Burt's Bees : Garden Tomato Toner

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Water (Purified), SD Alcohol 40B from Yellow Corn, Vegetable Glycerin, Extract of Cucumber, Green Tea, Parsley, Tomato, Bilberry, Sugar Cane (sugar maple, orange and lemon), Fragrance.

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July 11, 2009


i am in love with the smell, which is one of the few reasons i'm still using it! it cleans excess oils and products off your skin very well, and is supposed to restore the ph balance of your skin.


i'm not sure if it was this product or the garden tomato soap by burt's that made me break out worse but whatever it was, it made my acne double in amount of pimples and was inflamed and bright red.

the product is not good for those with acne, especially on the cheeks and chin like myself (only two places i get it - i hear that means its hormonal), at least not to use like a regular toner. because i love the smell and feeling of its initial work on my skin, i use it as a prep for the neutrogena advanced acne solutions system i'm finishing up before switching to the neutrogena oil free acne wash instead (has MORE salicylic acid!). it removes all the excess stuff from my skin to make the way clear for the real product to do its thing. =) so if you don't have bad acne or want to use it like i do, i think it's a good idea. its also said to dry skin but my skin is so oily i rarely use moisturizer (just around my eyes) and it didn't dry me out.
June 1, 2009


Made my face less oily.


Didn't clear up my acne.

It's a good product if you don't have much acne, but if you do I would recommend trying something else.
May 2, 2009


Smells, nice, it's burt's bees, feels clean when using out


Made me brefak out

I was looking for a toner that would NOT make me break out. I used this for about a week and it totally made my forehead break out into a ton of pimples, when I only had a couple before. I also noticed that my pimples became more red and swollen. I don't suggest you using this if you have acne-prone skin. But other than that , I think it'd be good. My roommate uses it, and she has clear skin. She loves it.