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Body Dysmorphia and Acne/Scars

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I wanted to create some sort of thread for people to share their thoughts on BDD symptoms and the perception of our skin. I personally suffer greatly from this. For example, I can go take a mirror in less forgiving light and be convinced that my skin is absolutely awful. In that same light if I use two mirrors reflecting off eachother, somehow my skin takes a completely different form and my scarring is very minimal, if anything something I am completely content with. Many people tell me my scarring is not bad. In scar treatments I have been told almost every time that my scarring is just a slight complexion problem. Even with an overhead spotlight it often takes the doctors a little bit to find my scars. My mom tells me my scarring is not bad at all. Where the confusion really exists is the fact I can go take an awful selfie of my scars, (weirdly enough the rear camera makes my skin look fine though) and I can go peep in certain mirrors and be convinced that my skin is ruined. I can go position myself certain ways in the mirror and make my skin look screwed up. I’ve also noticed I somehow set nearly everyone else as the standard and somehow my skin issues are too unique or worse than others. Many famous youtubers I have noticed have bad acne scars. It often makes me wonder how much BDD can actually distort and create images. If youtubers can have confidence and walk around and interact with people daily with possibly objectively much more severe scars than me, why am I so plagued and convinced my skin needs to be hidden from the world. I somehow convince myself that there is a reason my scars need to be hidden versus other peoples scars. If people like my mom or other doctors are telling the truth that my skin isn’t bad, it seems like there is more to it than them just objectively looking at my face. It seems like they actually are seeing something different than I’m seeing when I look in the mirror. Thoughts? Please feel free to share your personal experiences, wisdom, and stories in regards to BDD and the skin.

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Don't you find it funny that when we look at others we sort of notice things on them that we may consider as OUR "imperfections". Having had skin issues for around 15 years now (jeez) I always tend to notice these things on other people, and I actually feel a little better within myself if I notice this. Like, even noticing a YouTuber that has forehead bumps for example.

I think I'm now at an age (29) where I have accepted my skin for what it is. Albeit, it's no where near as bad as it was when I first came on here, however it still bothers me from time to time. I have BDD and probably will always have it, it's went from weight to skin to hair to boobs to teeth to now wrinkles! It's extremely exhausting. Thank God I have an amazing understanding fiance.  I have never thought about seeking proper help but do try most days to not let it drag me down.

With skin though it was bad. I saw a monster in any mirror I looked in whilst my close friends and family saw an endearing beautiful girl. It enraged me that they never could see what I saw! The things I have done to cure my acne is unreal and too long to explain in a comment. Just know you are not alone and I would argue that a high percentage of folk here have BDD. 

I think the key honestly is to stay positive (I know it's so hard), occupy your mind in other ways (exercise! Bake! Catch up with friends) and do things to improve your appearance in ways you are comfortable with; like applying makeup or getting your hair styled or wearing nice clothes. I hate wearing makeup so became a master at doing my eye makeup and if helped me feel a little prettier. 



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