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Early Scars Treatment

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Hello, im new to this forum, though been doing anonymous research for some time. Im just starting my acne scars journey and have a concern about what is considered early scars. There is a lot of different information online and im not sure about my situation. The newest of them are around 4-5 months old and are still red. Are they considered early or are they already formed? What kind of treatment is more preferable for them? I mean, the older scarring certainly needs subcision and cross, but what about the red ones?



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Redness makes the scars look worse. You can try over the counter products such as Niacinamide and others for redness. If you have the money, lasers like the V Beam could help.

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The redness doesnt bother me, the actual problem is that there are some new rolling scars forming. What is a better treatment for them? I am considering microdermabrasion or ablative fractional laser, but not sure which approach is better


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More of a lurker as well, though been here for many years, feel like I'll comment as it reminds me of my skin.

Firstly, and I hate to state the obvious, but focus on clearing current acne (looks largely contained though, with a few small bumps).

The redness itself is called post inflammatory erythema (PIE), you can look it up if you want more info, but essentially it will gradually fade away over about a year. Supposedly too deep for skin care products to affect it (some claim otherwise, never found anything worked for me). V beam will clear them up though if you are in a rush.

For your rolling scars the answer is definitely subcision. Given your scarring is recent, you are also at an advantage; try and find someone to do this ASAP.  And then do it again multiple times. Listen to your dermatologist on how far to space them out, but usually 2~ months seems to be good. 

You'll pretty much find anywhere, here, or from dermatologists, that subcision is above all the best treatment for this type, and also the treatment that is recommended first (as breaking any tethering makes other treatments work better).

I have my 5th subcision next month and look forward to posting results here soon/someday.

You don't appear to have any deep fat loss either so consider yourself lucky, IMO seems like a very 'treatable' case but depends on your access to a good dermatologist (who treats acne scars / performs subcision) etc.

Good luck

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Thank you very much for the answer! Im still on my way to cure acne completely, although i guess they all will go away in several weeks. Then i would like to treat the new ones, as they are not formed completely - i think i would go 2 infini rf treatments and after that i will go for subcision for the older ones. Ive looked through your thread, it seems my scars are similar to yours, a little less deep maybe, but couldnt find result photos - are you satisfied with the subcision outcome?

And have you experienced your scars looking much much better in the morning as you get up from the bed? Havent found much info on this, i guess will create another topic for it.


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Posted (edited)

Yes skin always looks much better in the morning, that's common, I can't remember the actual reason why, but I've read about it numerous times here or somewhere.

Yes subcision has helped immensely, though last time I posted was 4 years ago and while my skin is better (with solid improvement to my worst affected areas), I have also developed some new scars since, especially around my templates, though hopefully they will be easy to treat as they are shallower. I've got my 5th subcision booked next week and 6th at end of July. After those I think I will get filler but I'll see. I have also had some microneedling, one TCA cross, and use adapalene here and there (maybe 2-3 nights a week for the last 6 months)

To be honest I haven't seen a single overwhelmingly positive post about INFINI here, most of it ranges from, at worst, leaving imprints or doing nothing, or at best, mild improvement. Some people here go as far to label INFINI some type of hype marketing, I don't know though. Like I said, you ideally want subcision first (which is not exclusively for older scars by the way) as it destroys the bonds that tether your skins down; I can only paraphrase the actual science, so you will need to read more into it, but essentially even if INFINI were to work for you, chances are those bonds holding your scars down will prevent skin from raising. Even if you did not have these bonds (though you certainly would), subcision still generates the formation of collagen. Best you only take this with a grain of salt though, as I don't read every thread, nor am I a dermatologist. 

That said, it can't hurt to start with INFINI, the only real concern may be financial, but that may not be an issue for yourself.

As for my scars, I will endeavour to post my progress in a few months time, after my 6th subcision. I took this just now and put it next to one of the pics I posted here 4 years ago, however the lighting is different, and my skin tone is likely a bit different too. So take it with a grain of salt, weirdly I think the new pic is too generous of my skin, however the lighting looks harsher so I'm not sure, maybe the results are better than I perceive.




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Thank you for such an extensive answer! Your results are pretty solid, but was there a need for so many procedures? As i read, 2-3 subcisions is just enough, or you are doing it for the newer ones? Im still not sure, but guess will start with infini - and post the results here

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Subcision you can basically do endlessly because even if it has broken all the bonds, it still stimulates large amounts of collagen. That said, even on my 4th subcision I could visually hear, as well as feel more bonds being broken. This may be a result of either A. the bonds reforming after subcision (can happen), or B. dermatologist simply missing some bonds.

My derm also uses a regular needle rather than cannula, meaning each subcision probably isn't as effective as acne scar specialists who use cannula (or nokor). My derm sometimes misses some smaller scars too.

But I pay basically almost nothing for each subcision, as well as other treatments, due to Australia's medicare. So I will keep doing them, and eventually get filler for the ones with fat loss which can't be helped anymore.

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In my experience, 4-5 months are considered early scars, and they are at higher chance to be reversed completely! Please see my post here which talks about my experience in treating early scars. Based on my observation, you can do laser like CO2 or similar, then in btw the two, do microdeedling combined with applying collagen dressing/powder. Probably with 3 sessions of lasers and multiple microdeedling, you will become much better! All the best!


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