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Vitamin Deficiency and scarring!

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Hello! Well,my skin until august used to be pretty much amazing.I would get some pimples now and then,i would SMASH them by picking etc and i would only get some scabs that would leave hyperpigmentation that would eventually fade.Never depressed spots,pits and actual scarring!And seriously,i would pop soooo hard.Well,after holidays 2020 i started getting some pimples due to extreme stress i guess.I popped some of them and they left identations,,but pretty shallow.So i said ok,stop popping.I was prescribed tretinoin 0.05% that caused me a purge-and of course every pimple left a scar,without me popping it.Something like shallow boxcars/rolling scars, i really can't tell!Anyway,now even with the tiniest pimple,without popping at all,i am left with intended scarring,and that would never happen a year before!So i thought , OK something must be wrong with my healing,that's not making any sense at all.I mean my friends get pimples too and don't experience that kind of scarring-and i wasn't too.After blood tests i found out i have Vitamin D deficiency.After September,i rarely left home during morning hours.Sun never saw me at all.After googling a little bit i found a bunch of studies and articles that supported Vitamin D plays a vital role in wound healing,healing,skin,immune system and even acne and inflammation.SO my question is this: If my vitamin D gets boosted,if i give my body what it wants,will my fresh scars heal better?All my scars are super fresh,some are even a month or a week old.So,could they "fill in" or "raise" a little bit?In case the scarring(which is mostly very shallow) was caused by this,and considering that i used to heal very nice and I am also young (21). Or I should not hope ? If anyone has any experience or knowledge for this please let me know!!

Also,i am planning on having treatments for my scars,i guess having no deficiencies would help me having better results,right?

here are some photos of my scars! All fresh , they are even red.But these photos show their texture too,especially the one in the harsh overhead lighting.I mean there are identations, not just PIE... So what do you think?





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