Skinoren : Azelaic Acid (20%) Cream

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Active Ingredient:
Azelaic Acid (20%).

Inactive Ingredients:
Arlatone 983 S (polyoxyethylene fatty acid ester), cutina CBS (mixture of mono-dicglyceridene, fatty alcohols, triglycerides and wax esters), cetearyloctanoate, propylene glycol, glycerol 85%, benzoic acid, purified water.

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August 1, 2015
The only thing that worked!
Hello, I'm 18 and I've had acne ever since I was 12. It had its ups and downs...mostly downs...and no matter to what dermatologist I went to, they just made it worse with all the products they would prescribe for me. Finally, about a month and a half ago I went to another dermatologist and she prescribed Skinoren for me, Aknicare lotion and a mattifying hydration cream. Honestly, its the first time in years my skin is clear, I get 2 or 3 pimples before my period but thats about it. My whole face was covered with whiteheads, blackheads, small cysts and they wouldn't go away, this is the only thing that helped me. I apply Skinoren once every night and if I stay indoors for the day I'll apply it in the morning too. Definitely apply it at night, because your pores open, meaning that Skinoren is given the opportunity to enter and hit the problem to its core(in a way) and giving you better results. I definitely do recommend this product, however, you should keep in mind that acne takes time to cure so be patient. Hope this helps :)
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August 30, 2015
How long did skinoren take to work ?
May 31, 2018
Some doctors said 2 months for its results to be seen
June 24, 2015
Skinoren, purging
I've been applying skinoren for 4 weeks now, once every night. My face to begin with was clear everywhere except for my forehead which is oily and i would breakout once a month, a few whiteheads here and there, with a few closed comedones. Since I've been using skinoren I've been breaking out non stop. I'm hoping that my skin is simply purging. I will give this another few weeks. Hopefully It won't cause damage to my skin.
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October 20, 2016
This is really helpful and I feel the same after 3 weeks of use. could you please advise if you found any improvements after persevering ?
March 3, 2018
May 14, 2015
I've been using Skinoren for over a week and I'm getting acne long does it take? I smear Skinoren all over my face because I have acne in random places all over face. I also have it on my chest, so I've been putting Skinoren there as well. I haven't really notice anything at all as of yet. I'm also taking birth control...I've started both things on May 5th (2015)...fingers crossed for some actual results? I'm 26 and have adult acne....
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May 25, 2015
Not sure about birth control, but oral drugs such as antibiotics and accutane tend to break ppl out before face start to clear up. As for the skinoren, make sure you put moisturizer on after cause azelaic acids peels the skin
May 9, 2015
Good results
Hello fellow acne sufferers... I like this cream and it would work perfectly if I was more strict with my bed time regime as I cleanse but I don't always use this at night but it definitely makes a difference over night if you use it! I am 40 but younger in spirit, so I think that is why my acne is hanging around and it also started late. I also believe emotional distress, anxiety etc causes a lot of acne. If you saw my spotty face clear up after a massive cry, you would see the proof.
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June 1, 2015
Hi Flipper :) I'm also 40 and have moderate/severe bacne. Man, I thought it would have cleared by now! Also just starting Skinoren. Fingers crossed. Good to know there are others out there. :)
March 27, 2017
Hey Flipper, could you give us an update? I am 45 and also full of pimples (pre menopause). Hoping this cream will help with the dark marks that are left when the spot has gone ...
April 2, 2015
I had severe acne for months and I thought it would never go away, I had used every product available and cleaned up my diet etc but nothing worked. Skinorem was the only thing that worked, the first few weeks I had even more severe breakouts but if you can endure this then it is worth it. It took two months for effects to show but if you stick to it it's going to pay off. I now have near flawless skin and have done for the past 6 months or so.
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March 23, 2015
Actual results!
I believe that I have adult acne(I'm 26 and it started a few years ago) caused by very minor rosacea; if you have acne vulgaris and not acne rosacea, this treatment might not work for you. Though I'd say it's still worth a try if nothing else works for you. So far, I have had consistent success with Skinoren(which I bought from an online pharmacy). The instructions are correct when they say that you have to wait between 4-8 weeks for results; for the first month, I suspected that it wasn't working because I was still popping pimples on my forehead like mad. But now it's been almost another month since then and so far I have almost no acne. I no longer have cystic acne and just a few really tiny, almost unnoticeable, whiteheads here and there. I'm very impressed! My skin is usually very sensitive(both salicyclic acid and benzoyl peroxide gave me worse acne along with rashes), yet Skinoren has given me no adverse reactions what so ever. I will say that even though it takes a while for the true results to show up, I did notice within the first week of using it that the texture and feel of my skin improved dramatically. My upper forehead felt much less flaky and got more soft and smooth. I am only disappointed that it hasn't reduced the blackheads or cloggy pores much and my skin still gets more oily than it should. But those things can be remedied in other ways, and it's no big deal if the rest of my acne is cleared! Great product. Now I can finally get back to dating with confidence!
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July 31, 2017
Thank you for your review. I'm 2 weeks into using Skinoren and I'm getting breakouts which are making me doubt it. I'm defo gonna stick it out though. Would be interested to hear if you still use it?
October 7, 2014
At last a remedy
I am 51 and have suffered from rosacea quite badly over the years. This cream works better rhan any other. Recommend.
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September 13, 2014
Worked when everything else failed!
I'm 34 years old, suffered with acne all my life. 5 attempts at roaccutane to no avail. Used horrible BP creams that flake your skin. Dermo said I had adult acne and will do so until 40+. I stumbled upon Skinoren and hadn't heard of it before. Tried it, use a good amount on the affected area which is my cheek and chin area (not a spot treatment) morning and night and stick it out for 2 - 3 months like the directions say. This is very important, it took 2 months for me to see an improvement. I'm still using it 3 years later, I buy it in bulk online where I found a good price and I have NO acne anymore. This stuff works, that's all you need to know!
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August 27, 2014
Didn't really do anything
My acne kept on slowly getting worse, which made me hopeful that this was helping in some way, but I think it was just my skin itself that got worse regardless of what was on it. Skinoren didn't really do anything for me at all. Maybe it helped diminish the pimples a little bit after about a month or so, but it worked very very slowly. I used it for two and a half months, didn't renew my prescription. maybe it works if you use it longer, but I feel like a topical treatment should give quicker results. It is gentle, though, so maybe it could be worth a shot for someone with sensitive skin.
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November 8, 2013
works for first months, not in long run
Skinoren cream. Used it for months and cleared a lot of my skin, after some month treatment (for weeks). After using it few months more it just stopped working and acne came back, and the skin was really terrible, did not stopped using it, but nothing did work anymore. I started taking accutane(took it 6 months) got clear for months but after stopped using it, acne came back almost the next day,, and I was still alive and did not had any side effects, "thanks god!":D. Doctor described again new medicine, that did not work at all.(don't go to the doctor). "Products that irritate your skin and cause more acne". My skin was sometimes really clear, did not know why, but now I realized that i was using a product with BP and should not have stopped using it(it was a exposed skincare kit, the daily serum(it's too expensive)). Now my skin is clear thanks to BP only, and I will use it daily, works now almost a year, I have pretty good skin. !!!!About the BP miracle (I had acne over 10 years, now my skin has scars) -- I have noticed more better results than BP clean solutions, I recommend Dr. Wolf , Acne fug (it's was the only thing with BP in my country, and now I can not stop using it!!!), Acne fug is 5% BP and has alcohol and some other clearing skin agents(it's stored something like 2-7 decrees) (the paper recommends it for hormonal acne (hormons cause acne etc), the acne that other products can't fight), I use it once a day and works much better than any BP solution so far (It can't get any better, so I stay at this product. If I will not use acnefug for several days(without showering etc) the acne comes back, some pimple or pimples appear, but if using this product they disappear after 2-3 days completely), no flakiness or anything(BP makes skin look a bit lifeless). Only once a day!!!!(I shower once a day!)(it's quite effective so please not use that often) I also use moisturizer with lipids and after that my skin is not try and feels good.
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