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Nokor vs Cannula

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According to some doctors, yes. This is to avoid hematomas and cutting unnecessary things (don't ask me, I'm not a doctor) underneath your skin. 

Some doctors still use Nokor if there is extensive tethering because they believe that the shape and size of the Nokor will cut the bands whereas cannuals can't. 

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Not a doctor but from what I have read. Nokor gets better results but has more downtime (around a month) as well as a higher chance of complications such as hematoma. Cannula still gives good results just not the level of Nokor but has much less downtime (1 week) and complications are rare.

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I asked Dr Rullan today and he said that cannula provides better results and has less complications but interestingly enough, I’ve had one subcision with nokula done by him back in 2016 so he has experience in using both for some time. 

@anon09299 I personally have read and believe the same thing. I still believe nokor gives better results but jeopardizes any complications or risks and doctors don’t want to deal with the extra risk to reward ratio.  

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I've had both done (at the same time), felt more popping noises with cannula.

Bled a lot more with nokor and temporarily had a hematoma. 

If you had a choice and your scars aren't heavily indented and wide (harder to break the bands) then you should look for cannula. 

I only tried nokor once and decided to do cannula only after that, less side effects and the results are about the same.

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