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July 19, 2023
Reducing the consumption of dairy products not only reduced the oiliness of my skin, I also eliminated 90% of the acne on my back, followed by 100% in the chest and 70% in the face.
April 3, 2022
Unfortunately didn’t work

There is some research indicating a link between dairy and acne, however I’ve been dairy free for 6 years and did not notice any improvement in my skin! 


After being dairy free for so long, your body stops producing lactase, so you become lactose intolerant. Unfortunately now if I eat dairy I become very sick, and notice break outs… but actually stopping it did not reduce breakouts.

July 2, 2019
Didn’t work for me

Cutting out dairy has not improved my skin at all and I have also had some breakouts from soya milk and a few other dairy alternative milks so beware of that. But with that said it is definitely worth a try as it clearly works for a lot of people. I also didn’t find it difficult to do as I’m now Vegan! So defo give it a try for at least a couple months or around 7 weeks because you never know what can help. 

March 11, 2019

Went diary free for 2 months and didn't see any results. I can't do it anymore, i miss ice cream. 

October 10, 2018
helps but wasnt a miracle for me
October 2, 2018
After consuming little to no dairy for roughly 5 months (there were a couple of times where I ate it in small amounts accidentally), I will say that it cleared up my back and chest, but not my face. Nice, but not what I really cared about. I do, however, like the way my body feels now. I think by needing to avoid dairy, I've also ended up avoiding a lot of the "bad" foods I used to eat a LOT of before, because dairy is basically in everything in one form or another. And while I'll probably start eating pizza again occasionally, I think I'll continue with this diet because of that, and the fact that it DID improve the skin on some parts of my body at least.
March 12, 2018
It 100% works give it a try
I had acne all over my face, now i almost never breakout since i give this is a try.
March 7, 2018
Everyone with acne must try it!!
I had acne for 20 yeras and I don't believe it was so simple to eliminate just stop eating/drinking dairy. It was like magical for me, it stop right away! Of course it took a wile to get ride of the one that was already there, but it works! I fell very angry because I went to several doctors my hole life and I got so many drugs that made me so sick! The pills gave me severe migraines that i had to go to ER when I was only 15 years old. I kept going to the emergency for years and doctors keep pushing me the contraceptive pills, telling me that I had POS and that was the only way for me. And imagine that the POS stop when I stop to have loads of sugar and processed food! The acne got better when I stop with sugar, but I had still acne coming. And getting ride of the milk it was the magic! Now I have scars that I am eliminating with micro needle. So I will tell my magic: No dairy, no sugar (just in fruits- eating the entire fruit, and not just the juice - the fibres are essential for the sugar doesn't mess with your hormones) Eating tons of different types of vegetables, good wholefood organic multivitamins, water and exercising! I wash my face with Castile soap, hidrate with organic argan oil, and organic Vitamin C- everything is 100% natural. My skin and my hair is better than ever! And everything else, my digestion, body, energy, humor, rinites, migraines! Everything got better! I just wished someone had told me that when I was 15.
May 20, 2018
Let me start by saying I never leave comments online, nor do I create accounts specifically for this purpose! but I feel the need to support this review from ComelyCobra. I too am on the road to becoming acne free after 15+ years of struggling with little to no improvement. I too have tried everything available to fight my acne such as topical and oral treatments, alternative treatments like cosmetic (facial) accupuncture and essential oil based products. Blood analysis tests, you name it. Nothing worked. I, like most everyone suffering from long term acne, resulted to thinking I would have to live with this for the rest of my Life. If you are like me, we are often told or come to think that acne is just “part of life” or “in our genes” but I am writing this to tell you that I am living proof that is not true or that it can be changed. I am 29 years old and have been suffering from moderate to severe acne since the age of 12 years old. I also struggled with back acne. The most effective thing I ever did to clear my skin and improve my overall health has happened within the last 6 months. As did ComelyCobra, I cut out dairy (Milk, ice cream and cheese most affected me) reduced sugar intake and cut down on meat consumption. This, in combination with water and light physical activity, was what my body needed to reset itself after all these years and hormonal struggles. No more birth control pills to help regulate my body, no more failed acne treatments, just all natural. Eat healthy, fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Be conscious of the products you are putting on your skin, and the ones you are putting in your body too. I hope this can help inspire someone just like me who searched countless blogs and sites hoping for some true advice.
October 9, 2018
You mentioned you eat whole grains - do you eat whole grain bread? I'm curious if you still eat bread with the success you've had. Have you cut out all dairy completely? And how long did it take for you to see results after cutting out dairy?
March 3, 2018
Amazing results
It's been 9 weeks since I went off dairy. I'm still drinking lactose free milk. Bacne has disappeared, acne on face has cleared except for at period along jaw. Even cellulite seems to be improving. Less sebum produced by skin. Highly recommended. Have suffered from acne for 13+ years. Commit to it for 8+ weeks before deciding whether it has worked for you or not
February 7, 2018
Try it!!
When I was younger I never really had acne. A few pimples every couple of months, but that was it. After I had my daughter I started having horrible acne that just kept progressing! They were cysts and mostly on my chin (sometimes nose and near eyebrow) and I tried everything. Stuff helped such as aloe Vera gel, salicylic acid, and spot treatments but nothing prevented it. Some cysts would stay for 2 months+ and I was just so damn embarrassed. I would try to hide my face, cry, everything negative. I'm 21, almost 22 so I've been having it since I was 19. I read about dairy causing acne so I decided to give it a try. When I say I gave up dairy I mean everything, not just milk, cheese, and ice cream. I look at ingredients and make sure there is NO dairy! That means snacks, certain bread, and so on. I have been doing this 5 days and my acne started going away and I haven't had one pimple since! I honestly can't believe it! I also avoid all meat except certain fish. I still eat sugary snacks and junk food, so I believe it's dairy in general. I say give it a go and avoid ALL dairy and meat for Atleast 3 months. Although it works for some, nothing works for all. & remember most people have acne! Don't feel alone!!
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