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Help: Terrible Nose Scars (Bumpy Raised Scars + Ice Pick) [With Photos]

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Help required on Nose scar treatment please.

I am new on this forum and hope to find a suitable treatment for my Bumpy Nose Scars.

I have browsed many threads regarding nose scars and understood that they are much harder to treat than the rest of the face


Since my Cystic Acne breakout seems to be under control (with lots of effort and sacrifices) after 12years, i'm now hoping to clear these ugly hypertrophic acne scars (bumpy raised scars + some ice pick).
The bumps are the uglier ones, and they are all over my nose.


Pictures attached.

They look absolutely terrible when it comes to harsh lighting area and under the sun.  The cluster of bumpy scars looks very prominent.
Sometimes I get a shock when I see photographs taken by my friends, it looks a lot worse than what I see in the mirror.



On better days, they look like that


Anyone with personal experience for Nose acne scars, advice and treatments? I would love to hear!

1. The bumps are the more ugly ones, I hope to get them flatten out first if possible.
I have 2 particular large bumps that stand out from the rest.
Has anyone tried cortisone shots / steroid shots? Are these effective for bumpy nose scarring?

What other treatments are appropriate here? CO2 laser?

2. The deep pitted scars are ugly as well but these are secondary. I have read that TCA cross are ineffective on the nose for most. Are there any other treatments for these?



3. My nose is still really oily and produces a lot of sebum (tho significantly less now). Are there any laser treatments effective to reduce the sebum produced?


Given the practice of many clinics (in my country) who are more interested in pushing packages (that might not work especially for the nose) instead of fixing the problem, I figured that I should do some research prior to the visit. 

Thank you so much! Any help would be greatly appreciated :(

(I will include more background information regarding my condition in my next post if it matters)




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Posted (edited)

Background (Additional info):

I've good complexion (few pimples/acne elsewhere) EXCEPT for my nose.
My nose is terrible, like an oil tank.
I've been suffering from Cystic Acne on the nose only for 12years now.
It is been nothing but torturous - physical pain as well mentally draining.
Self-esteem went downhill.

It feels like my life is revolving around the nose – Food and drinks I consume, sports, and about every activity I do affects the condition greatly. A humid weather would mean that I should stay home instead.

My nose has garnered the attention of all my friends around me, as well as new people I meet. It is often a topic - some joke about it, some express their concern.

You may find the following pictures disturbing:









[These are the cycles of cystic acnes I have been through over the last 12years]

=> It swells so huge but doesn’t deflate for weeks to months.
=> When it is “ripe”, I would finally able to drain the nose by popping it.
There would be lots of pus followed by lots of blood. It would typically heal in a few days but leaves a raised scar from all the stretching

=> If the acne isn’t popped when “ripe”, it simply doesn’t go away (It can maintain its enlarged state for half a year)

The cycle repeats itself as often as 4 times a week (Overlapping Cystic Acnes)


I'm already 28 but that doesn't stop the hormones.
It was so bad that there could be 5 cystic acne on my nose simultaneously, as new ones grew before the previous one recovers. It happened almost other week for 12years.

Having budget concerns as a student previously, I was not able to afford a specialized dermatology visit. Instead, I went to a budget family doctor who simply prescribed me with Accutane (Isotretinoin) every single visit.

Though it cleared my Acne well, I always suffer bad side effects from it. My hair would shed badly, and my fingers would dry out and peel badly too (Even with low dosage of Accuntane).
I was in constant dilemma if I should save my hairline or my nose lol.
It is also less effective now as compared to when I first started out. I was prescribed Accutane for years. I have eventually stopped.


Finally found a way to curb the condition :

1. Tropical medication: I seem to find a combination that works pretty well for me.
I am using Toner+ Niacinamide 10% serum + Tretinoin 0.05% + moisturizer before sleep, and Benzac AC 10% in day time.

2. Diet (this is the worst part): I am only able to eat clean mild food. Completely avoid oily food, diary products (Milk, soya etc.) and anything with too much sugar. Even excessive snacks would quickly cause a breakout.
I was sceptical about about avoid dairy products initially, but decided to give a shot after reading several success stories regarding it. It worked really well for me.  

(Do note that everyone is different! Some develop acnes from other factors.)

No breakouts had happened whenever I follow the strict regime.
However, any violation of the above would cause a cystic acne breakout quickly (Within 12-24hours). Discipline is an absolute essential. There were times I gave in to temptations and spent next few months regretting my decision.

Now, my cystic acne has been brought under control with the strict measures above.

Occasionally, there are still “oil bubbles” forming under the skin, which eventually leaves a blemish when I pop it.
There are also lots of whiteheads that forms on my nose, especially under the areas with enlarged pores.




Nose scarring aren’t as common and majority of the threads regarding them are either inactive or are dated years ago.
From my readings, nose scars are the most difficult to heal as the tissues are different from the other parts of the face.

I am wondering if anyone had found any success or improvements with their scars.

Do share with us your experiences. Thank you! :) 


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Hey mate, I completely sympathize with your condition as I have similar issue. It has gotten to the point that I refuse to attend gatherings and rather stay home. I feel extremely vulnerable when people stare at my nose. To be honest, my nose condition is a lot better than yours, but it still cause lots of insecurity.

PS: Nose scars sucks because they are right smack in the middle of the face. I had 2 laser treatments with little results. I also have other face scars but those don't bother me.

Will be giving this thread a close watch. Keep it going

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Hi, very familiar with your issue. After reading your story remembered myself. I have been taking Roa for around 10 years in courses. During two years after the 2d course I had clear face but not the nose. Always several inside painful inflamed bumps.. could not do anything.. after 2 years it stopped but the left part is fuller like the granulation tissue has grown and there is one deep atrophic scar on the right side which improved with Sub plus filler during 4 last years.. I was 35 then, 47 now and the scars are still there, sometimes I think it was the aside effect of Roa - the growth of the granulation tissue..I do not focuse anymore on the nose because the forehead is way more worse..,. 
You have raised scars, it is plus tissue not minus so you have to flatten them. Laser or tca paint locally on the scar. May be dermabration could help here.

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You must have been through a lot. Those cystic acne looks extremely painful.. It may take awhile before someone shares their experience/ success stories because severe nose acne and scarring like yours are less common.  Patience is the key
But might want to act quickly when it comes to such issues as this sounds like a condition I've heard of. The bumps may still worsen over time if not treated and I wouldn't wait for 10years

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On 4/27/2021 at 8:15 PM, panpzi said:

You must have been through a lot. Those cystic acne looks extremely painful.. It may take awhile before someone shares their experience/ success stories because severe nose acne and scarring like yours are less common.  Patience is the key
But might want to act quickly when it comes to such issues as this sounds like a condition I've heard of. The bumps may still worsen over time if not treated and I wouldn't wait for 10years

Thank you. The cystic acnes are now in much better control after over a decade! I wished I'd found the right treatment much earlier.
I will be visiting a derm next week. 

Still waiting for advices from those who've been through nose scarring treatments so I am able to make a more informed decision. Much appreciated! 

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