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Blackhead-like plugs leaving scars every time they show up

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Okay, I know that there has been a post similar to this years ago, but no solution was found. About a year ago (start of pandemic), I started to get these large yellowish/skin colored plugs (usually larger than blackheads) that would develop in my pore over the course of maybe 3-5 days. The plugs just naturally fall out and leave behind a scarred pore every single time. I don't really care about a few scarred pores in the slightest, but they keep showing up every so often in terrible spots. When I get them in my lower cheeks, maybe a half inch or so from my mouth, the skin is so active there that the small hole quickly becomes it's own fine line. I'm basically getting wrinkle-like scars around my mouth/coming off my nasolabial lines that show up out of nowhere and leave a scar 100% of the time.

I've tried leaving them be - scar. Soaking face with warm wash cloth and gently pulling them out with a tweezer (easily done because they stick out of the pore) - scar. Other things I've tried without any improvement: Moisturizing immediately after after they depart, benzoyl peroxide inside new hole, retin-A, salicyclic acid.

I've been working remotely for the past 8 months, so the mask doesn't seem to be the problem (rarely have to wear one).

If anyone has any suggestions to close up these holes or prevent these plugs, please my guys. My face is aging at x10 speed right before my eyes.


My stats: 24 year old male, extremely oily skin, mild to non-existent acne for the past 8 years, mild-moderate acne before that, basically no acne scarring before this past year

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This is interesting. I haven't heard of it before. Have you seen a dermatologist? I would do that for sure at least for a proper diagnosis. Then let us know what they said it was please.

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