Pond's : Cold Cream Cleanser

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Mineral Oil, Water, Ceresin, Beeswax, Triethanolamine, Ceteth 20, Fragrance, Behenic Acid, Montan Wax, Cetyl Alcohol, Carbomer, DMDM Hydantoin, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate.

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September 27, 2021

Thought I would try this since Dr. Dray recommends it for double cleansing but I broke out in small pimples after the second night of using it even though I thought I washed it off well with my vanicream cleanser. I love the fragrance but will have to repurpose this for dry heels and elbows. Bummer!

January 25, 2019
This product is amazing

Honestly guys this product cleared up my teenage acne and it made my skin feel nice and soft the one kinda down side is it makes my face feel kinda greasy at first but after awhile the greasy feelings goes away 

November 4, 2017
I was hesitant when my friend recommended this to me because I was like, "hey. I've heard this one will make your face sticky and I already have an oily face!" And I hate the sticky texture on your face. To cut the story short, I started to use this as dirt remover (because I wear no make up at all. Only if you count lip tint.) Then wash it with warm water and tada!!! My skin texture now is similar to the Koreans and I have less break outs. I love it. Definitely recommending this one.
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February 15, 2018
I just have a question about how you use this. So you wash your face with this first then add the rest of your skincare routine (toner, acne treatment, moisturiser etc.)? or do you just use the ponds by itself?
April 12, 2017
Cleared up my cystic acne!
I've suffered from cystic acne for years. Going on birth control helped a lot, but I still consistently had 2+ big, painful, stubborn pimples at any given time. I tried every product under the sun and nothing made a difference. Finally I saw an ad for Pond's cold cream on facebook and someone had commented that it cured their cystic acne, so I decided it was worth a try. At about $4 a container, it was hardly a big risk. I used it at night as makeup remover, face wash, and moisturizer all in one. The first time I tried it felt strange because it's thick and feels a little greasy going on, but after washing it off my face immediately felt softer. After a few weeks of using it consistently at night, my skin started clearing up. And I didn't have any of the "it gets worse before it gets better" crap that a lot of acne treatments claim, it just took a few weeks for the pimples that were already there to go away. It's been about 5 months now and I don't have one single pimple on my entire face! I haven't had a breakout at all in at least 3 months. My skin tone is more even and my skin looks healthier and younger. I can't even explain how happy I am to have found a solution, and I can't believe it's not more widely known.
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February 2, 2017
Sorry, guys! - Gave this one a try, because I thought it might be good to double cleanse in my skin care routine. I should've known this wouldn't work for me, as I'm very sensitive to oils and Mineral oil is one of the first ingredients listed. However, the positive reviews on here made me believe this might not break me out. My skin was about the clearest it's been in ten years before trying this (so I figured I would really be able to tell this products effects), with just a little redness left over from past break outs. The first day I tried this, it didn't seem to affect my skin negatively or positively. Yesterday, however, I noticed my skin texture looked drier and it almost seemed like my pores on my cheeks were enlarged. I used it again last night, and today I woke up and found tiny little bumps on my chin, cheeks, and forehead. Also, I now have an itchy red rash on my neck (which I can only assume is from this product as it's the only thing different in my life.) - This is definitely a product that causes breakouts for me! I don't recommend it. (Try Bioderma for something very gentle or even the Clean & Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser for an affordable, accessible, and EFFECTIVE drug store product that works well for my sensitive skin AND my boyfriends.
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December 31, 2016
So cheap yet so fancy
I love this. As soon as i opened it I got a waft of nostalgia in my nostrils from when i was little and tried on my granny's thick face cream that smelled identical to this.. However this has a much better use. Its a cleanser, super makeup/oil remover and moisturiser all in one. And when i finally wash it off with a warm wet towel, it makes my pores look tiny! ...So i guess its a toner too! I've Experienced No breakouts or burning sensation from it either. What can i say, its a good product ðŸ'
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December 28, 2016
Perfect compliment to harsh topical medicine!
I had been using a regular face wash and a prescription topical acne medicine (Erythromycin and Benxoyl Peroxide Topical gel - highly recommend and will write a review over there too - ask your doctor for the refrigerated topical medicine, there's only one - and bonus, it's only $4 for the generic one) successfully until winter hit. The gel was beginning to dry my face out even more than usual. Lotion wasn't helping at all. I got some Ponds through a sample service I subscribe to and it has converted me for life. It took about a week to get used to the difference between using cold cream and using face wash (and the initial feeling of it being too oily to actually be effective), but now I'll never go back. It is the perfect compliment to the really strong prescription strength topical gels that dry your skin out. It provides the hydration and non-comedogenic cleansing all in one to literally prime your face for prescription strength topical acne medicine. This combination has given me the best results I've ever had. (Over the years, I've tried anti-acne vitamins, lemonade drinks, every over the counter topical cream/wash, face masks, spot treatments, proactiv, cleansing pads etc.) Now I apply this, leave it on while I do other nightly tasks for a few minutes. After rinsing with a warm wash cloth, I apply the topical medicine. The medicine worked to clear my skin up a lot, but this has helped it clear up completely and polish the look on my face and prevent the excessive dryness and flakiness that the medicine causes. My skin hasn't looked or felt this amazing in at least 10 years. It no longer looks like I'm using a harsh acne treatment on my skin. I can skip foundation/powder makeup all together and not feel self conscious at all.
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October 12, 2016
It really helped with my dry skin and acne. It kept my skin soft and didn't have a very oily feel. It's just GREAT!!
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July 24, 2016
It is OK
It is good to remove make-ups, but i do not like the greasy feeling that it left on my face, so I always use sth else to complete the cleaning. Overall, its performance is OK at its price.
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June 21, 2016
We love it...
My sister and I love this one. We don't experience any breakout or any irritation. Cheap and effective.
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