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Lactic Acid Peel
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Lactic Acid Peel


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Lactic Acid Peel

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Lactic Acid Peel

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This stuff really works!
Reviewed on May 23, 2014

I have oily combination skin and acne scars on my cheeks. When I used the 40% LAP, I noticed a difference right away - my skin isn't oily anymore and my red/brown/dark spots are getting smaller and lighter each day. My skin is glowing. My family and friends noticed too. I use coconut oil as my moisterizer and/or sunscreen, especially when I go out. I don't wear any makeup because I want my skin to heal and now that my skin looks better, I don't ever want to wear makeup again. I might go for a tinted moisterizer but thats about it. I'm so happy with the results. It's really cheap and I still have so much of the bottle left. I'm at week 4, doing LAP's every 5 days. I recently purchased the 55% LAP which I'm going to use once my bottle is done. My only concern is thinning skin - if you peel, you must wait for it to heal! I'm trying to be patient but I'm so excited about the results at the same time!

by naiviv246 on 04/02/2015 06:10
which brand of LAP did you buy ? Thank you :)
by affan alam on 08/17/2017 07:58
umm what are the timmings duration of applying?
Reviewed on May 21, 2013

i have been using this for a year now.. it definatly helps me with scars . it does not minimize scars but it helps clear up post hyper pigmentation. i like to use this before i start my cycle cuz it minimizes breakouts. this is a chemical exfoliant and it will help your skin. first off when u first start using this product start with a low dose i started with 40% lactic acid i bought online. contact me ill give u the info. and when u first start you will break out it purges ur skin the fist time its completley natural. its bringing the dirt in your skin to the surface faster hence " exfoliant" after that moisterize!!! a good non codmegenic brand please. and i avoid using makeup the day after i peel to keep the fresh skin clean and avoid the sun... and p.s i had moderate acne

by Leanneco on 04/26/2015 03:57
I am so happy to hear someone say it clears up hyperpigmentation.. that is my huge problem on my chin... How long did it take approx? And how much is it ? Thanks.
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M., California
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Reviewed on January 12, 2013

It was my first and LAST lactic acid peel. The technician left the peel on for the minimum amount of time since it was my first. I was dizzy immediately after standing up and could not walk straight. Went home and a full-on vertigo spell ensued that lasted 3 days. Like another reviewer, I too, have occasionally had the same result from spray tans or home tanning. Beware!

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Reviewed on June 13, 2012

First LAP yesterday 6PM. It was on my face 5 mins. Dizzy and disoriented immediately afterwards. Sick to my stomach all evening and woke up with mild vertigo, dizziness and vomited once. Couldn't go to work. I don't know why I've reacted like this, but do have sensitive skin and once got vertigo from using one brand of self tanning lotion. Cannot find anyone on the Web (yet) with same reaction. Just want to say, think and read lots before deciding on any of these procedures.

Reviewed on April 23, 2012

I've been through everything...home treatments like tea/honey/lemon juice to expensive serums and even v-beam.

But nothing has been as effective on stubborn red marks than my 50% lactic acid peel.

It does take a while, but you'll notice a satisfying improvement after a month. Your skin even glows a little bit.

They advise you to use this once a week....but I use it every other day :D It was working for me until i left it on for over 10 minutes (bad) and i burnt my skin off, leaving it red and flaky and scaly for over a week.

I use this as a spot treatments on red marks that i've had for over 2 years. (sad sad life hahahahaha)

I don't recommend using it on open skin (it'll bleed instantly) or even on current acne. Just red marks/scars.

Good luck on your journeys!

by Leanneco on 04/26/2015 04:00
I am so happy to see someone say that something works for hyperpigmentation!!!!!! I have had some small marks on chin for years... I cant wait to try this. Although I am using Ziana gel right now I wonder if that will effect it?
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Reviewed on February 23, 2012

I choose lactic acid peels because my hyper pigmentation was pretty severe. Now after a month of using 50% concentration, my skin is noticeably clearer, the marks, I would say are much lighter in appearance. If your thinking about it, go get it. You definitely can't go wrong with this product. It's cheap and a high return for such a low-risk :P Just make sure you don't leave it on for more than 8 minutes and make sure you apply a good moisturizer/sunscreen. Cheers.

by blackisbeauty on 07/28/2014 14:49
Where do u buy this product ?
Reviewed on August 4, 2011

I started using a 40% LA peel on my entire face, for about 5 mins and progressed to about 10 mins. By then it had stopped burning so badly and my skin was clearing up. I then jumped to 88% and started using it for spot treatments. I discovered that if a new pimple sprouted, I could put a dab of the LA 88% on it and it would completely remove the pimple. However, I once forgot I'd had it on and left it on for 15 mins, which was extremely bad because I got a chemical burn and was left with blackened areas where I'd applied it. So be extremely careful about that.

Reviewed on June 23, 2011

Don't use this peel for acne. If acne is your concern do salicylic peels. However if hyperpigmentation is a problem, lactic peels are amazing. After only two at home peels my red marks have improved by at least 30%. The strength is 40% and I use it every 5 days.

by Leanneco on 04/26/2015 04:03
Did it end up clearing your hyperpigmentation fully?
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Streeter, Colorado Springs, CO
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Reviewed on October 22, 2010

I started to get a really bad acne break out and when benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid face washes weren't effective so I decided to try 50% lactic acid I bought from eBay. The first time I used it, I only left it on my face for one minute and it didn't really burn. I noticed that I didn't get any new pimples to form on my face. The next day I left it on my face for 3 minutes, and I felt some sting to it but I wasn't left red or peeling hours later.. I decided to spot treat these two huge cystic pimples on my forehead by leaving the lactic acid on overnight (which probably isn't recommended). In the morning I noticed that the pimples reduced in size by 80%!! I couldn't believe it!! I also noticed by using lactic acid for a week, my face isn't oily like it usually is. (I usually have to use oil absorbing sheets for my face at least twice in one day) but now I don't .. By day 4, the sides of my nose and crease of my chin started to flake alot when I woke up in the morning, so I had to gently exfoliate and apply a really good moisturizer. Had I known about lactic acid earlier, I would have saved alot of money from spending it on useless over-the-counter products and prescriptions. I highly recommend this!!

Reviewed on March 28, 2010

So, I new to acids. I'm extra sensitive, so that's why I resorted to lactic acid. I really can't give a whole review yet, just because I feel I haven't done enough treatments. Overall, clearing skin wise, mehhh.... it helped some blackheads and whiteheads. It dried some pimples faster than the usual speed for me. My scars still look prominent. My wrinkles still look apparent. Well see... I'm going to do a few more treatments and keep y'all posted. GOOD LUCK. OH, and I would recommend it only to those who tried everything... doesn't hurt to try....

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