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November 14, 2020

Excuse my english, i’m from Europe but i want to share my experience and i want to help other people with acne. 


So i will share my story first: i was on birthcontrol since i was 15. When i got 18 i suddenly developed very bad acne. I did not know where it came from so i decided to quit with birthcontrol. My acne cleared up so fast and i was so happy. I thought that i defeated the acne problem and that i could continue with beautiful skin. Well i was wrong!! 6 months after quitting birthcontrol i got the acne back. And this time it was worse, i was so sad and i tried almost every supplement there was. I knew it came from the inside and that it was hormonal. 


So i tried DIM and after two weeks i saw a small improvement, but i still got breakouts. After a month my skin was again a little better but i still got breakouts and i had a lot of texture. I continued taking the pills but things stayed a little the same, so i decided that i wanted to combine it with spearmint tea. And oh boy, i’m so glad i did. I’m now drinking two cups of spearmint tea and i am taking 250 mg of dim daily and it helped my skin so much!! I’m now drinking spearmint tea for a little longer than two weeks and my skin is so much better. My skin is not perfect yet, but i have been taking DIM for two months and spearmint tea for a little longer than two weeks. I really hope that my skin will clear up completely but I finally have hope again! 


I do have a lot of scars left but that will be allright! Just give dim time to work and combine it with spearmint tea. That way you don’t have to worry that your estrogen is dropping to low, because spearmint tea raises estrogen. So basically your estrogen will stay good. I tried a lot of other suppelements like b5, saw palmetto, evening primrose oil, vitex etc. B5 and saw palmetto broke me out very badly. Evening primrose oil gave me panic attacks and vitex gave me depression. So dim and spearmint tea are the only ones that are good for me.

I know this is a very long review but i hope that i have helped some people with my experience, since i know how destroying acne can be for your mental health.


March 5, 2019
Takes a while, but 100% worth it!

So, I have never written a review on anything but I feel as though I have to write a review about DIM because it is well and truly AMAZING. 

Last May, I came off the contraceptive pill Yasmin after being on it for 10 years. Over the years I'd switched between Dianette and Yasmin and although both had always agreed with me, I was getting to the stage where I didn't want to be pumping my body with synthetic hormones so I decided to build the courage and stop. Prior to being on birth control my skin was never terrible but I would always have a few spots. On BC my skin was pretty much flawless so I was dreading coming off it and actually put it off for years as I'd read countless reviews/blogs online. Anyway, the first 5 months were fine, I saw very little change and even started kidding myself that I may have gotten away with it... However, I was totally wrong. Around November my skin got considerably worse and worse. Everyday I'd wake up to at least 5 new red, swollen cystic spots around my chin/jaw line/ mouth. I was spending an absolute fortune on every skin care product out there and obsessively scanning the internet at every given possibility to find the holy grail. I was adamant from the start of coming off BC that I didn't want to go down the route of using chemical peels or any other similar medication and that I wanted to stick to taking herbal supplements to fix the hormonal imbalance within. Also I am vegetarian so i'm restricted to using/taking animal friendly products. I began to get really low and started cancelling plans, absolutely dreaded going to work (I work with the public) and all I wanted to do was stay in and cry (sounds so over the top but when you have acne of any degree, it can make you feel incredibly self conscious). 

To cut a long story short - I looked into DIM and thought I'd give it a go. I had done quite a bit of research and to be honest a lot of people advise having a hormone test as its suited towards people with estrogen dominance but I was so desperate I just began taking it. I bought the Smoky Mountain Nutrition 250mg supplement and took one a day until the bottle ran out which took two months. I have to say, for those two months, I saw very little improvement and felt so disheartened. Most bloggers I read about saw improvements within the first month or two, so I really thought it just wasn't going to work for me. After much deliberation, I decided to try it for another month and I switched to Estroblock which you can find loads about online. I decided not to buy the triple strength one as I've read taking too much DIM can cause you to break out even more so I went for the regular. I also started taking 1 Milk Thistle tablet daily as I've also read that you need to take a liver support whilst on DIM, which I wasn't doing before. And I can tell you now, I am SO glad I stuck with it! In the last 3 weeks I haven't had 1 single spot! I am literally over the moon! I know it's early days but I genuinely feel like my skin is on the way to being clear again! I can't believe it! Because my skin is improving, I'm not as stressed which I know is definitely helping.

There are a few other supplements I take as well- 1 Zinc 15mg with Copper daily (i've taken this for nearly a year) and 1 Berberine tablet daily. I also use The Body Shop Vitamin C Moisturizer, which I use evening and night. And every evening after cleansing, I use REGENACALM 2% RETINOL AND VITAMIN C SERUM which has done absolute wonders to my hyper pigmentation. Sorry if iIve gone on a bit! I just wanted to write a review to basically say to anyone feeling like they're on DIM and not seeing results to keep at it or are trying to find something to improve their acne, then give it a go! 



August 10, 2018
Helpful but not for me
After basically a decade of horrible acne and trying EVERY product I could get my hands on, I finally had my skin crystal clear, then I went off birth control pills and it was horrible again! I tried DIM for a little over a month hoping to level my hormones. Taking 2 pills per day, my skin was starting to look better but I realized it was making my period very irregular- I was just spotting instead of ever getting a period (pregnancy scare!). I cut my DIM dose and my period went almost immediately back to normal, but this lower dose is now too low to see any skin benefits. So the search continues once again :( now I'm trying another supplement called acnetame. If anyone has any questions about my DIM experience please feel free to reach out.
January 18, 2017
Estroblock- It works
I have been taking estroblock (regular strength) for a little over a month and it has completely cleared up my skin. It started working within the first week. I am a 31 year old female and have struggled with acne since I was 11. I had clear skin while on birth control but once i stopped taking my acne became pretty severe. It gave me headaches for 10 days when I first started taking it but they went away on their own and I have no had any other side effects. I read on amazon reviews that for some people it stopped working after a few months so I will make an effort to update this if something changes or every six months. Good luck everyone!
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July 10, 2017
Are you still taking this? How many mg of DIM were you taking per day?
December 20, 2017
I wanted to provide an update to my original review. I have now been taking Estroblock for about a year and it is still working perfectly. I am completely acne free and so happy. I started by taking the recommended dosage of two pills a day of regular strength but now I am less regimented about this. If I take one pill every couple of days or skip a week it still keeps me acne free. I should note that I recommended this product to my sisters who also struggle with acne and it didn't work for them. Their acne is a bit different than mine though. I used to get very inflamed acne and cysts mostly around my mouth area. I never had acne on my forehead or that type of acne which looks like a lot of small, non-inflamed pimples, so perhaps this works best for a certain type of hormonal acne. Anyway its definitely worth a shot. I can't believe there are only 6 reviews for this product. I tired so many things and this was the only one that actually worked. Wishing you all the best of luck! Don't give up, you will find something that works for you, just keep trying!
March 22, 2016
Finally-- a cure!
After 25 years of trying every single OTC & RX acne cure on the market (with only temporary or no results, I finally stumbled upon a website that recommended the DIM + Vitex treament. I couldn't believe that within 1 week, my skin was no longer bumpy and breaking out. My hormonal acne all over my skin was almost gone. After a few months now, I can say that perhaps 1 small pimple happened at PMS time, and then nothing more. One caveat: if you are taking the recommended dosage on the bottles and get headaches, add in Milk Thistle. I should have started out more slowly anyway and might have not gotten the headaches. I took 1 DIM + Vitex in the am & pm. Now up to 2 pills twice daily. --a 39 year old mother of 3)
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March 18, 2016
I've never been compelled to write a review for any product, but this one has changed my life. I have suffered from severe hormonal/cystic acne, blackheads, oily skin and scarring for most of my adult life. I have tried every supplement, diet change, face wash, antiobiotic under the sun, this is the only thing that has ever worked for me. Try it, you will not regret it!
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March 9, 2016
Believe me when I say this works especially for Hormonal Acne
A few years ago I suffered from serious breakouts on my chin and I bought DIM Plus by Nature's Way. Within a month or two my spots cleared up and after a year or so of taking the product my pimples never came back. I am on the pill now so I am back to using it as it helps ease some small breakouts which occur. It's fantastic.
November 20, 2013
Tried DIM---powerful but in the wrong way!


heart palpitations
increased acne
increased hirsutism

I began taking DIM a few months ago for PCOS (acne and hirsutism. I felt that if I could lower my androgen levels, the symptoms of PCOS would greatly improve. DIM is marketed as a potent anti-androgen, so I tried it. My face broke out more, my scalp hair began falling out more, and my arm hair got thicker and it started t grow on the tops of my hands! I just kept taking it for several weeks, hoping that things would get better, but I had to stop the DIM when I started having heart palpitations. After much research, I believe that the DIM lowered my estrogen more than it lowered my testosterone. It may work for some people, but it is really potent, and it did not work for me.
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