me 

July 11, 2018
Great for hormonal acne
I've stopped taking it now because I just couldn't be bothered and so I do get some spots but not very many sometimes my skin is clear it just doesn't look it's coz of the blackheads and scarring but I'm pretty sure if I carried on taking it my acne scars would've been fading by now
May 8, 2018
My experience with lymecycline
Excellent results for the skin. I can't remember the last time my skin was this clear and in good condition as after taking this medication. It did exactly what it was supposed to do. I was taking Lymecycline for four months. The first two months I took two pills per day, and the remaining two months I took one pill per day. As side effects I got a fungus infection in my ear (which I'm currently getting treatment for) and my teeth became yellow. The front teeth have a slight dark stripe. My skin also got very photosensitive and I got red itchy stains on my knees and on the neck but those disappeared quite quickly. But then again you can't take a strong antibiotic like this and expect no side effects.
April 4, 2018
The Experience So Far
Hey everyone, I am new to the website and I thought I would write about my experience so far regarding Lymecycline for those who are not sure whether to start a course. I have been struggling with acne since I was 13. It started off very very mild and I would have small whiteheads there and there, this would usually be a minor issue. As I started turning 14 the spots were getting bigger and they started appearing all over my face, particularly on my forehead and chin. I didn't think much of it at the time as I was told spots were a normal part of growing up. I started wearing foundation to cover them up and everything was fine, at that point. A year later in the summer time I started noticing that I was getting red dots on my shoulders and chest. I was quite worried and asked my parents what this was and their response was "it's just spots they will go away by themselves." Even though I was told that, I became very self concious when it came to wearing things that showed off my back or chest. Next came neck spots. Not on the back of my neck but at the front. They were usually underneath my jawline but I did get them on my neck too. I am 17 now and I still suffer with all these problems. The acne that appears on my face is very rarely whiteheads but just red pimples and they're mostly everywhere. The acne on my chest is actually very very mild and I rarely get pimpes there but when I do theyre also red "un popable" pimples. My back is clear apart from the top of it and the shoulders. The shoulders tend to break out quite a bit in those red small pimples and the top of my back usually breaks out in painful but small pimples. The front of my neck gets a small red pimple now and again, but they're very painful and mainly whiteheads. To add to all this, I've been getting pimples on my booty. For the past 2 years I decided that I would live with the acne until it disappeared on it's own. This is not a bad idea as teenage acne USUALLY does clear up by itself as you enter adulthood. The winter time for me has always been good, as I am able to cover up the acne on my body with jumpers, sweaters etc. But when it comes to the summer time, I always become depressed. I want to wear clothes that will keep me cool but it's so hard not to feel self conscious. Therefore I always stick to clothes that cover me. When it comes to the beach I am VERY self conscious, but I know this is my only time to make them less visible because of tanning. A couple weeks ago I experienced the WORST outbreak I could possibly imagine. It started from the side of my neck to the centre. All red whiteheads that hurt me even when not touching them. I was so upset. I already suffer from depression for other reasons so you could only imagine how triggering this was for me. I couldn't feel worse. I cried about it multiple times and felt like I didn't want to live anymore. I am going away with my boyfriend and his family in July and I decided that acne CANNOT be an issue for me anymore. By the way, my boyfriend is very supportive of my acne, he's the only one that can make me feel better about my situation. I saw my GP and told him about my issue and he prescribed me Lymecycline and 5% benzyl peroxide gel face wash to use every day and night. So far I have been using the medication for 2 weeks and I haven't seen much difference. Although, the redness on my face has gone down a bit as well as the pimples I get aren't big or full of pus. They also usually start to dissapear the next day. But that may be the face wash. I only use the face wash at night time as it really dries my face out. I am on a 6 week course with the Lymecycline and have been told to come back after it's over in order to see if I need more Lymecyline which I think I will. The only side effects I have had is minor diarrhoea, a rash around my neck which is now disappearing and a itchy neck overal. I am very so sorry that this post is so long but I just wanted to tell my situation just in case someone is going through the same thing. I would really like to make my own post on here as I would love to document my experience but not sure how to do it. I hope that anyone who tries this medication gets the results they want! Be patient as I heard this particular medication takes a while to properly kick in! Good luck! :)