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Acne scarring help

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I have scarring from cystic acne from when I was younger on my cheeks, one side a lot worse than the other,  I was wondering what kind of acne scarring I have or combination and what the most effective treatment method for my skin to seen improvement would be. 



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Looks like some icepick scarring and maybe some boxcar scarring.

First and foremost you want your skin clear from any acne. I think you might have a little acne still. So clear that up first.

Then, for a combo of icepick and boxcar, you'll want to get into the hands of a really good dermatologist or plastic surgeon who you trust and who specializes in acne scar treatment. Get a second or third opinion and move forward only when you feel really confident. 

Usually icepick scarring responds really well to TCA CROSS, and boxcar can be helped with subcision or lasers or a combo of things. 

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I would save my Money and dont Spend it on operations/procedures and stuff. The scars dont Look harsh or Something. Instead Buy top Quality cosmetic Products. But basically let your skin be moist. Aloe Vera can erase the Red Points. Even though doctors would Tell you Something different, maybe Tanned skin would Look good on you.

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