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Dermatologist recommendations for hypertrophic scar nose treatment ? Injections and laser? (California)

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Hello all, over two years ago I made a post about raised hypertrophic acne scars on my nose:

There are several pictures on that post if you would like to see. It has now been over two years and the scars look pretty much exactly the same with no improvement after using Scaraway sheets and tretinoin topical every day for those two years.


After looking at dozens posts that have similar scars to mine, it seems that injections+laser+silicone is the most recommended treatment plan when it comes to this rare type of raised scarring. However, I have been very hesitant/unable to do this treatment because of these reasons:

1. There are absolutely no before and after pictures anywhere online that shows this treatment being done ( I know it is a very rare type of scarring )

2. Some people say that they did the injections, but suffered from atrophy (no pictures)

3. I am having trouble researching good dermatologists who are skilled in-> ethnic skin  +  hypertrophic scarring  +  injections  +  lasers

4. Many people on this forum have been recommended the treatment, but it is unknown if they actually went through with the treatment or got improvement

If anyone has had their hypertrophic scars treated, please post about your treatment plan and experience with a specific dermatologist and how much improvement you were able to see. If anyone is able to recommend any reputable dermatologists in California that would also be helpful!

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