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Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) - Reviews

Oil Cleansing Method (OCM)

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Hi there, I feel your pain same thing happened to me. I was stupid enough to have done this twice over a 3 year period, hoping the second time I "did it right". Left me with severe acne and impetigo. awful, just awful.

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@smiles23 - thanks! Around Christmas I started using BP at night (no moisturizer on top) and it started getting better immediately. 4 weeks into it I am only left with marks (maybe some scars?) and dryness from the BP. I also took a round of antibiotics before, but that did nothing. I hope you feel better soon!

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Can I ask what is bp?

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1. @deniseipoo - I think BP is Benzoyl Peroxide 2. @NOTCLEANANDNOTCLEAR - I have two questions and would be grateful if you could answer them . How did you finally get rid of this problem . Did it ever come back with the same intensity without u applying any oil on your face I have the exact same problem of acne in clusters after I used coconut oil. It ruined my skin big time. I have it on both sides of my forehead. I tried everything including oral antibiotics and Nothing helped but for some reason BP helped immediately.

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Did you stick to it? Did it help??

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Most of your advice is base on a lot of misinformed assumptions based on a very simplistic applied bit of scientific knowledge. That's not true - people "back in the day" didn't have less acne or use less on their face. Cosmetics have been used for thousands of years and people lived very often in crowded smoke filled conditions and encountered all sorts of environmental grime we would be horrified by. Every ancient medical text we find (earliest evidence - not earliest occurrence) have all sorts of ways to treat the common skin complaints of the time - of which there were so many and so much more life threatening than ordinary hormonal acne that such conditions are barely worth mentioning. Added to which people have been dying from infected port blockages that erupt into boils throughout the archaeological history. Basically we have it so good we have the luxury of worrying about non health or life threatening conditions. The oil cleanse method has mixed results because it's not based in any science and has a number of in built false assumptions. Like attracts like - overly simplistic application of the high school chemistry principle which in this case is superceded by the biology of how skin works. Natural is "better" - not true. Natural products are many times more likely to cause skin irritation because they come from plants that have their own defense mechanism. Irritation lead to skin trauma leads to infection. This craze for "natural" products is just silly, unscientific and superstitious. Clearly most products marked as natural do not occur in nature. So what you are getting is a less refined product using ingredients with less research about their effect on skin. Thirdly acne like eruptions take at least six weeks to form. Anything erupting from your skin hours or days after a new product or beauty treatment IS NOT caused by that treatment. It's either stuff that was already forming in your skin making it's way to the surface as part of normal acne cycle or it's a violent immune/inflamatoru response to untested unfamiliar harsh ingredients causing swelling in skin structures connected to the surface of your skin OR a milder drying out of your skin (castor oil and similar don't "cleanse" your skin of surface oil - they bind the water from it - that is the tight dry feeling) causing micro tears in your skin surface that your own surface skin bacteria invade causing an inflamed pus and white blood cell eruption similar to varieties of acne. Oil is most certainly NOT good for your skin because the skin has oil. That is just silly. If needed ANY moisturizer that is low irritant that can form a barrier to protect from moisture loss will do and all the oils commonly recommended are NOT low irritant NOR do they do a better job than other moisturizers. Your pores DO NOT breathe. That is just silly. They don't have lungs and they aren't there to collect oxygen and they do not expand and close. They are there to cleanse and lubricye your skin with its own substances. All face washes and cleansers DO NOT "strip your skin". That is a myth sold by cosmetics companies after your money who market the "natural is better myth". That is all it is. Marketing. First they make you believe pretty ordinary skin conditions that are not health or life threatening in the age of insane hygeine and antibacterial everything and antibiotics are a big concern/make you ugly/need special products to treat. This spreads. Then they sell you on why their product is better than any other competitors so your consumer dollars go to their shareholders. There are almost no regulations on the claims of beauty treatments. Those that exist all cosmetic products get around easily in their wording (look and read closely what EXACTLY do they say their product can do to change anything about your skin?) Anything very distressing see a dermatologist with solid speciality postgrad medical degrees and a good local reputation.

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