Apple Cider Vinegar (as a drink)

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March 31, 2020
Learning that nothing will be my miracle but there are things that will greatly help!

26/f. I have struggled with mild acne since adolescence. Within the last few years I have realized that my acne is directly related to my diet. Eat clean, my skin will clear up, eat processed food, and especially foods with a high GI, an immediate breakout will happen. 


ACV helps if your acne is directly tied to diet. Because it helps control blood sugar levels, my skin is less sensitive to eating high GI foods. 


When I first started using ACV, I made 3 mistakes. The first was to take too much too fast, the second was to not measure how much I was taking, and the third was to take it inconsistently. I was taking about 1 TBS a day. While my face cleared up, this caused a really bad breakout on my back that took a long time to clear off after I decided to stop taking it for awhile. About 9 months later I decided to start again, but slowly, accurate, and on a schedule. I've learned that A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY. When I first started I was taking 1/2 TEASPOON once a week. A week later I upped it to 1/2 TEASPOON twice a week, which is what I am currently taking (diluted in a large glass of water). 


It has been great!! I have gotten very few breakouts since, and my back which is quite clear, which is very unusual. Because I have started so slowly, my body has been able to get used to it without any major issues, and without any breakouts that others refer to as "the purge" and which is frankly not worth it and not necessary. If you would like to try this regime, know that a little really does go a long way and to start slowly, measure it out, and follow a schedule. I likely won't ever be drinking anywhere close to 1 TBS a day. I just don't think my body needs that much. Start slowly and you will know how much your body might need; it might be much less than others on here suggest. 

Good luck! 

January 31, 2019
Drink with warm water

This works for me, calms down acne related to digestive/liver issues, boil a cup of hot water and add 2-4 tablespoons of ACV, drink before, during, and after your meal. Obviously, you would need to wait for the boiled water to cool down, not only has this helped keep acne at bay but also helped digestive issues.

August 19, 2018
Calms down my acne
Been drinking apple cider vinegar (with the mother) for about three years now every morning. It's amazing! After about a month after drinking this every day I instantly noticed a difference with my skin. It looked a lot more radiant and my acne had defiantly calmed down. Couldn't recommend apple cider vinegar more, but make sure to dilute it with a full glass of water to prevent burning your oesophagus.
December 31, 2017
Just starting ACV as a drink: two weeks in.
I'm 34yo male, suffered since 14, used everything from long and various dosage courses of isotretinoin, antibiotics etc etc etc. You get the picture. Had not tried this as of yet but have had suspicions for a while my issue is an internal digestion one. I get now more inflammed 'red dot' and 'under the skin' type acne than when I was a teenager, which was more pustule. My diet has been ultra clean for years. I gave up dairy some time ago, and never eat artificial sugar. I try to keep all food I eat on the low GI side of the scale. I trialled not eating gluten but this didn't really have an effect on me. I also take zinc piccolate twice a day. And so, here I am, two weeks in to trying out ACV as a drink. I have a bad breakout, worse than normal. I'm hoping this is the so called 'purge' stage. I'll write back here in a couple more weeks to provide any progress in the hope it can help anyone.
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March 18, 2018
April 11, 2018
Hye, I've also started, stopped and just started using ACV again because I started to break out. Twice when I've restarted I have broken out which is discouraging. Can you please update us as to whether or not this is just an initial phase? Thanks
April 22, 2018
Hi there. I'm afraid using ACV as a drink did little for me. I am however using it with the Aztec healing facial clay and am finding some relief. I have also drastically reduced my diet to little gluten and no dairy or vegetable oil. I eat lots of fruit and veg, drink lots of water. My skin has somewhat improved but acne remains an everyday concern and obsession for me. In reality I'm managing a condition I cannot cure. Please feel free to drop me a message if you think I can help you in any way. Regards
August 16, 2017
Works for some,acv works especially well for those suffering from acne because of a leaky gut
I notived instant results from drinking acv shots on a empty stomach once a day, simply because I suffer from leaky gut syndrome which is a over looked cause of acne in my opinion. Finding the root cause of your acne can be exhausting,and can take years, it took forever for me.. It literally took years for me to pay closer attention to what I foolishly overlooked for years due to pure laziness, and intimidation.. maybe skincare was truly from the inside out, because externally I was following all the rules, so I did the work, and did my research to learn more about what could be the root of my ance evils. After coming to the conclusion that I suffered from a leaky gut it all came in prospective for me, if your leaky gut is in bad shape, as mines were from never drinking enough water, and eating terribly over the years then you will def see results, if not then your body may not need the acidics that acv shots can benefit when consumed. Butt, if you are suffering from a leaky gut, then this will heal your gut and you're shin will greatly benefit from it!! Understanding the root of your acne will save you greats of endless nights scouring the forums for some type of relief or answer to your skin concerns..
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August 5, 2017
Bragg's ACV with the "mother"
I drink 2tbsp a day diluted in water. Good for overall health. Helps with yeast overgrowth. Use it for your salad. It lowers blood sugar and bad cholesterol. Haven't drank it long enough to see if it helps with my skin or not. Been drinking it for 5days.
June 7, 2017
Fingers crossed for this ACV
Hello! I just moved here in Australia, about 3 months ago, but originally I'm from Philippines. So, I think that the main reason why I have a pimples breakout today is because of the change in humidity. I thought ACV is just for losing weight, but I saw one video discussing the effectiveness of this. I'm giving this a shot! Hopefully, this will be the answer to my problem. There's a lot of great reviews about this that push me to try! Will come back and post after 3weeks!
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December 19, 2016
Not Convincing
ACV has been a great topical for me, but I'm not convinced it does much as a drink. Even when diluted, ACV can be quite harsh on your throat, and it's not very pleasant to consume.
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November 8, 2016
I'm wondering do you loose weight by drinking this because I don't wana loose weight
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June 7, 2017
I've used AVC before to lose weight and yep it is effective. But, I think maybe you sould try first. Maybe our have a different reaction to this.
August 11, 2016
Did nothing
Being overly stressed out and living where it's hot and humid most of summer, my skin broke out. Seemed like from one day to another my forehead had completely erupted and was entirely congested and mostly around my jawline and somewhat on my chin and cheeks as well. Desperate and wanting to go for the natural route, I googled drinking apple cider vinegar for acne as I had heard great things about it before. I stumbled upon the article on xovain (pretty sure was the first result) about drinking it for a week in large amounts, seemed convincing so I went for it. Drank four tablespoons of Bragg's apple cider vinegar in water (and decaffeinated green tea), three times a day, for seven days. I was so hopeful this would rid me of the congested all over my face but my experience was not a great one. Drinking this did absolutely nothing, didn't make it worse or better, just nothing except give me two sores in my mouth the fifth day of drinking it. Was disappointed of course but glad I tried it and stuck it out for those seven days. Definitely don't recommend this approach or really feel that this will have any or much of an effect on acne which you can probably read about on the acne einstein site "myth busting ' apple cider vinegar for acne." Still worth a try as some people have been successful.
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September 30, 2016
I don't think 1 week is long enough
June 7, 2017
You should try that for a month