Aspirin Mask

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January 4, 2007


Makes skin soft, tightens pores, dries out oil, helps zits dry up and fades redness, CHEAP!


Dries out skin if used often, makes me sneeze so I can't leave it on long, has to be used quite often to keep skin clear.

Nice addition to routine, I was using it about 4-5 nights a week and it made my skin dry and flakey even with tons of moisturizer. I was then using it as an over night spot treatment and it worked the first couple of nights but then did nothing after awhile. I now use it as a face mask about 1-2 times a week and that is all that is needed. No miracle cure, but helps to keep my skin clearer than normal. If you feel a big zit coming on you can leave it on overnight to help dry it out.
December 31, 2006


Works wonders


none yet

This rocked! I've been alternating from the egg mask and the aspirin mask and my skin has been beautiful! I'm shocked and amazed. Everyday I use the egg in the morning. After I wipe the egg off of my face I do a literal sugar scrub. I take normal granulated sugar and use it as an exfoliater. Then after I use a little bit of lemon juice as a "toner". I've been wanting to try honey,egg and sugar for a facial scrub...any ideas? Then at night I do the aspirin mask and mush 5-10 tables and mix with water. Then I add a little bit of lemon juice and sugar and as I apply I use a little bit of pressure. My face feels amazing!
November 6, 2006


cheap & convenient


potentially abrasive

Stupid me - I popped a HUGE painful whitehead on my lower cheek last night. I ended up doing some minor surgery when I discovered a SECOND smaller whitehead inside it, so needless to say this zit turned into a flaming red open wound on my face. 3% hydrogen peroxide turned the whole thing WHITE which looked even worse, so I scratched it off and slathered it in neosporin. By morning, there was a black scab on top of it. Tonight I smashed up 10 uncoated aspirin tablets and used just a few drops of water, leaving it on for 30 minutes. Umm - WOW. The wound, which had closed halfway during the day today, is now completely closed, but no scabbing whatsoever. It HEALED. The redness faded DRAMATICALLY - it is now less red than some of my healing scars. It looks like a measley pink mark on my face - it's unbelievable that this was a huge open crater just hours ago. I cannot believe the difference this has made. My skin feels insanely soft and my pores are invisible. Try this.
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