Clean & Clear : Essentials Foaming Facial Cleanser

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Water, Triethanolamine, Myristic Acid, C9 15 Alkyl Phosphate, Lauric Acid, Glycerin, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance, Methylparaben, BHT, Proplyparaben, Ethylparaben, Red 4, Yellow 10.

Items marked with red have tested a 3 or above (out of 5) in comedogenic (pore-clogging) testing.

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February 23, 2008


Does not irritate my sensitive oily skin. Removes all the oil from my skin without overdrying. Face doesn't feel tight after washing it off.


Have to use a scrub & an oil-free acne wash twice a week for my acne, but otherwise I love it.

I use this in 5 days a week out of the 7 morning and night because I have very sensitive oily skin. On the other two days, I expoliate with St. Ives apricot scrub and a oil-free acne wash. I can't use the oil-free acne wash everday because it strips my skin, peeling begins, and my face feels tight. If you have sensitive acne prone (I have only a few pimples here and there) use this product in conjuction with other acne products, just not as often.
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December 4, 2007


Cheap, gentle, does the job.



Why spend lots of money for a basic cleanser? You don't need fancy ingredients that will just wash down the drain. Save that for your gels and creams that you put on after. And for the reviews that said it contains mineral oil and/or alcohol - check the ingredients again, mine doesn't list either.
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October 8, 2007


very affordable



clean and clear products contain mineral oil which in effect leave your pores clogged it also contains menthol which gives the feeling "clean" skin although in fact it is doing the opposite while it may work at first because of its high concentration of skin drying ingredients, clean and clear will make you break out eventually because it contains mineral oil which can reak havocs on your skin
September 29, 2007


smells good, easy to work into a lather. same ingredients as purpose (good move johnson & johnson making $$ on 2 of the same products w/ different names!)


wish i didn't have to use with an additional medication but the BP gel has been good i suppose.

i have developed cystic acne over the past year (i'm 27 with no real past acne problems)..i was basically becoming depressed not knowing what to do with my face. purpose worked ok for a couple of years but maybe i just got used to it and it stopped working? i recommend to give this stuff a far so good.
September 11, 2007


cleans your skin


doesnt really do anything to prevent acne besides clense your face

i highly recomend for clensing but not for acne treatment it will leave your skin feeling clean but you should follow up with acne lotion or cream
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April 10, 2007
did nothing except create three major zits on my right cheek. and that was the only place that was clear! and for the people that said to use the astringent. whatever you do NEVER use it!!!!! i used the cleanser witht the astringent and its for sensitive skin and the astringent made my face red and irritated and caused a major acne breakout. IT CONTAINS ALCOHOL.
October 29, 2006


Doesen't dry out, doesen't irriate, removes everything off face


Hard to get open, had to buy c&c sen. skin astringent to get rid of my pimples

If you have sensitive oily skin, buy this now!!! This stuff is the bomb!!! It contains no chemicals so it won't irraite. The only thing is that I had to buy the c&c sen. skin astringent to get rid of my pimples. If you think that's a problem, all those other cleansers out there have all sorts of chemicals in them and that can irriate your pimples more while this doesen't. So if you have sensitive oily skin, BUY THIS!!!
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